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1. What are the generic structures of a descriptive text?

Jawaban:Identification Description

2. Arrange this noun phrase into correct order!

(Japanese, a, red, new, luxurious, car)

Jawaban: A luxurious new red Japanese car

3. What is the purpose of writing a descriptive text?

Jawaban: To describe particular person, place, or thing in detail

4. Please combine these two sentences by using relative pronoun!

I admire Rosa. She won Math Olympic last month

Jawaban: I admire Rosa who won Math Olympic last month. /

I admire Rosa that won Math Olympic last month.

5. Please make a conclusion about Rahman from the illustration below!

Ana is not older than Ali, and Rahman is younger than Ana.

Jawaban: Rahman is the youngest among the three.

6. Please mention three examples of Narrative story which are famous in Indonesia!

Jawaban: Sangkuriang, The Queen of South Sea, The Mouse Deer and The
Crocodile, etc.

7. Complete the sentence below!

“I would prefer to write ……… read.
Jawaban: Rather than

8. What is the purpose of Discussion Text?

Jawaban: To look at more than one side of an issue

9. Change the sentence below into indirect form!

“I will tell you a secret”, my brother whispered

Jawaban: My brother whispered that he would tell me a secret

10. “If Wayne Rooney played well, his team would win the match”.
What does this sentence mean?

Jawaban: Wayne Rooney does not play well, so his team does not win the match

11. “Mr. Rafi would have bought a new sport car, if he had had enough money”.
This sentence means…
Jawaban: Mr. Rafi didn’t buy a new sport car because he didn’t have enough money
12. “Siti was reading a hot issue when I met her yesterday”
The passive form of this sentence is….

Jawaban: A hot issue was being read by Siti when I met her yesterday

13. “My mother gave an apple for me”.

The passive form of this sentence is….

Jawaban: An apple was given for me by my father.

14. What is the communicative purpose of Recount Text?

Jawaban: To retell the readers about past experience

15. Rearrange the jumbled words bellow into a good order!

Al Qur’an – Sandi – reads – always – everyday – in – the – bedroom – his – seriously

Jawaban: Sandi always reads Al Qur’an in his bedroom seriously everyday.

1. What is the synonym of the word“Amazing” ?
Jawaban: Incredible / marvelous / wonderful etc

2. I would prefer to read Al Qur’an …………. play playstation.

Jawaban: rather than


Monday, October 2014

05.30 Morning News

08.30 Reality Show : Islamic Journey

09.30 TV Drama

11.30 Reality Show : Ethnic Foods

01.30 Crime Report

02.30 FTV

04.30 International News

06.00 Reality Show : Read Qur’an Yuuk

07.00 Box Office Movie

What TV program has the most time?

Jawaban: Reality Show

4. The day ……. . we have the flag ceremony is Monday

Jawaban: When

5. Which words does to complete this sentence?

a. but b. because c. so

My father shouted at me …….. he was very angry

6. a. did I had b. whether had I c. if I had

The policeman wanted to know ……. a driving license

7. a. admires b. to admire c. admire

Either his friends or his teacher …….. him

8. a. warned b. warning c. said

“Don’t do it again!” the teacher …….. Ahmad

9. a. them b. their c. themselve

Today, many teachers let the students solve …….. own problem.

The text is for question no. 10 to 15

Dolphins are very intelligent animals and they are benign to humans. This water
mammals are able to fascinate us in many different ways. These mammals live in a
group. They have been known to help humans in a variety of circumstances including
rescue and fishing.

There are 36 species of dolphins that have been found. 32 species are dolphins the sea is
already well known by the people and 4 species are river dolphins. It’s very interesting to
see and learn about the dolphin species

Dolphins can be very entertaining. They can jump out of the water. Some of them can
jump up to 30 feet in the air. The dolphins are grayish blue and his skin is very sensitive
to human touch and other objects.

Although the dolphins have 100 teeth, they don’t use their teeth to eat. They use it to get
fish then they swallow the fish. They can consume fish up to 15 kg per day. They
always gather in a group to hunt fish.

10. What is the topic of the text?

11. How many species have dolphin been found?
12. Can dolphin jump up to 13 feet in the air?
13. Does dolphin eat fish?
14. What is the text called? Jawaban: Report text
15. What is the generic structure of the texr? Jawaban: General Classification &