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MM_MATBEL - Archive material document

 OMB9 - Archiving - Material document retention period.

 The default documents life is 200 days. You need to maintain the documents
life for each Plant in your company before you can start archiving. If you did
not maintain, you will get a list with 'Valid.period not maintained for tr./ev.
type of doc.'.

MM_ACCTIT - Archive accounting interface tables

 The documents store in the table are for applications which are to be supplied
with the posting data at a later date of MM Inventory Management and MM
Invoice Verification.
 If you are using 3.x, this archiving object might not be found. You need to
import it from sapservX. Read note 89324, 99388, 83076.
 Take a look at OSS note 48009 for the detail explanation of which data is
updated in the ACCT* tables.

PP_ORDER - Archive production order

 OPJH - Production Order retention period. Maintain Retention 1 and 2.

 If your set your retention 1 and 2 as 10, that means that after 10 days of setting
the delete flag then you can set the deletion indicator. After 10 days of setting
the deletion indicator then you can start archiving. Therefore, to archive
immediately, you can leave retention 1 and 2 as space. Please take note that
retention 1 and 2 act as a safety net if you happened to archive the wrong
record. You will have to decide whether to have the retention time gap or not.