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Dyno Dynamics 450DS AWD Dynamometer

Vehicles you can tune on the Dyno Dynamics AWD dyno:

Rear wheel drive vehicles

Front wheel drive vehicles
4WD/AWD vehicles
2WD/4WD racing vehicles
Sport utility vehicles
Light commercial vehicles
Recreational vehicles
Motorcycles (with optional adaptor)
Power Capabilities:
Measure power from 1HP (0.5 kW) up to 2,400 HP(1800
Measure axle torque up to 12,500 Nm.
Max speed limit of 250 km/h
Benefits and features:
The most flexible dyno option, the ability to tune RWD,
FWD and AWD vehicles

Tune race ready vehicles with the high power capability of

the quad retarder option

Diagnose engine and transmission faults in 4WD, RWD &

FWD vehicles

Small physical size (only 300mm/12" high) allows space

constrained workshops to have expanded tuning capabilities

Steady State capabilities- Hold at an exact RPM without

wandering, cutting down your tuning time