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Dated Lahore, the 9th November 2017


No. SO(Pharmacv)1-1/2017(HISDU) Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz sharif is hereby appointed

as Pharmacist (BS-17), at THQ Hospital Jatoi District Muzaffargarh, on adhoc basis for a
period of one year with immediate effect or till the availability of regular incumbent/ selectee
of the Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore, whichever is earlier:-

The other Terms and Conditions of adhoc appointment are as under:-

i. The appointment on adhoc basis shall be subject to revocation at any time by the competent
Adhoc appointment, thus made shall not confer any right on the appointee in the matter of
regular appointment to the same post nor the service shall count towards seniority in the grade.
You shall be governed by Civil Servants Act, 1974 and any other such rules and orders,
relating to leave, travelling allowances, medical attendance, pay etc. as may be issued by
Government from time to time.
The appointment order is subject to verification of documents/ degrees from the issuing
authority and PPC registration certificate by the issuing authority. The appointment shall be
cancelled and all the salaries/financial benefits drawn by the appointee shall be recovered through
legal process. In case your documents are found to be fake/forged besides legal action shall also
be initiated.
V. In case you wish to resign at any time one month's notice shall be mandatory or in lieu of
that one month's pay shall have to be deposited.
You shall furnish Registration Certificate issued by Pakistan Pharmacy Council, at the time of
joining to Controlling Authority.
The offer is valid for fifteen days from the date of its receipt and shall automatically lapse if
fail to report for duty. In case you accept this offer you may report for the duty to Cheif
Executive Officer (DHA), Muzaffargarh.


SGOPSH # 17475TT
Number & Date Even

A copy is forwarded for information and necessary action to:

Cheif Executive Officer (DHA), Muzaffargarh

District Accounts Officer, Muzaffargarh
Project Director, (HISDU), Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department
PA to Additional Secretary (Admn), Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department
S. PA to DS (Admn), Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department
PA to DS (General), Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department
Senior Data Processor (HISDU), Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department
Doctor Concerned
Office File