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Mind Mapping for Kidz
Maximizing the innate learning and creative potential of every child. with Raju Mandhyan
Author, Public Speaking Coach, Buzan Licensed
DATE TIME VENUE INVESTMENT FEE (including refreshment breaks, buffet lunch and comprehensive workbook)

Instructor for Mind Mapping, and NLP Practitioner
We all know that learning become easy and effective when it is entertaining. The technology of Mind Mapping® as created by Tony Buzan is all about learning and playing at the same time. Mind Mapping® is used by corporations across the world for idea generation, strategizing, planning businesses and marketing ideas. This fun and interactive program designed by Raju Mandhyan, a Buzan Licensed Instructor for Mind Mapping® will help kids to improve concentration, take and make better notes, read voraciously, remember more and have fun at learning—all at the same time.

Move effectively and appropriately through a wide range of trans-cultural situations by combining culture-specific communication skills.

All participants will receive Raju’s bestselling book ‘The Heart of Humor’.

Workshop Objectives

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Read and create Mind Maps Focus on studies in a fun way Read voraciously and faster Take quick and colorful notes Review lessons with ease and joy Conceptualize essays faster Write creative stories Remember more and better Acquire more self confidence

“Raju loves kids and a major storyteller. Working with kids for this corporate trainer was a vacation and it was the kids who had fun and relaxation.”
Mrs. Tan Mother of a 14 Year Old.

"Free yourself from anxiety, Mind-Mapping is the key to deliver speeches confidently!"
Thea Sordan, Reedley International School

About Raju Mandhyan

Motivational Speaker and author of the Heart of Public Speaking and the Heart of Humor, Raju started his speaking-training career as a part-time Communications Skills Coach for the British Council in Manila. He is an Advanced Toastmaster Gold, NLP Practitioner, Buzan Licensed Instructor for Mind Mapping® and a trainer certified by the American Management Association. A long time resident of the Philippines, his work often takes him to India, USA and other Asian countries.

“… for the creation of Knowledge Management centers, I see the potential of using Mind Mapping® in handling situations needing evaluation of a myriad of choices to arrive at a logical course of action. “
Joseph M. Dabon, Cebu

www.mandhyan.com l Tel: +63 2 8903565 l E-mail: innersunconsultants@yahoo.com l Fax: +63 2 8959893

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