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Training the Non- Trainer
The science of transferring knowledge and competencies by subject–matter experts. with Raju Mandhyan
Author, Public Speaking Coach, Buzan Licensed
DATE TIME VENUE INVESTMENT FEE (including refreshment breaks, buffet lunch

Instructor for Mind Mapping, and NLP Practitioner
The fast pace of change in businesses require that all be transferred quickly, effectively and by professionals who may or may not have the skills to transfer new knowledge. Non-training professionals need to understand adult learning needs, be able to assess gaps, design curriculums and transfer skills and knowledge effectively. This two-day workshop is extremely interactive and intense and will also carry a module Mind Mapping that allows training and design to have flexibility.

and comprehensive workbook)

If you ever need to empower and inspire others into excellence then this is the tool-box for you.

All participants will receive Raju’s bestselling book ‘The Heart of Public Speaking’.

Workshop Objectives

1. Assess training needs and performance gaps 2. Research materials exhaustively to fill those needs 3. Design a training course that will match needs with solutions 4. Include exercises, role-plays and case studies 5. Deliver the training in an easy and experiential manner 6. Manage all kinds of audiences effectively. 7. Measure training results and changes in attitude, skills and knowledge

“I have learned so much from you. Thank you for the experiences that you have shared with all of us. I sit and dream that one day I hope to be as good as you! Thanks once again!”
Aileen R. Reniva PLDT

About Raju Mandhyan

“As a trainer, Raju facilitates with a high on emotional intelligence. Attending his workshops is not just empowering but also soothing.”
Murali Aiyer,

Motivational Speaker and author of the Heart of Public Speaking and the Heart of Humor, Raju started his speaking-training career as a part-time Communications Skills Coach for the British Council in Manila. He is an Advanced Toastmaster Gold, NLP Practitioner, Buzan Licensed Instructor for Mind Mapping® and a trainer certified by the American Management Association. A long time resident of the Philippines, his work often takes him to India, USA and other Asian countries.

"Raju, a phenomenon & a teacher par excellence!"
Dilip Mukerjea, Singapore Institute of Management

www.mandhyan.com l Tel: +63 2 8903565 l E-mail: innersunconsultants@yahoo.com l Fax: +63 2 8959893

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