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Mapua Institute of Technology

School of CE-EnSE



March 25, 2010

Another term has been started and this term I take CE195 or
civil engineering law, contract, and ethics. As the course title
itself, I expect this course will all about ethics and laws. Also I
expect that in this course will be discuss about the engineering
codes of ethics and laws on engineering practice that in the future
we will need. I also want to know what are the things to
remember if you’re doing is ethical or non-ethical.

I expect in our instructor in this course is that the topics will

be discuss clearly and easy to understand. I also expect that our
instructor will teach us all the learning that we will need in our
field of profession someday and the things that will guide us in
the practice of our profession. I also looking forward that our class
will learn a lot in this course and be able to widen our thinking in
choosing what is wrong or right in every situation that we will be
encountering in the future.

Almost of the term has been finished and I do not know if I

will reach the requirement that will be needed in this course. In
my early performance in this course, I can say that my
performance is poor because of the oral report. In the oral report
we did not discuss the topic that clear and hard to understand. In
the part of the written examination, I did not reach the passing
grade in the long quizzes. I was very disappointed with myself but
I’ am hoping that in the remaining long quizzes and oral report,
that I will have a satisfying grade and in order to achieve this
performance I will do my best in studying and understanding the
lecture and lessons.

The term is almost finished and all my expectation in the

start of the class have been fulfilled and done. Now, I can say that
I learn more knowledge that before I take this course, know I can
say if the situation is ethical or non-ethical through the help of the
lessons that have been discussed in the class like the seven
fundamental canons and also I know what are the laws on
engineering practice that we will use now and in the future. I can
say that I’ve failed to reach the minimum requirements in passing
the examinations but I have learned a lot in this course. In the
orals, I pick the question that I forgot the answer but some of the
question that I know was pick and answer my classmates. Now I’
am preparing g for the final examination to be able to answers all
question that will be giving. I’ am hoping that I will pass this