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Opening Assembly at Raya Ketimus Campus

Issue 1, 2017-18
July 2017

From The Head of School

AUGUST, 2017
Mr Michael Bowmer M.Ed, M.Couns
Play- Arsyi, Kinan
Welcome back to school for the 2017-18 Academic Year! It is great to have
so many people returning this year—staff, students and their families, and I Kindy A
also welcome to our school each one of our new students and their
families, as well as our new staff members. Kindy B Arra
As we know, we are in a time of change across Townsite, and the school is Fathan, Akram, Sophie
Year 1
no exception. There is a season for everything, and now is the season for
change at our school. I have been asked to be the new Head of School here Year 2 Avara
at SBB, but I will still be very capably supported by our school leadership
team—Pak Habib (Principal), Pak Habibi who is Cambridge and Kayu Besi Year 3 Ashlah
Coordinator and Pak Arief who is our PYP and Ketimus Coordinator.
Year 4 Alicia
With less staff, our school has become more efficient and I am confident
that these changes will translate into a better education for all of our Year 5 Annida, Dimas
students. One significant change is that we have re-structured our Primary
Year 6 Aurell, Nelson
classes on the model most successful International schools use. Each
Primary class will have an expatriate teacher and Indonesian teacher as Year 7 Nawwaf, Zafiil
Homeroom teachers. This model will allow students to be taught English
across every lesson by native English speakers. We also have retained our Year 8 Pijar
best Indonesian teachers, and they will provide a great cultural and Bahasa Rianny
Year 9
Indonesia language support to our students and their families. Together
this co-teaching model will raise our standards to new levels of education.
SBB Pak Yassin, Pak Connor, Pak
Our secondary school has seen a number of staff leave, but again, we are Suripto, Miss Naomi, Pak
confident that those still with us will be able to provide a solid foundation in Staff
Dedy, Pak Nursah,
these middle years. Even though we have lost some staff, we are adding a
performing arts subject for our secondary students. We know that all
students have different gifts, abilities, likes and dislikes. Performing arts
will broaden what we can offer to better meet the educational needs of our
middle years students.
As we look to the future, we would also like to know what you think about
AUGUST, 2017
extending the school to include a Grade 10, and possibly expand all the way
to Grade 12. A survey of parents will be taken in the future. 3 New Parents Morning Tea
I thank everyone for their understanding during this time of change, and I 7-10 PTC (Parent Teacher
look forward to working with you, parents, teachers, community members Communication) Night
and AMNT to help make our school the best it can be.
17 Independence Day Holiday
Michael Bowmer
Our Year 6 and Year 9 students all successfully sat the Indonesian National Exams. They are to be
congratulated for their fine efforts, and we warmly thank both teachers and parents for their support and
encouragement. Without your support this success would not be possible. Good luck to all students
who have left SBB and are continuing their educational journey elsewhere. We would love to hear from
you in the future.

We remind this year’s parents of Students in Year 9 that although we provide some support for your
child’s future schooling, it is each family’s responsibility to arrange enrolment for their child progressing
into year 10 at their school of choice.

There are 10 Learner profiles which describe the attributes that the IB program fosters in each student.
We follow these learner profiles in both campuses across the school.

Inquirers They develop their natural curiosity. They acquire the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and
research and show independence in learning. They actively enjoy learning and this love of
learning will be sustained throughout their lives.
Knowledgeable They explore concepts, ideas and issues that have local and global significance. In so doing,
they acquire in-depth knowledge and develop understanding across a broad and balanced
range of disciplines.
Thinkers They exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and
approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions.
Communicators They understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively in more than
one language and in a variety of modes of communication. They work effectively and willingly
in collaboration with others.
Principled They act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for the
dignity of the individual, groups and communities. They take responsibility for their own
actions and the consequences that accompany them.
Open-minded They understand and appreciate their own cultures and personal histories, and are open to the
perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities. They are accustomed
to seeking and evaluating a range of points of view, and are willing to grow from the
Caring They show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others. They
have a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of
others and to the environment.
Risk-takers They approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought, and have
the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. They are brave and
articulate in defending their beliefs.
Balanced They understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve
personal well-being for themselves and others.
Reflective They give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and experience. They are able to
assess and understand their strengths and limitations in order to support their learning and
personal development.

At SBB, we also have 4 school-wide rules that we expect all staff and students to follow:
 Be Safe.
 Be Respectful.
 Be Responsible.
 Be Prepared.

As a part of Being Safe, we ask that parents help us by not allowing their children to come to school
before 7.40am each day. We do not have any staff on duty before this time, and so cannot supervise any
students who may be on the school site.
Each year we welcome many new faces into our family here at SBB. This year is
no different, and on behalf of all of here at Townsite, I wish everyone who has
arrived at our school a warm welcome and hope that you have an enjoyable and
rewarding time learning and making new friends at Sekolah Buin Batu.

In particular I would like to welcome to our staff, our 4 new expatriate teachers and their families. They
 Year 1: We farewell Ibu Laura who has returned to Columbia in South America. Thank you Ibu Laura
for all the hard work you did here at SBB. To take her place, we welcome Mrs. Marina Harris who is
married to Pak Brandon and has a daughter named Saeah. Mrs Marina originally comes from
Canada, whilst her husband is from the USA.
 Year 2: Miss Tiffany Collier who comes to us from Beijing China and is a citizen of the USA
 Year 4: Mr. Josh Angell takes the place of Ibu Cathy who left us at the end of March. Pak Josh is also
a New Zealander, and comes to us from Beijing, China.
 Year 5: Mr. Emmett Grogan is married to Jasmin and comes originally from Ireland. Pak Emmett
comes to our school from Myanmar.

Please make all of our new teachers and students feel welcome and a part of our SBB family when you
meet each of them.

Parents please help us keep our children safe by observing the school times. Students should not arrive
at school before 7.45am. There are no teachers on Playground duty until this time and so students
cannot be supervised. Thank you.


We invite all new parents to a welcome morning tea at the Community Centre. It
will start at 09:00 next Thursday (3rd August, 2017). This is an opportunity to
meet other new parents, the school leaders and find out a little more about our

Our annual Parent Teacher Communication afternoons are to be held between the 7th-10th August.
More information about these sessions will be sent home by individual home room teachers. These
sessions are designed for teachers to share their program with families, assist with establishing
expectations and share goals for learning.


Video and social media is increasingly becoming a central part of our everyday landscape of
communication, and it is becoming more visible as people share it on digital platforms. For this reason,
SBB has created its SBB Digital and Social Media Policy. This policy covers the use of all forms of digital
media at the school—including social media. As a part of this policy, teachers will not use any form of
social media to contact or inform parents about official school business or events. Instead, we will use
official school emails, letters and our School Information Management System (SIMS). In addition, for
safety and security, teachers have been informed they should not ‘friend’ parents of students in their
class and they are NOT allowed to friend students enrolled at the school. For more information on this
policy, please contact the school.

Please note that our stationary supplies are limited. The school provides the basic stationary
supplies required for day to day use. As we encourage students to be responsible for their
learning, note that if more stationary is required (lost or broken), parents will be asked to
replace them. Thank you for your support.
Our school year started in an exciting fashion, getting to know who our new team was as we begin a
new era at Sekolah Buin Batu. All staff met at Kayu Besi campus and our Health and Safety, Student
Support and PE Teams organized some team building activities for us all to participate in. It was a great
beginning to our year, followed by a welcome to everybody at our Ketimus welcome/welcome back
assembly on the Wednesday.


Welcome to the new academic year!!

I can hardly believe that the holiday is over and school is starting once again. It has been fun to see and
hear all of the fun things that each of you have done over these first two weeks at KB Campus; and I am
excited to see what the new semester will bring.

We began our Happy walking program around Townsite last Friday, and this will be a feature of our
sports program every Friday morning. Thank you to our sports day team for initiating and coordinating
this program. Both staff and students enthusiastically participatep in this program.

At our opening assembly, Pak Habib our Principal, warmly welcomed all students and then I promoted
and emphasized the 4B’s values to be implemented within our learning community.
Year 9 students in this week’s assembly shared their enthusiasm to learn harder to be successful in the
future. Herman Habibi, Deputy Principal