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EYES ON IOWA The Official Newsletter Of The Civil Air Patrol In Iowa


Iowa Wing Gets New 2


Iowa Wing Cadets 2

Take First Flight
Iowa Flies Its First Air 3
Defense Mission

Iowa CAP Cadet Ad- 3

dresses Legislative

Officers and Cadets 4

Complete Emergency
Services Training
Lt. Governor Sally Pedersen and David Miller, Administrator for
Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division Iowa Civil Air Patrol 4
review photo reconnaissance of the Iowa City Tornado damage. Academy Officers

The Iowa Wing also combined a “The CAP Photo Interpretation Wing Calendar 5
ground and air response that in- presentation was the highlight of the Attention To Orders! 6
cluded taking aerial damage as- meeting.” said Major Doug Jansen,
sessment photographs, ferrying Iowa Wing Director of Public Affairs. Cadets Compete To 8
Become Iowa Wing
two top state officials and assisting “All of the state’s agency
the American Red Cross. liaisons saw the devastation in detail
with explanations of just what had
Launching at sunrise a day after happened,”
tornadoes struck in Iowa City in
Johnson County and surrounding Meanwhile, Capt Kim Kirschman, an
areas, a wing air crew flew above Iowa Wing pilot, flew Lt. Gov. Sally
Iowa City and took hundreds of Pederson and David L. Miller, admin-
photographs of damage. The CAP istrator of the Iowa Homeland Security
members sent the photos to the and Emergency Management Divi-
state Emergency Operations Cen- sion, on flights between Ankeny and
ter through a radio link in the air- Iowa City.
As CAP air crews combed the skies
As air crew members landed, they above Iowa, ground teams of the East
also uploaded photos for other Iowa Cadet Squadron from Cedar
members preparing a presentation Rapids and the Fort Zumwalt Falcon
at a state Emergency Operations Cadet Squadron of Missouri staffed
Center briefing. shelters when the American Red Cross
sought assistance.
P AG E 2 SPRING 2006

Iowa Wing Gets A New Plane

Iowa Civil Air Patrol took delivery of its first Cessna
182T Skylane (N776CP), equipped with the Garmin
G1000 glass cockpit, from the Cessna manufacturing
plant in Independence, Kansas on May 12.

CAP Cessna 182T’s have been chosen to replace older

aircraft in CAP's single-engine fleet.

The Garmin system integrates the aircraft's primary

flight, engine and sensor data and displays it on two
full-color LCD screens in the cockpit. That gives the The Garmin G1000 eliminates many of the round
dials and guages that are in older aircraft
pilot greater situational awareness and makes him
more effective, and safer, as we fly our CAP missions.
The Aircraft has been assigned to the Cedar Rap-
ids Senior Squadron. The Squadron Check Pilots
The G1000 system includes fully-integrated naviga-
who went to the FAA Industry Training Stan-
tional and communications equipment.
dards (FITS) at Cessna will now train other in-
structor pilots to help get 10 of our mission pilots
qualified to fly the aircraft. Capt Frank Gutierrez
and Capt Tom Schnell completed the FITS train-
ing and flew the aircraft home on May 13th.

Later training will be dedicated to orienting mis-

sion observers and mission scanners who ill oper-
ate the aircraft on CAP Missions.

This summer you can expect to see the Cessna

Iowa Wing’s New Cessna 182 Sits On The Ramp After 182T at many airshows and Fly-Ins across Iowa
Arriving From the Cessna Factory as we show the public our new capabilities.

Iowa Wing Cadets Take First Flights

Crystal clear spring skies and calm winds this spring
have contributed to excellent flying conditions for
Iowa Civil Air Patrol cadets. Many units have had the
opportunity to get their cadets up for cadet orientation
flights in the CAP Cessna Aircraft and the CAP Glider
this spring. Our cadets are given these flights by ex-
perienced CAP pilots and the U.S. Air Force provides
funding for these flights.

These flights are designed to educate our cadets about

the principles of flight and each flight builds upon the
experience and training of the previous ones. As ca- Cadet Kylere Paulsen (right) of the 78th Cadet
dets progress through the CAP cadet program they can Squadron prepares to fly for the first time in a
expect to fly and build their aerospace knowledge. Cessna under the direction of CAP pilot 1st Lt
Terry Kruse from the Cedar Rapids Senior

Iowa Flies Its First Air Defense Mission

The Air Force is tasked with intercepting aircraft across the conti-
nental United States. This could include aircraft suspected of be-
ing hijacked, aircraft that are non-responsive to radio calls, or air-
craft that veer off of their planned route without communication.
The Air Force has to practice the skill of locating such aircraft, de-
termining their condition, and making sure they land safely.

Because of our agreements with the 1st Air Force, the Civil Air
Patrol helps the Air Force practice this mission. The Civil Air Pa-
trol generally has helped by providing the aircraft and crews to be
“intercepted” by military aircraft and then acting out a scenario to
help Air Force crews practice their procedures.

In early May, Iowa CAP was tasked to perform such a mission for
Crews Debrief At The 133rd Test Squadron the first time. For this mission we established a command post at
In Fort Dodge. CAP Command Staff Moni- the Iowa Air National Guard’s 133rd Test Squadron in Fort
tored The Mission On Radar Provided By
Dodge. That unit has the unique capability to tie in to FAA Radar
The Iowa Air National Guard.
from around the country and monitor operations. CAP mission
staff monitored our aircraft being intercepted. Our intercept air-
crew followed a planned scenario, was intercepted by military air-
craft, and landed uneventfully.

Iowa Cadet Addresses CAP Legislative Day

Cadet Major Rebekah Kepple of the 78th Cadet Squadron was
one of only four CAP cadets chosen to address members of
Congress during CAP's Legislative Day, March 2 in Washing-
ton D.C.

Kepple attended the CAP

It's mind boggling. I didn't
Leadership Academy in Wash- have the remotest idea this
ington DC during the March would happen when I joined
National Board meeting. She -- it's definitely a huge
told members of Congress how honor," C/Maj Kepple
the Civil Air Patrol changed
her life, and the volunteer or-
ganization is worthy of their support.

Cadet Major Kepple, 18, of Evansdale, Iowa, was Kansas

Cadet Major
Wing’s Cadet of the Year in 2005. She has been a CAP cadet Rebekah Kepple
for three years and attended the Cadet Officer School in Mont-
gomery, Ala., in 2005. Kepple has been appointed to the U.S.
Air Force Academy Class of 2010; she hopes to become an Air
Force officer.
P AG E 4 SPRING 2006

Officers and Cadets Complete Emergency Services Training

For two weekends this spring 100 Iowa Wing of-
ficers and cadets deployed to Camp Dodge to pre-
pare to help serve their communities during emer-
gencies at the Emergency Services Academy.

These officers and cadets chose a field of study to

advance in; ground team, ground team leadership,
mission scanner, mission pilot / observer, and
mission support.

The first weekend of this training was primarily

classroom instruction to prepare the students for
field operations and task demonstration. The sec- An ES Academy Ground Team Transport Their
ond weekend the students returned for field opera- Instructor For Medical Treatment. The Orange
tions. Ground teams maneuvered to locate search Helmets, Affectionately Referred To As “Buckets”
objectives, navigate over land, and perform vari- Made The Ground Teams More Visible And
Protected Them.
ous survival tasks. Aircrews flew multiple sor-
ties to locate missing aircraft, missing people, and
perform aerial photo reconnaissance. The mission The next session of the Emergency Services
support personnel directed aircraft, maintained Academy will start in July 2006. Students
aircraft, operated status boards, and provided can return to advance and new officers and
communications between the base and teams in cadets will come for initial training.
the field.

Iowa Civil Air Patrol Academy Officers Graduate

After 6 months of intensive training, nineteen new Iowa

Officers completed their Iowa CAP Academy Training and
were commissioned as CAP lieutenants.

These new lieutenants completed Level 1 Orientation, the

General Emergency Services Training, Basic and Advanced
Communications User Training, the Squadron Leadership
School, and are now ES Qualified in a specialty area. Sev-
eral of them completed their CAP Form 5 check rides and
are now CAP pilots. Several of them also completed re-
ceived the Chuck Yeager Award for completing the CAP
Aerospace Education Program.
Officer Academy Students Pose For A Photo
After Their Graduation Ceremony That Culmi-
The next class of the Academy started in April with 14 new nated Their 6 Months Of Training In April
officer candidates. They will graduate in September and
the next class after that will commence in November.

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MAY 2006
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• 19– 21 Drill Weekend—Camp Dodge
28 29 30 31
CPR / First Aid / AED
New Pilot Orientation
June 2006
Advanced Comm User Training Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

SAR / DR / HLS Exercise 1 2 3

June 2006 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

3-4—Quad City Airshow—Davenport

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July 2006
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16—Burlington Airshow—Burlington 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

22-24 - Drill Weekend—Camp Dodge

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P AG E 6 SPRING 2006

Attention To Orders!
New Officers And Cadets

Officer Academy Davenport Cedar Rapids Senior

SM Joanne Byriel Cadet Dakotah Antrim SM Deborah Allen
SM Albert Campus Cadet Luke Diaz
SM Lee Carpenter Cadet Chad Fairchild East Iowa
SM Tim Clausen Cadet Samantha Haut Cadet Garett Long
SM Ralph Cole Cadet David Irving Cadet Kylere Paulsen
SM Greg Francisco Cadet Chase Morrison
SM Doug Olmscheid Cadet Trey Petersen
SM Tim Ruhlow Cadet Sky Pogue
Central Iowa
Cadet Craig Bergeson
SM Nick Sponsler Cadet Ryan Rice
Cadet Charles Loucks
SM Jay Smith SM William Rubel
SM Stephen Loucks
Cadet Jacob Sachleben
SM Chris Masini
Des Moines Cadet Cadet Eli Tisor
Cadet Zach Olmscheid
Dubuque Cadet Cameron Bright
Northwest Iowa Cadet Christopher Roling Cadet Jordan Farrier
Cadet Christina Campbell SM Richard Sullivan Cadet Andrew Lamansky
Cadet Cayla Egesdal

Cadet Awards Red Service Awards

2 Years
Earhart Award 2Lt John Casey - IA002 10 Years
C/ Capt John Sullivan—IA078 2Lt Ana Dovalina - IA041 Maj Ron Scheitzach - IA043
Cadet Samual Feehan - IA043
Mitchell Award FO Heather Houg - IA078
15 Years
C/2d Lt Matthew Kelly– IA001 1st Lt Bradley Oglesby - IA078
Lt Col Douglas Tindal - IA092
C/2d Lt Kyle Kephart—IA078 Cadet Briana Reeves - IA078
Capt Karen Etherington - IA051
C/2d Lt Elizabeth Spoerl—IA043 Capt Michelle Robnett - IA078
Lt Col Charles McDonald - IA002
Cadet Jonathan Ross - IA078
1st Lt Robert Cummings - IA051
Wright Brothers Award Cadet Elizabeth Spoerl - IA043
C/SSgt Craig Woychik—IA078 Cadet Craig Woychik - IA078
25 Years
C/SSgt Sarah Trenkamp—IA043 Lt Col Bruce Wright - IA041
C/SSgt Derek Zarn—IA041 5 Years
SFO Jeffrey Schwan - IA043
Cadet Danial Oldenburg - IA041 30 Years
Maj Barbara Edmondson - IA001 Lt Col Bob Rowe - IA041
Capt Michael Roe - IA092
Capt Richard See - IA092
Capt Leo Bertling - IA051
SM Brad Sisler - IA043
1st Lt Wayne Harrah - IA051
SM Matthew Chilcote - IA002
Cadet Lori Schieffer - IA092


Wing HQ Dubuque Composite

Steve Gara to Maj David Gudenkauf to 2d Lt
Griffin Hamilton to 2d Lt
Burlington Composite Elizabeth Spoerl to C/2d Lt
William Johnson to 2d Lt Sarah Trenkamp to C/SSgt
Koleen Starkey to 2d Lt
East Iowa Cadet
Cedar Rapids Senior Thomas Glavan to C/A1C
Mark Lochausen to 2d Lt David Goddard to C/Amn
David Miles to Capt James Goldman to C/A1c
Heather Houg to FO
Central Iowa Composite Brandon Iben to C/A1C
Kyle Kephart to C/2d Lt
Lee McNair to 2d Lt
Jay Kepple to Capt
Rebekah Kepple to C/Maj
Des Moines Composite Ben Lundstrum to C/SrA
Kevin Anderson to 2d Lt Damian Miersen to C/A1C
James Mort to 2d Lt Ryan Muller to 1st Lt
Floyd Temeyer to 2d Lt Brad Oglesby to 1st Lt
Kylere Paulsen to C/Amn
Davenport Composite Tessa Poppe to C/Maj
Mary Ferrin to 2d Lt Renna Scott to 2d Lt
Jon Sawyer to 1st Lt Bill Seeley to 1st Lt
Derek Zarn to C/SSgt Luke Serafin to C/A1C
John Sullivan to C/Capt
Kyle Weppler to C/MSgt
Craig Woychik to C/SSgt

Red Oak
Level Completions Jim Grove to 1st Lt
Trevor Henderson to 1st Lt
Tony Shackelford to 2d Lt
Denise Taylor to Capt
Certificate of Proficiency Mitch Taylor to 1st Lt
1st Lt Tom Boeckmann—IA051
Capt Dennis Dahl—IA007
SFO Krisdeena Eisenbacher—IA007 NW Iowa Composite
1st Lt Wayne Harrah—IA051 Joe Brown to C/Amn
Capt David Miles—IA051 Christina Campbell to C/Amn
1st Lt Brad Oglesby—IA078 David Crimmins to 1st Lt
1st Lt Jon Sawyer—IA041 James Currie to Capt
1st Lt Don Wood—IA002 Cody Dooley to C/Amn
Kelsey Faiferlick to C/Amn
Jon Kuhn to C/A1c
Grover Loening Award Roland Newton to 2d Lt
SFO Jeff Schwan—IA043
Norma Newton to 2d Lt
Andrew Plagge to C/Amn
Paul Garber Award Larry Vetter to 2d Lt
Maj Bill Mausser—IA043
Washington—Brinton Cadet
Julie Beenblossom to 2d Lt
John Leedy to 2d Lt
Cadets Compete To Become Iowa Wing Color Guard
Cadets from the 78th Cadet Squadron and joint Northwest
Iowa Composite / Des Moines Metro Cadet Squadron Color
Guards competed to be named the Iowa Wing Color Guard.

The Color Guard from the 78th was selected to represent

Iowa Wing during the Wing Color Guard Competition held
at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa on 18 March.

The daylong competition featured various aspects of drill and

ceremony, a rigid uniform inspection, and physical and writ-
ten testing. The Iowa Wing color guard carried the Wing’s Cadets of the 78th Cadet Squadron Color
colors to Salina, Kansas, for the North Central Region Color Guard Fold the US Flag
Guard Competition on 29 April and competed against teams
from across the region. The Iowa Wing Color Guard placed
third at the regional competition.

The winning team from the Region will in turn travel to

Washington, D.C., to compete in the prestigious National We’re on the Web!
Cadet Competition held 6-10 July, 2006.

Civil Air Patrol

Iowa Wing Headquarters
Camp Dodge, Miller Armory
7105 NW 70th Avenue
Johnston, IA 50131

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