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From Christian Müller

Junk To Kadek Heri Sanjaya

Trash Date Wed 19:28


Hello Kadek, 
We kept one motion seat in stock so that the delivery time will be max 14 business days,
depending on the local customs authorities. 
The software will be obviously delivered immediately. Please note that you need to pay in

Kind regards


Am 10.01.2018 um 09:52 schrieb Kadek Heri Sanjaya


Dear Christian,

Could you inform me about the estimated delivery time of the

products, calculated from the order is being made up to the
arrival in my office? I need the information for the reviewing

Thank you,


Kadek Heri Sanjaya

Research Centre for Electrical Power and

Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Jl. Cisitu No. 21/154D Bandung 40135
West Java-Indonesia
Phone : +6222-2503055, 2504770
Fax : +6222-2504773

On 2017-05-31 10:03, Kadek Heri Sanjaya wrote:

Dear Christian,

My Whatsapp: +6281999657051

My skype:

Thank you