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February 7, 2018



In July 2016, during the height of the
election between Trump and Clinton,
the Obama administration sought
FISA court surveillance of Trump, his
family, his transition team, and his
associates using the pretext that
normal pre-election contacts
between the transition team and
other nations was suspicious. This
initial application was denied. As a
result, the DNC and Hillary Clinton,
through their law firm Perkins Coie,
and research firm Fusion GPS, paid
Christopher Steele (pictured right) to
come up with dirt on Trump. Steele
met with mainstream media in
September 2016 in order to
propagate the story of Trump/Russia
collusion. Steele then used the
information he fed to the media to
create the “Trump Dossier”. While Christopher Steele is a former British MI6 agent and former FBI informant.
then-FBI Director James Comey called Evidence has been found that he was passionate about preventing Trump from
parts of the dossier “salacious and winning the presidency. Evidence confirms that Steele created his “Trump
unverified”, he signed off on a second Dossier” by giving talking points to mainstream media and then citing
FISA application which was mainstream media as a source (circular reference).
successfully granted.

The FBI’s second FISA was approved on October 21, 2016 and was renewed three The approved FISA warrants are
times over the course of the next 270 days despite Steele’s known lack of what led to Robert Mueller’s
credibility and political agenda. The FBI failed all four times to inform the FISA appointment as head of a special
court judges that the probable cause being presented was unverified and came counsel to investigate Trump/Russia
from a discredited, circular source. collusion.

after Mueller was turned
down for the FBI director Mueller never informed
position. In July 2017, lead Congress of the Strzok/Page
FBI agent Peter Strzok is matter. On December 13, a
removed from Mueller’s portion of the Strzok/Page
special counsel team after text messages were released.
texts between him and his The FBI claimed that 5
months of key text messages On September 2 2016, Page
mistress, FBI attorney Lisa wrote to Strzok about
Page, reveal deep-seated were lost due to a computer
glitch, but the inspector preparing talking points for
bias towards Trump, the then-FBI Director Comey
On May 16, 2017, former general’s office recovered
orchestration of leaks to because, “potus wants to
FBI director Robert Mueller them in two days. On
the media, and a possible know everything we’re doing.”
interviewed with Trump for February 7 2018, new texts
conspiracy or “secret
reappointment as FBI were released that show
society” of FBI Deputy
Director—a week after possible evidence of
Director Andrew McCabe
James Comey was fired. The President Obama’s direct
and top FBI officials
next day, Deputy AG Rod involvement in the FISA
gathered to fix the 2016
Rosenstein appointed scandal and Clinton email
election and later, impeach
Mueller as special counsel investigation.


The Grassley memo, released the night of February 6 2018, backs up assertions made in the earlier Nunes memo (in which
the FISA scandal was revealed). A newly-unredacted portion of the memo says that Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley,
ranking member Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and Crime & Terrorism Subcommittee Chairman Graham all saw the FISA warrant
application and renewals for a surveillance warrant on Carter Page. The Grassley memo states that the FBI relied “heavily”
on the Steele dossier and “numerous” othe FBI documents related to Steele, in order to get a surveillance warrant on Page in
October 2016, and to continue surveillance through 2017. The Grassley memo goes on to reveal that Hillary Clinton and her
associates had given an Obama State Department official information to give to Steele, which he then passed on to the FBI.
Also implicated as a source to the Obama State Department, aside from Steele, is Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal. In a
spectacular display of circular reference, Steele, Blumenthal, and the Obama State Department all passed around
information that was later used in the FISA applications.

Carter Page – FBI Plant or Patsy? Title I FISA – What It Means

Carter Page was employed by the FBI as early as 2012. The FISA warrant against Carter Page was made under Title I
The New York Times published articles in March 2016 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act—meaning the
that, when dots are connected, reveal that Carter application was specifically stating, to the court, that Page
Page was a spy for the FBI (UCE-1 or was likely an actual agent of a foreign government (i.e.”a
UnderCoverEmployee-1). Page worked as an spy”). This kind of title enables surveillance on individuals
informant for the FBI in Russia and later volunteered connected to the target. Through Carter Page, the FBI was
for the Trump campaign. The FISA warrant targets able to spy on Trump and his entire campaign.
Carter Page, showing a suspicious link.

This document is a compilation of information gathered from Fox News, Breitbart, and