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Modular Cleanrooms: Good Enough – Or Better?

Modular Cleanrooms are not just an acceptable, but often a preferred alternative to conventional,
brick-and-mortar cleanrooms due to unique, flexible capabilities:

Intrinsic versatility: modular rooms can be assembled, disassembled and relocated

Reconfiguration: modular rooms are comparatively inexpensive to retrofit and upgrade as cleanliness or
other requirements change

Airflow control: Center-mount bracket system maintains room pressure; along with adjustable IsoVent™
wall vents, cleanrooms isolate released air to minimize particle swirling, aggregation and deposition on
clean surfaces

Inexpensive Panel Modifications: simple on-site panel modification or replacement accommodates

pass-throughs or custom air release vents, which draw clean air toward a work station or sensitive

Cost and Lead Time: A modular cleanroom gives you a customized clean environment at a fraction of
the cost and time associated with a conventional cleanroom

Hardwall & Softwall Cleanrooms

Hardwall and Softwall Modular designs from Terra Universal use free-standing steel supports and
ceiling grids that require no external bracing.

BioSafe® FRP/C-PVC Cleanrooms

BioSafe FRP and CPVC Modular Cleanrooms meet ISO 5-8 cleanliness and FM fire-safety requirements.
Custom sizes and floorplans built to your requirements.
Cleanroom Equipment Enclosures
Customized containment enclosures protect industrial or scientific equipment from contaminants; ideal
for in-line filling, manufacturing or assembly

Fan Filter Units (FFUs), Lights, Ionizers

Outfit your cleanroom ceiling with ionizers, UVC disinfectants, lights and a large selection of filter
units, including particle, vapor, and ducted

Doors & Windows

Manual or automatic doors designed for cleanrooms, along with windows in easy-to-clean, durable
materials, complement your room design and application.

Cleanroom Personnel Airlocks

An interlocked entryway that helps to isolate the cleanroom from the rest of the facility; pressurized
and non-pressurized versions available

Cleanroom Accessories
Fire safety, doors, sterilization systems, strip shields & curtains, humidification modules, air handlers,
power & utility outlets, and environmental monitors.

Modular Office Space

Fast installation of modular office space almost anywhere in your facility. Acrylic or PVC panels with a
wide range of accessories, 2, 3, or 4 wall options.

Barrier Walls & Panels

Create a dust-free area, or divide an existing cleanroom into multiple clean zones with these economic
barrier walls and hardwall panels

Install, Test, Certify

Ensure compliance: we will design, engineer & fabricate your cleanroom, followed by installation,
testing & balancing. See our service offering

Technical Resources
Find our modular cleanroom configuration planner, answers to questions, gowning room protocols,
cleanroom design standards, and more!