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Summary of Settlement Terms with Nexus Gas Transmission, LLC

City of Green, Ohio

February 2018
Nexus will provide briefings and training to first responders that serve the City during construction
and annually thereafter.

Prior to the start of construction activities in the City, Nexus will meet with designated City
officials, share plans and schedules and address haul routes, construction issues, safety, security
and other considerations. Nexus will meet weekly with the City thereafter, and during
construction, or more often if needed. This will be a time for the City to communicate directly
with Nexus about resident questions or concerns.

The City and Nexus will designate project liaisons as a central point for communication during
construction. The City’s liaison will be permitted to conduct site visits in the field. The City’s
liaison may communicate questions or concerns to the Nexus liaison. The City may report to
appropriate governmental authorities any conditions that the City believes may constitute a
violation of any applicable law, rule, regulation or of any provision contained in Nexus’ FERC
Certificate or Ohio 401 Water Quality Certification.

After construction, the pipeline will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for pressure, flow
and temperature. The line can be remotely shut off if abnormalities are detected.

The pipeline route will be inspected weekly by aerial or ground patrol. Cathodic protection will
be inspected 6 times a year. Nexus will conduct an inline inspection prior to putting the line into
service and again within 3 years thereafter. Results of these inspections will be shared with the

Nexus will enter into a Road Use Maintenance Agreement with the City, with terms including
required videotaping prior to construction of all roadways to be used by Nexus, and the posting of
a 5 million-dollar bond which will remain in place for two years after all final road repairs have
been made by Nexus.

Nexus will review the City’s SWPPP requirements alongside its FERC approved Erosion and
Sediment Control Plan and meet with the City to discuss any questions or requests of the City for
additional environmental controls being implemented for the project.

Nexus will provide the City with additional wetland data regarding properties within the City that
have been at issue in the 401 litigation pending in the Sixth Circuit.

Nexus will agree not to remobilize the Greensburg Road wareyard or create or mobilize any other
wareyards in the City.

Nexus will provide its contractors with the City’s business and income tax registration packet.

Approximately 20 acres of land adjacent to Boettler Park will be donated by Nexus to the City to
provide connectivity trails from Boettler Park to Koons Road or Thursby Road.
An immediate payment in cash to the City of 7.5 million dollars.

The City will grant Nexus an easement over a total of approximately 2.5 acres of land within the
City: 2 acres in Ariss Park; 639 square feet in Greensburg Park; and the remainder through various
roadways in the City.

All pending lawsuits between the parties will be dismissed.

Presented By: Diane A. Calta, Director of Law, City of Green, Ohio