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Below I ask the archangels certain questions posed by a certain person.

Before I elaborate I wish you to know that at this juncture I am available to do this al so for you, whoever you happen to be right now reading this on Scribd. Just send me a message with your questions. I will need to dialog with you first to get c larification and I reserve the right not to proceed for whatever my reasons may be. Secondly, the text was altered to hide certain identifiable features of this per son. All I can tell you for certain about her is that her name is not Laura, her son's name is not Tom, the year in question was not 1998. There were other chan ges made to hide her relationship to others. I, also, took out parts where I ask ed personal questions for myself. Furthermore, I took out the names of the parti cular angels or archangels and just call them Angel 1, Angel 2, etc... Thirdly, I advise each and everyone of you to take this and all communications w ith a grain of salt. Though I believe this to be authentic, there is no way I ca n be certain that it is not my own subconscious fooling myself, or perhaps I hav e a different being, one that does not have our best interest in mind. I serious ly doubt that, ofcourse, but run this and all alleged communications by your own heart. Consider if it feels like it comes from a messenger of a God of love. Also, as before, my questions are in [here] and their responses like"this". Empt y quotes or brackets means I am unclear of the response or question. Lastly, Bel ow are two rituals, one after the other. As I mentioned before, I start each rit ual by stating my own presence, inviting in the archangels & other beings and th anking them immensely, and praising God. Likewise at the end I thank them immens ely & bid them farewell. I will be skipping this part... * * * [I have some questions from someone] [what happens to souls that do not manifest due to abortion] [curious, like to find out about soul that might have come int o her life, another child, Tom was 6, could barely feed herself & her son] "" [but she would like to know what happened to that soul] "no" [is there another time to try this] "no" [Angel 1 do you know what happens] "we do not know" [how could you not know] "we just do not know" [Angel 2, to souls that do not manifest due to abortion] "" [they go where] "they go to another place" [yes] [what is, OK so they go to another place? they are born some where?] "they might be born they might be not born" [it doesn't seem to be a big deal from your point of view] "it isn't a big deal." [but she would of been the child's mother. That's a big deal for us down here] "we know it is" [or not her mother, or not it's mother, their mother] "yes it's a big deal for you" [but it's not a big deal for the soul?] "no" [on this level, but it makes such a big difference to us here] "we know" [Does it matter if one is born or one is not born?] "yes, it matters" [but does it matter to who they're born] "yes"

[then what happens to the soul that, instead of being born to her was born with someone else] "we do not know" [do you know what happened to that particular soul, 1998 when Tom was 6] "yes" [where is that soul now?] "soul's a child with someone else" [white or black?] "black" [in a poorer situation?] "very poor" [really] "yes, that's what they want in this life" [is that why they choose Laura?] "yes" [because they wanted her to be poor?] "yes" [they wanted to grow up very poor] "that is correct" [is Laura wrong by refusing this] "no she is not" [so the soul chooses it's own destiny, isn't there a greater map a greater.... I mean what does GOD think of all this?] "God thinks it's great. God just loves" [Um - I'm a little stumped] "we know you are" [I wanted to ask for my friend, what happens to souls that do not manifest due t o abortion. Curious to find out about the soul that might of come into her life] [so... black male?] "black female" [really? Is the child male or female?] "female" [and she's black] "well yeah" [and very poor?] "in Appalachia" [I didn't know there are blacks in Appalachia] "this one is" [why did she want to be poor] "it's a LONG story, it has to do with her history" [her history?] "yes" "her soul history" "it's the right thing for her to do in this life" [and if Laura had chosen that road with this child] "they would of been very poor and struggled a lot" [would it have been the right thing for Laura to do] "no. Laura made the right decision" [but why did the soul choose her?] "the soul did not know. It was looking to complete this destiny" [how could it choose things which would be....] "the child doesn't know" "it doesn't have the greater picture" "it's choosing th e mother's that would best fit it's life history" [so Laura would of had a very hard road then?] "yes" "but she would of made it" [wow, now this lead to the next question very easily. Do all people have a purpo se on earth. Do individual people have specific purposes on earth. She's making a transition and wants to do next what is going to help the big picture] "she's doing the right thing" [is there a wrong thing?] "no"

[if there's no wrong thing she's obviously doing the right thing - daaaa] [ I me an like, do people have purpose on earth?] "yes" [what is these purposes] "each one is individual" [Individual people have specific purposes. To complete their karma?] "yes" [Is there some job we have to do here. that... save the world or ... little thin gs like that] "the world will be saved by it's self" [so from your point of view it seems like all we're doing is our little karma tr ips] "exactly" [I like to think I'm doing some sort of purpose, some sort of job, some sort of. ..] "well you are" [I want to save people, I want to touch people] "when you touch people, you touch people. That is beautiful" [what about saving the world?] "the world will save its self" [What about like Obama and all this other stuff] "we don't know" [making a transition, what to do next going to help, the big picture. What shoul d she do next to help the big picture] "meditate" [meditate on it herself] "meditate on it herself - yes" "" [and an image will come?] "an image will come" [she'll see something] "she will see something" [in her mind's eye?] "in her minds eye" & will know exactly what to do with it" [she will get this image. What will this image be?] "we can not tell you - she will receive it" [it will be very clear what's next for her?] [it will be incredibly clear?] "yes it will be incredibly clear" [some image] "she will know what she will know" "and not before that" [will it be the first time she meditates] "no" [will it be like less than the 100th time she meditates] "we do not know the exact number" "when she meditates on it at some point an ima ge will come" [like a physical like - she'll see colors & shapes &] "yes, an image, not a sound, not a word, an image will come and she will know wh at to do" [wow, it's intense, to us] [thank you very much archangels (I listed their names )] ... was about to close the ritual but inserted a summary... [so what happens to souls that do not manifest? They go to another place] "correct" [to fill their particular destiny] [and so that soul was sort of making a mistak e to go to Laura?] "that soul didn't know the whole picture" [didn't know what was right for her,] for her destiny [So this black child in Ap palachia, correct] "she wants to fulfill that experience" [will she do something amazing in her life] "she will live and that will be amazing enough"

[ is there anything else about this you can tell me?] "not a lot" [ Ok Thank you...... ] gratitude is give to each & every archangels & ofcourse to God ....... a second ritual - to reaffirm the 1st [of all the answers before us] "before" [all those questions from Laura about her kid her child that could of been, that 's past] "yes" [are these answers true] "they are true in form" [is this child really living in Appalachia?] "no" [then why did you tell me that] "it is a way for you to understand" [is this child living on earth right now?] "no" [but it is living as similar to someone, a black woman in Appalachia] "that is correct" [on some solar system, some planet somewhere] "that is correct" [wow - how many souls are there!] "just one" [how could there be just one soul, it sounds like there's a HUGE number of souls out there] "there are. but they're all the same soul" [but that's not possible] "it is somehow" "but this is not for now" [what about purpose on earth -what about destination and ah] "there is a purpose" [and what is this purpose. What would be the higher goal for someone to do] "we do not know" [how does one find out?] "by meditating" "on their higher self" [so Laura, should sit by herself, meditate, and her answer will come?] "something like that" [well what's different? that she should do] [she should sit alone?] "yes" [and the answer will come?] "in part" [so she'll sit alone & she'll get some sort of message] "no not like that" [I'm getting weary of this back & forth stuff. Is there a way that you can tell me which makes sense to me] "no" "not easily, You tell her those words it will make sense to her (what she w ill do)" [and what are the words] [that she should sit alone and meditate?] "she should spend some time alone" [what else?] "she will know the rest" [something about a flower?] "no" [is there any other guiding words you can give her at this point?] "yes" [what is it] "sit alone"

[you just told me that sit alone] [what does it mean to sit alone?] "oh" [just be by herself] [I'm tired] "We know you're tired" [so the soul that was in Laura went somewhere else] "yes" [in a place where it can grow up as if poor and --- more deprived] "yes" [they wanted to learn those lessons in this life] "something like that" [what is the meaning of life] "this is for you to find out" [what is the meaning for that person] [why do they need such a.... why couldn't they come to earth as a king... why did they want to be poor what do they gain f rom that] "they gain many riches you can not as a king": [it would be hard to get those kind of lessons as a king?] [did Laura do the rig ht thing by telling it to go somewhere else you know she did a ritual] "the ritual is beautiful" [did it do any good?] "it did immense good" [what would of happened if she didn't do the ritual] "she would of felt worse about it" [what about the soul?] "the soul would not of known" [didn't the soul choose to be in her?] [and it changed it's mind] "something like that" [it changed it's mind?] "no - it didn't change it's mind. it's mind was changed by an outside force" [by Laura] "yes" [so wasn't it hurt somehow - didn't it feel that - being jerked around...] "no" [it must of felt some sort of rejection] [so your saying that the child, the sou l, did not feel hurt at all by what Laura did] "the soul did not know" [but the soul was there in her body] "it did not feel it" [... 1st trimester] [on some sense it must of] "do you remember that far back?" [no I don't remember that far back] [but I must be on some level touched by it] "we tell you the child, the soul did not know" [why did it choose her?] "it was scoping out a certain situation" [well it found a situation & Laura said no] "that means it wasn't right. All must agree" [it found another situation - this place in Appalachia] "no not really Appalachia" [where then] "not on earth" [but what would be - that which would be like Appalachia for a back person] [OK thank you] [so she is freed of all karma dept] "she has no karma debt" [how do you feel about Laura] "Laura is our child" [your daughter] "yes" [ [are there any more questions to ask] [what should I tell Laura]

"tell her all this" [that she's OK?] "She is O. K." [what about her purpose, she wants to know what her purpose is] "she will find her purpose" [it is inside of her] Thank you