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1. “We are what we wear.” Discus, with examples from your own way of dressing.

2. Tell about a funny experience that happened to you during your holidays. You can
speak about a recent experience or something from your childhood.

3. Speak about a wedding you’ve been to. Who was getting married? What was the
ceremony like? The reception?

4. Write an essay discussing the pros and cons of using new technologies. You can speak
about, for example, mobile phones, internet, computers, etc.

5. “Immigrants should have the same rights as Italian citizens.” Write an essay in which
you take a side (either should or shouldn’t).

6. Write an essay describing what your ideal day would be or, if you’ve already had it,
what it was like.

7. “Students should be required to do some type of civil service before they graduate
from university.” Comment.

8. “All school children in Italy should study two foreign languages from a very early age.”

9. Speak about your own experience learning a foreign language or foreign languages.
You may speak about a specific experience at home or abroad, what you find/found
the most difficult or the easiest in learning the language, etc.

10. How has education changed in your country over the last 50 years? Write
an article for an English website about this topic.

11. Write an article for an English website about this topic.

12. A description of a place

13. Advantages and disadvantages of city life. Write a for and against essay.
14. A narrative text: describe a funny experience.

15. Describe an exciting family party you have been to (a wedding party, a Christmas
lunch/dinner, a birthday, etc.)

16. You have a British friend who lives in England. She wants to move to Spain.
Write an email to your friend to give her/him some advice. You can talk about:

– the best place to live in.

– what the food is like.
– costumes, festivals and celebrations.
– weather and necessary clothes.
– how to learn Spanish.
– etc.
17. Write a description of the school you go / went to. Include the following

 a brief introduction: the kind of school, size, location, your age when
you went there, number of pupils in each class
 homework, uniform, discipline, teachers
 subjects – best / worst
 your general opinion of the school – good / bad? Why?