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8 hours

Introduction to E-Marketing: Landscape – Past – Today – Future – Internet MarketingParadigm

– Internet Infrastructure StackBusiness Models & Strategies: Strategic Planning – Strategy to
Electronic Planning – StrategicDrivers of the Internet Economy – Business Models to E-
Business Models – E-Business Models– Performance Metrics – The Balanced Scorecard

8 hours

E-Marketing Plan: Overview of the E-Marketing Planning Process – Creating an E-

MarketingPlan – A Seven-Step E-Marketing Plan

8 hours

The E-Marketing Environment: Overview of Global E-Marketing Issues – Country andMarket

Opportunity Analysis – Technological Readiness Influences Marketing – WirelessInternet
Access – The Digital DivideEthical and Legal Issues – Privacy – Digital Property – Online
Expression – Cyber Security –Cyber Crime

8 hours

E-Marketing Research: Data Drive Strategy – Marketing Knowledge Management –Monitoring

Social Media – Technology-Enabled Approaches – Real-Space Approaches –Marketing
Databases and Data Warehouses – Data Analysis and Distribution – KnowledgeManagement
Metrics - Consumer Behaviour Online – Segmentation – Targeting –Differentiation –
Positioning Strategies

8 hours

E-Marketing Management: Product – Products on Internet – Creating Customer Value Online–

Product Benefits – E-Marketing Enhanced Product Development – Price – Change in
PricingStrategies – Buyer and Seller Perspectives – Payment Options – Pricing Strategies –
Distribution– Online Channel Intermediaries – Distribution Channel Length and Functions –
ChannelManagement and Power – Distribution Channel Metrics – Promotion – Integrated
MarketingCommunication (IMC) – Internet Advertising – Marketing Public Relations – Sales
PromotionOffers – Direct Marketing – Personal Selling – IMC Metrics

8 hours

Customer Acquisition and Retention: Profile of Consumers – Browsing Behaviour Model –

Elements of Social Media – Social Media Strategies – Social Media Performance Metrics –
Building Customer Relationships – Relationship Marketing – Stakeholders – Three Pillars
ofRelationship Marketing – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – CRM Building
Blocks– Ten rules for CRM Success

8 hours

Evaluating Performance and Opportunities: Measuring and evaluating web marketingprograms –

Social and Regulatory Issues – Privacy – Security – Intellectual Property – MobileMarketing –
Media CoverageEmerging Issues: Online Governance and ICANN – Jurisdiction – Fraud –
Consumer Loyalty ofWebsite-Services – The Quadratic Effect of Flow – Role of Technology
Readiness inDeveloping Trust and Loyalty for E-Services in Developing CountriesPractical
Component:• Students can form a team and identify Internet Properties & its Marketing
Implications• Students can choose a Website for analysis based on its content, design,
usability,attractiveness and other website properties• Students can conduct a survey on
Consumer who use internet marketing to identify thepros and cons of e-marketing.• Students can
do a project on branding strategies using internet marketing.• Students can write a report on
Google advertising strategies• Students can discuss about traditional offline business in the
online world.
8 hours

Workplace Ethics: Introduction, Needs, Principals, Development of Personal Ethics,

WorkplaceEthics for Employees-Ethical behaviour in workplace- Professionalism, Ethical
violations byemployees, Employee Attitude and Ethics, Employee Etiquettes. Benefits of ethics
inWorkplace- employee commitment, investor loyalty, customer satisfaction, profits

8 hours

Professionalism at Workplace: Unethical Conduct for employees and employers. Factorsleading

to Unethical Behaviours. Different unethical behaviours. Measures to control
unethicalbehaviours. Rewarding ethical behaviour

10 hours

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance: Overview of Business Ethics,

CorporateGovernance, Ethical issues in human resource management- The principal of ethical
hiring,Firing, worker safety, whistle blowing, Equality of opportunity, Discrimination, Ethics
andremuneration, Ethics in retrenchment. Ethical Dilemmas at workplace, Ethical issues in
globalbusiness, corporate responsibility of employers.

8 hours

Workplace Privacy & Ethics: Watching what you say and what you do in the
workplace,Hardware, Software and Spyware, Plagiarism and Computer Crimes, Convenience
and Death ofPrivacy, Defence of employee privacy rights

8 hours

Teamwork in the Workplace & Ethics: Teams, Elements of team, Stages of teamdevelopment,
team meetings, team rules, and teams work and professional responsibility, rules ofprofessional
responsibility, ASME code of ethics.

8 hours
Managing Change in Workplace through Ethics: Introduction to Change Management,Models of
change, the Ethics of Managing Change, the role of ethics and responsibilities inleading
innovation and change, ethics based model for change management, ethics and risks ofchange

6 hours

Ethics, Discrimination and Harassment at Workplace: Discrimination, sexual

harassment,Creating awareness about workplace harassment, Vishaka Dutta vs. State of
Rajasthan –Supreme Court directions, Compulsory workplace guidelines.Practical Components:•
To solve case studies on Workplace Ethics• To visit organizations and find out the problems and
causes for unethical behavior atworkplace.• To visit organizations and find out the measures
adopted to control unethical behavior ofemployees.• To compare and contrast the various ethical
codes of conduct practiced in organizations.• To study the recent cases on breach of workplace

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