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PAVAN SONI Corporate Strategy & Policy

Statement of Purpose
I want to be a teacher. I believe that teachers are the single most important catalysts of change in
any society. Innovation being closest to my heart and been associated with innovation for past
five years, I believe that I can be a good scholar of Innovation Management. Over the years, the
access to the worlds of academia and corporate has helped me shape up my research agenda
around innovation. It will be more specifically on Creativity and Corporate Innovation
Management. I would further want to investigate into the role of tools and techniques in
managing a systematic Innovation Program.

My professional experience at Wipro and other consulting assignments have been very useful in
shaping my research agenda. Here I would want to highlight my passion and relevant experience
in teaching. The demanding job at Wipro and family commitments doesn’t keep me away from
my interest in teaching over the week-ends. Ranging from the B-Schools to Engineering
Colleges across India, I lecture at a host of institutes. My focus is on teaching under-privileged
students at Tier- II engineering colleges and management institutes. The subjects I do research
and teaching on are: Technology & Innovation Management, Design and Creativity. Cases on
how organizations and individuals have made an impact by challenging the best practices and
adopting the next practices form the core of my cases. I have developed my own course content
assimilated from various formal and informal sources. This assists me do study on often ignored
areas, such as: Social Entrepreneurship; Role of Creativity in Society; and Innovation in
Education; amongst others. My work on ‘Innovation in Education’ got me invited to speak at the
prestigious TEDx at BITS Goa in early 2010. There I discussed about the journey of an idea
from ‘Mind to Market’. Often I teach students who are quite elder to me, but that age gap never
comes in the way of teaching and learning. It only gives me more confidence. A running
compendium of my research activities is maintained at my blog- It is a
channel through which I propagate the concepts and learning to an audience which is far and
wide spread.

At this juncture, I have made up my mind to engage in research on a full- time basis. Now it is
the calling of true love. I wish to invest the next few years into getting focused and obtain a
Doctoral Program from a coveted institute. I am interested in learning about how sustainable
innovation happens in a corporate context and how the innovation ecosystem works, not just to

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The paper discussed the various elements of an innovation model. The recent work done at the institute indicates a lot of research around institutional innovations. Page 2 of 2 . Ganesh Prabhu have been leaders in the space of innovation and entrepreneurship. including: Idea Lounge. Rishikesha Krishnan and Prof. yet be connected to multiple disciplines and groom me as a first class researcher. In the end. I am confident of bringing freshness to the existing research.PAVAN SONI Corporate Strategy & Policy generate ideas but also to shape those. and a Joint-Innovation Council. I presented my paper on Client Centric Innovation at the Asia Strategy Summit held in October 2010 in New Delhi. My work on Open Innovations got acknowledge by IEEE at the IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology (ICMIT) in 2008. Focus would be on innovation in emerging economies where technology access is often limited. yet talent is richly available. my research on Open Innovation and the resulting non-linear growth was also featured at the 5 th ASIALICS International Conference at IIM Bangalore in 2008. Further. I have been studying about Open Innovation Models and Client Centric Innovation Models in past. I am keen on being associated with an institute that gives me an opportunity to conduct research in a greater depth. On Innovation Models. With my experience and passion in the area of innovation. and had seminal contribution to the field. Systematic Creativity Workshops. especially in influencing the culture of innovation. Further the work done at NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning and the collaboration IIM Bangalore has to the leading academic institutions is an additional motivation to engage with the coveted institute. The researchers of the likes of Prof. I see a good alignment between my interest in innovation and one of the core research areas at IIM Bangalore– Corporate Strategy & Policy. It is well known that research is a factor of ecosystem. IIM Bangalore appears at the top of my list of the institutions where academic rigor constantly meets practical application. The institute has arguably one of the largest faculty strength in the space of management and strategy. I thank you for taking time out and considering me as a potential researcher at your esteemed institute.