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January 2018

NEA-Dallas Board of Directors
President Delna Bryan
Vice President Sheila Walker
VP of Teacher Affairs Hope Lee
VP of DISD ESPs Carmen Behrend
A Message from the President Secretary Vivian Bryant
Dear NEA - Dallas Members; Treasurer Angela Davis
The train engines of the NEA-Dallas New Dawn Express pulled
into the station to a full stop for Semester II at the 230 schools
after loading all of our students at our eight Dallas County
Schools Service Centers very early on Tuesday morning, January
9th. We were smoothly rolling along in our wonderful school
district of Dallas ISD before coming to that full stop! All the
conductors – our marvelous and talented teachers got off first
for a remarkable beginning of 2018. Behind them, coming out of
all the coaches are our 157,000 students still unloading with glee
to be back at school. As the teachers turned to welcome our
students for the New Year, we were all confident, and we knew Thank you one an all for your generous
that this was going to be a successful journey that would show contributions!
the fruition of all that we each had endeavored to do from the
start of 2017. This is truly heralding a new dawn! Veronica Arispe Carmen Behrend
The cacophony was almost deafening with the amount of Natalie Brown Delna Bryan
vociferous shouting of “Happy New Year!” and “¡Feliz Año Jennifer Crisp Angela Davis
Nuevo!” coming from all around us. The excited crowds rushed Beverly Dawson Travis Durham
to hug those who they had not seen in almost two weeks. Some Cassandra Fletcher Jay Frederick
students brought new toys to show their friends, others modeled Tamara Green David Griffin
the new winter clothing that they had gotten from their loving Heather Hawthorne John Hutcheson
families over the holidays, and yet others brought goodies to Dale Kaiser Mary Kennedy
share with all those that they would come in contact with that Hope Lee Betty Martinez
day. Joan McCoo William Robinson
We were all aware that it was back to reading, writing, and Peggy Rodgers-Pickron Mary Deniece Smith
‘rithmetic along with the technology skills that we were going to Christopher Tullis Sherry VanZandt
need to make us the premier public schools in the second largest Sheila Walker
urban city in Texas. Now, we are all cognizant of the fact that we
have TAKS, STAAR, and AP Exams on our western front soon.
However, we are all up to the challenge both as teachers and
Now, we invite our other NEA- Dallas
students. We are going to be successful!!! We will shine as we Family Members to contribute to PAC
fulfill the dreams of arriving at our goals of putting a quality this 2018!!!
education first and foremost for all students each day.
As we close this New Year greeting, we take the time to wish all
those who we come on contact with at our elementary, middle,
and high schools a glorious 2018.
The train is moving on the rails for a better tomorrow! Best
wishes to one and all!!!

Winter Break
1/8/18 Staff Development
1/8/18 DCS Dissolution Committee Meeting @ 10 am
1/9/18 First Day of Semester II
1/11/18 DISD Board Briefing @ 11:30 am
1/15/18 Martin Luther King Day
1/18/18 Elementary School Parent Conferences
1/20/18 General Membership Meeting @ 10 am
1/22/18 High School Parent Conferences
1/22/18 DCS Dissolution Committee Meeting @ 10 am
1/23/18 Middle School Parent Conferences
1/25/18 DISD Board Meeting @ 6 pm
6500 Greenville Avenue, Suite 520
Dallas, Texas 75206

Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 5:00 pm
2/3/18 Region 20 HoD @ 12 pm Lunch Break 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
2/8/18 DISD Board Briefing @ 11:30 am [Closed Saturday, Sunday & all DISD holidays]
2/12/18 DCS Dissolution Committee Meeting @ 9 am TSTA Help Center 1-877-ASK-TSTA
2/22/18 DISD Board Meeting @ 6 pm
2/26/18 DCS Dissolution Committee Meeting @ 9 am

Malinda McKee Raya Staley
TSTA Staff Office Manager
(214) 923-2768 – cell (214) 821-2061
Call or Email Your Congressman Now!
Urge them to Pass the CLEAN DREAM Act
NEA-Dallas neadallas1

TSTA Help Center

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In solidarity,
Delna Bryan, President
NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program
Brandon Watson – (512) 520-7248
Region 20 House of Delegates
TSTA House of Delegates
NEA Representative Assembly
Nomination Form
Dear NEA-Dallas/Region 20 Member:

It is that time of year again to nominate and elect delegates and alternates to the Region 20 House of Delegates, the TSTA State House of Delegates and local
delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly.
The Region 20 House of Delegates will be held on Saturday, February 3, 2018 from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm, at the Dallas County Schools Technology and Training
Center, 5151 Samuel Blvd. Dallas, TX. We will be considering new business items to present at the State HoD in April.
The TSTA House of Delegates will be held in San Marco, TX at Embassy Suites San Marcos, April 20-21, 2018. There will be professional development seminars
conducted by TSTA the morning of April 20th. Delegates may want to start planning now for travel expenses to the state convention. The TSTA convention hotel is the
Embassy Suites San Marcos. The hotel’s nightly room rate for members in the TSTA convention room block is approximately $159 for a single or a double, plus taxes.
NEA-Dallas will provide two nights double occupancy for ONLY our ELECTED delegates.
The NEA Representative Assembly will be held June 25th – July 5th in the wonderful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The NEA RA is the world’s largest democratic
decision-making body with upwards of 9,000 delegates in attendance from all over the United States and the world.
It is extremely important that we have our full delegation in attendance for these upcoming events. The future of our organization will be decided there and each of you
will have a vote. If we have delegates that do not attend, then we, here in Dallas, lose valuable input in that decision-making process.
To be on the ballot for these important elections, please fill out the enclosed nomination form and return it to NEA-Dallas (DISD Box 118) through DISD mail, US Mail
(6500 Greenville Ave., Suite 520 Dallas, Texas 75206), via fax (214-821-0219), or in person. We need your nomination form by 4:00pm, Tuesday, January 16, 2018.
We want to encourage all of you to participate in these important events. This is an opportunity for all of you to become involved in YOUR organization.
We look forward to receiving your nomination form.

In solidarity,

Delna Bryan
President, NEA-Dallas

Angela M. Davis
President, Region 20

Please indicate which HoD you would like to be nominated for by placing a check on the line next to the appropriate HoD. You may nominate yourself for all three.

______ Region 20 House of Delegates ______ TSTA House of Delegates ______ NEA Representative Assembly
(Saturday, February 3, 12:00 pm, DCS TTC) (Fri. & Sat., April 20-21, San Marcos, Texas) (June 25th- July 5th, Minneapolis, Minnesota)









I, ____________________________________________________, certify that the above information is correct.

SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________________________________ DATE: _________________

All information is REQUIRED to be officially nominated. Return completed form by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

Please return via DISD Mail (BOX 118); via U.S. Mail (6500 Greenville Ave. Suite 520, Dallas, TX 75206) via fax (214-821-0219) or in person to NEA-Dallas by
4:00pm, Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

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