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On October 23rd Iowa Wing’s officers converged on Camp Dodge for a historic conference to discuss the future of Iowa Wing. The Wing Staff had been tasked by Col. Tomlinson to go out to our “customers” to rekindle relationships and make them aware that Iowa CAP was still going strong. The staff did just that, and our customers wanted talk to the membership of Iowa Wing about the future and what they need Iowa CAP to do. Brigadier General Mark Zirkelbach, Iowa National Guard Deputy Adjutant General, addressed the group of officers to thank them for their service and talk about the missions the National Guard sees CAP supporting to help them. Mr. Dave Miller, Director of Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management, discussed how he didn’t know the full range of services CAP could provide. Now that he knows, he wants us to help provide them to Iowa during times of need. Mr. Miller also read a letter from
Brigadier General Zirkelbach, Deputy Adjutant General, speaks about the increased role the Iowa Civil Air Patrol will play in the future of Iowa.


Mitchell Mania Wing Headquarters Taking Shape NW Iowa Composite Flight Leaders Passes The Torch Iowa Has Gill Robb Wilson Award Fever News From Around Iowa Iowa Wing Celebrates Betsinger’s Years of Service Wing Calendar

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Governor Vilsack to the membership thanking them for their service. Major Tim Glynn, Iowa Counterdrug Task Force Coordinator, thanked the officers and cadets that worked at the Iowa State Fair Drug Demand Reduction Booth. He explained what role our drug demand reduction and counterdrug missions play in preventing terrorism.

Officers also heard remarks from Senator Tom Harkin, State Senator Stewart Iverson, and NCR Commander Colonel Glasgow. After these briefings from our customers the groups broke up into two caucuses to discuss how to improve the Wing. After two hours of discussion, the groups reconvened to report on their ideas to help mold a strategic plan for Iowa.

• Cadet NCSA Applications Are Due 31 December • Don’t Forget To Turn In Your 4th Quarter Safety Reports

CAP Tests Capabilities With Air National Guard Squadron
“You can track our planes with what?” said a very shocked Wing Commander. The Iowa Air National Guard’s 133rd Test Squadron hosted one of two bases for the November 6th Operations Exercise. The CAP Mission Staff were shocked to see their mission base which included high speed internet connections, telephone lines, a mess hall full of food, and RADAR? The 133rd Test Squadron can connect to FAA Radar data to show radar hits on a laptop. Iowa CAP opened two bases to conduct training and testing CAP on November 6th. Communicators gathered to test our portable HF communications equipment, test our aerial VHF relay capabilities, and test the Video Imaging and SDIS platforms. The mission had over 80 participants between the bases in Dubuque and Fort Dodge.


V O LU M E 1 , I SS U E 1

Mitchell Mania At East Iowa Cadet Squadron
By Capt Bruce Tiemann East Iowa Cadet Squadron Sergeant and Sullivan as a flight leader.

The two cadets join the ranks of From its inception forty years ago previous 2004 Mitchell recipients at through 1 Sept. of this year, the the 78th; including former cadet Jim prestigious General Billy Mitchell Adams (currently on active duty Award has been presented to with the U.S. Army in Kuwait); 52,750 Civil Air Patrol cadets who former cadet Ryan Muller (currently have successfully completed their a 2d Lt at the 78th following his first major milestone achievement 21st birthday); former Cadet Comin the cadet program. During 2004, mander C/2d Lt Christen Skiff a total of seven cadets at the 78th (currently attending the University Cadet Squadron in Cedar Rapids of Baltimore in Maryhave earned land); current Cadet Mitchell awards, Commander C/2d Lt “A unit of our size typically including the newSteven Skiff; and curest recipients -might have two or three rent Cadet Deputy C/2d Lt Tessa cadets earn Mitchell Awards Commander C/2d Lt Poppe and C/2d Lt Luke Conrad. John Sullivan. in a year’s time.” "A unit of our size - Capt Bruce Tiemann The Mitchell typically might have Awards for cadets two or three cadets Poppe and Sullivan earn Mitchell Awards in a year's are crowning achievements in a time. To have seven cadets do it is year packed with Civil Air Patrol truly remarkable," said Squadron activities. Both cadets served as Commander Capt Bruce Tiemembers of the award-winning mann. "This accomplishment re2004 Iowa Wing color guard, both flects the determination, commitattended the Colorado Wing Enment and hard work of these outcampment in 2004, and both gradustanding young men and women." ated from the NCSA Ground Search and Rescue Academy at Camp Atteberry in Indiana during August. Cadets Poppe and Sullivan also contributed significantly to the success of the unit -- Poppe most recently as squadron First In addition to their promotion to C/2d Lt, cadets receiving the Mitchell Award are eligible for advanced placement to the grade of E3 (Airman First Class) should they enlist in the U.S. Air Force.

Cadet Second Lieutenant John Sullivan

Cadet Second Lieutenant Tessa Poppe

Wing Headquarters Taking Shape
Earlier this fall the Iowa National Guard gave the Iowa Wing some office space to establish a Headquarters on Camp Dodge. The new headquarters, located in Miller Armory has space for administrative support and is also the place where much of our Wing Training is conducted. Miller Armory offers outstanding training facilities, meeting facilities, and is inexpensive which decreases out of pocket costs for training. The Wing Headquarters now has telephone service, fax service, and high speed internet connection. This new facility will allow the Iowa Wing Staff to better serve the squadrons and organize operations. Several of the upcoming training events will be hosted out of the new facility so please come to this training so you can see what Iowa Wing is up to.



NW Iowa Composite Flight Leader Passes The Torch
CAP unit in Sac City, Iowa. Now Captain Colvin is handing over the reigns of the unit to Captain Dennis Dahl. Captain Colvin is a Plant Manager for Proliant and his duties have increased with the company causing him to scale back his CAP participation.
Captain Gary Colvin (right) relinquishes command of the NW Iowa

Northwest Iowa Composite Flight is the newest CAP unit in Iowa Wing. Captain Gary Colvin and the dedicated officers and cadets of the 7th Flight worked hard for two years to meet the requirements to create a

On November 18th he relinquished command in a ceremony presided over by Colonel Ralph Tomlinson, Iowa Wing Commander. Captain Dahl takes command of a growing unit with 13 officers and 8 cadets. Captain Dahl formerly served as the NW Iowa Flight’s Finance Officer, Aerospace Education Officer, and has served with CAP since 1993.

Captain Dennis Dahl (left) accepts command of the flight.

Northwest Iowa Flight has hosted several wing-wide activities including the 2003 Wing Ding, several operations exercise, and currently has an active ground team that covers much of Western Iowa.

Iowa Has Gill Robb Wilson Award Fever
Major Ron Scheitzach was presented his award by Congressman Jim Nussle. He currently serves as the Vice Commander of the Iowa Wing. He is a qualified mission pilot, ground team leader, and a member of over 8 years. As the officer progresses through the program, he or she completes five increasingly complex training levels. Each level requires the officer to become more involved in CAP activities, master skills in one of 23 technical areas, and develop leadership ability. As he or she completes these levels, the officer receives awards, chances for promotion, and selection for more important roles within CAP.

Colonel Ralph Tomlinson (left) presented Lieutenant Colonel Allen Chilcote with his Gill Robb Wilson Award at the Strategic Planning Conference

This month two Iowa Wing Officers were presented the Gill Robb Wilson Award. The Gill Robb Wilson Award is Civil Air Patrol’s (CAP) highest award for professional development. It recognizes officers who have dedicated themselves to leadership and personal development in the CAP. This award was first given in 1964 and honors the late Gill Robb Wilson. He is regarded as the founder of Civil Air Patrol, and served as CAP’s first executive officer. Lieutenant Colonel Allen Chilcote was presented his Gill Robb Wilson Award during the Strategic Planning Conference in October. He is currently the Iowa Wing Director of Administration, a Ground Team Leader, and has served with CAP for over 20 years.

Congressman Jim Nussle (center) presented Gill Robb Wilson Awards to Major Ronald Scheitzach and Major Eric Schneider.


V O LU M E 1 , I SS U E 1

News From Around Iowa
If you wish to send e-mail messages or care packages to the Brueggers please contact Capt Bob Hoxie, Burlington Squadron Commander, for their email address and new mailing address overseas. John and Lisa wish everyone a Happy Holidays. Black Hawk Composite CAP Cadet Major (and Iowa Air National Guard Airmen PFC Lisa Bruegger (left) and SSG John Bruegger pose First Class) Lief for a picture in their new BDU’s in their barracks at Poore-Christensen Fort Sill prior to deployment. just returned from Basic Training and TechBurlington Composite nical Training with the U.S. Air Force. A1C CAP Captain (and Iowa National Poore-Christensen is trainGuard Staff Sergeant) John Brueging to become an engine ger and his wife, CAP 1st Lt (and mechanic on the F-16 Iowa National Guard Private First Fighting Falcon. He is a Class) Lisa Bruegger, are at Fort member of the 132nd Sill in Oklahoma preparing to go to Iraq. John and Lisa are with the Fighter Wing in Des 224th Engineers out of Fairfield, Moines and will be going to Iowa State University Iowa and will be deployed until Brigadier General Zirkelbach (left) and Colonel Tomlinson starting in January. 2006. Cedar Rapids Senior CAP 1st Lt (and now Iowa Air National Guard Staff Sergeant) Wayne Harrah has re-enlisted in the Iowa Air National Guard. After visiting the 133rd Test Squadron in early November, 1st Lt Harrah was amazed at all of the cuttingedge equipment the 133rd had, so he decided to re-enlist.

(right) present Iowa Senate Majority Leader Steward Iverson with his membership into the Iowa CAP Legislative Squadron .

Iowa Wing Celebrates Betsinger’s Years of Service
While Iowa Wing looked toward the future, it could not forget its past. Longtime Iowa Wing Historian, Lieutenant Colonel Dorothy Betsinger of Red Oak, IA, requested retirement from CAP after 42 years of dedicated service. During the Strategic Planning Conference on October 23rd, Lt Col Betsinger received a certificate commemorating her service and denoting her retirement. Lt Col Betsinger’s husband, C.O. “Cub” Betsinger, was a founding member of the Civil Air Patrol in Iowa and he served up until his passing a decade ago. The Iowa Wing Flying Unit of the Year Award is also known as the Lt Col C.O. Betsinger Award to commemorate his service.

Lt Col Dorothy Betsinger (center) Receives Her Retirement Paperwork from Brigadier General Mark Zirkelbach, Deputy Adjutant General and Col Ralph Tomlinson. (left)



• 1 - Wing Staff Meeting Camp Dodge • 1 - CAP’s 63rd Birthday • 5 – CAP Sunday– Wear Your CAP Uniform To Church • 10-11 - Basic Training Weekend - Camp Dodge • 31 - National Cadet Special Activity Applications Due • 31 - CAP Scholarship Application Deadline

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Iowa Wing Congratulates
New Members
Burlington Cadet Jason Gray Cadet Brian Womack NW Iowa SM Patrick Feilmeier Cadet Jonathan Kuhn Davenport Cadet James Nebinger Dubuque Cadet Laura Stillmunkes Cadet Randy Taylor East Iowa SM Robert Chiafos Washington-Brinton Cadet Sven Frier

Red Service Awards
These individuals reached their Red Service Award Milestones during November 2004. 2 Years 1st Lt Chris Ambroson – IA091 Cadet Josh Egesdal – IA007 SM David Gudenkauf – IA043 1st Lt Doug Tonnemacher – IA002 Cadet Joel Bodholdt – IA007 Cadet Derreck Mansheim – IA091 Cadet Breyer Houston – IA092 Capt Nolan Schneider – IA043 SM Chad Baetke – IA041 5 Years Cadet Christen Skiff – IA078 Cadet Steven Skiff – IA078 2d Lt Richard Rogers – IA041 Capt Terry Koehn – IA051 10 Years 1st Lt David Gaylor – IA043 Maj Jack Barber – IA007 15 Years Capt Warren Lewis – IA005

Cedar Rapids Senior Wayne Harrah to 1st Lt Des Moines Composite Doug Tonnemacher to 1st Lt Bart Hawley to Captain Davenport Composite Ana Dovalina to 2d Lt Dubuque Composite Douglas Scott to 2d Lt

Iowa Wing Vision Statement
"A professional organization dedicated to providing timely support to our communities during times of need; educating our officers and cadets; and preparing young men and women for the challenges of tomorrow."

Civil Air Patrol Iowa Wing Headquarters
Post Office Box 2492 Ames, IA 50010-2492

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