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January 16, 2018 Jacob C. Johnson Executive Director Health Education Authority of Louisiana 300 LaSalle St, Suite 8 New Orleans, LA 70112 Dear Mr. Johnson, Thank you for taking the time to consider Bayou Acquisitions for the H.E.A.L. Bond Project. We have worked with the HEAL Agency since our introduction letter dated June 28, 2017. We submitted our Bond ‘Application on August 24, 2017 and have since been waiting for HEAL’s Approval. ‘The total amount projected for all projects is approximately 15 Million Dollars and affect the parishes of Calcasieu, Iberia, East Baton Rouge and Orleans. ‘The approval of this bond is imperative due to the impact it will have on the economies of the cities affected by the bond. This bond affects approximately SO current jobs and with the approval of this bond ‘comes an additional 50 jobs to be created in the first two years. Over the next five years we will add an additional 100 new jobs in total. This is in addition to providing tens of thousands of Louisianan’s with access to dental and medical care. ttis our desire to engage HEAL for healthcare funding for these projects because of what HEAL represents for our State. There will be a hardship of this project is not approved. in Orleans Parish alone, there are ‘only six Dentists to serve a population of 89,000. There is a need for the types of clinics we are buildin, ‘Our desire to bring this to the local communities is so strong, we have already started construction in New (Orteans East to ensure the local community has access to the healthcare they so desperately need. i CareSouth bie ge dso Pein MEDICAL & DENTAL January 12, 2018 Mr. Jacob Johnson Executive Director Health Education Authority of Louisiana 300 LaSalle Street, Suite B ‘New Orleans, LA 70112 Dear Mr. Johnson: Ithas been a pleasure collaborating with Health Education Authority of Louisiana (HEAL) over the past 7 months in an effort to bring the growth and expansion project of our Federally Qualified Health Center, Capitol City Family Health Center dba CareSouth Medical & Dental, to fruition, The Board of Directors, along with myself, and our legal counsel worked diligently to outline a plan to improve healthcare services in the communities served by CareSouth. Our effort to receive financing from HEAL to expand primary healthcare services comports to our mission and is essential to our existence in both urban and rural areas that are considered to be medically underserved communities in the state of Louisiana. ‘The HEAL Bond Financing Initiative for CareSouth is the foundation of a comprehensive financial plan for CareSouth. The $11 million application includes plans for debt consolidation, new clinic site in Plaquemine Louisiana, a new dental site in Baton Rouge, build out of a new Pediatric/Woman’s health clinic, complete purchase of a state of the art electronic medical records system, a new clinic site (land acquisition and construction) in north Baton Rouge, and. the build out of an in-house pharmacy in the present Mid-City location. Each item is a part of the strategic plan formulated by the Care South Board of Directors to sustain the delivery of primary care services in the communities that encompass our present service area. Each project outlined in the plan will create high paying quality jobs in both East Baton Rouge, and Iberville Parishes. In each community we serve, both the legislative delegation and local governments have partnered with CareSouth in the planning of the heath care facilities. CareSouth’s Board of Directors considers this funding essential to CareSouth remaining viable in an ever increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace . Based on our strategic plan, CareSouth has proceeded to acquire assets in anticipation of our future expansion plan. We have engaged in an extensive planning effort and acquired the site of the Pediatric/Women’s Clinic in Baton Rouge. CareSouth is providing high quality healthcare and improving the health of the Louisiana citizens serviced by its health centers, especially those individuals that need it most and have limited access to affordable healthcare services. By 311 Florida St. . Baton Rouge, 270806 6 2 (eles mode vi CareSouth =» Us tog Donte Psat MEDICAL & DENTAL providing well-paying jobs, purchasing goods and services from other local businesses, and engaging in capital development projects, our health centers also strengthen the economies of the communities they serve. The bond financing anticipated to be received by CareSouth from HEAL is essential to the present financial needs and future capital needs of CareSouth. The failure to fund this project will also create undue hardship on the medically underserved citizens in south Louisiana and threatens the future financial viability of CareSouth. CareSouth respectfully request the HEAL Board’ full consideration of our November 2017 application submitted to the Health Education Authority of Louisiana, Mile Matthew Valliere Chief Executive Officer Respectfully, unt Poréa St. P Baton Rouge, LA 70608 x