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Dear CVCS Junior High Families


I hope you are having an awesome summer and receiving God’s peace and blessings. Even
though the first day of school seems far away, we are busily preparing for next year and we are
looking forward to seeing your student. I wanted to touch base with you regarding a few items
that will help prepare you for the beginning of the year.


All uniforms can be ordered through the link on our school website at​.

A few notes on uniforms:
● Physical Education
○ Essential Tee and Long Sleeve Essential Tee will be our PE shirt options and will
have CVCS logos on them.
○ Land’s End Jogger pants, sweat pants, and athletic shorts will be our PE options for
○ You’ll want to wear these all day long, but PE uniforms may only be worn during PE
Enjoy looking through the new uniform options. We are really excited to bring new styles to our
CVCS lineup!

Raising the Bar in the CVCS Junior High

We are raising the bar at CVCS for all junior high students. Our high academic standards and
the importance of holding all students accountable has lead to some changes in course labels
and expectations. When you get your schedule, you may notice that the word “honors” does not
appear in the course titles. This does not mean that we are eliminating course content or
standards. Quite the opposite, we are dedicated to increasing rigor across the board. For
example, in the past, only students enrolled in eighth grade “honors” English classes received
summer reading. This year all eighth grade students are expected to complete summer reading.
Our math placement tests, led by Mr. Prouty, will continue to be the qualifying factor for
scheduling. This will allow for appropriate placement according to each student's math skills.
This placement test will continue to group students in other academic courses. In all classes,
teachers will continue to differentiate instruction to motivate, challenge, and excite your child.
We have found that while schools differ in how they label classes, some of the most respected
and academically rigorous schools in the area have also moved to similar course labels. The
culture at CVCS is built on academic excellence and we plan to continue that tradition.

Below is a list of textbooks necessary next year for all junior high students. This is not an
exhaustive list of all the books, as the English novels are not included. However, it is a great
resource if you want to get started in the online marketplace.

Course Publisher, Title, and Author ISBN

7​th​ Grade Courses

Bible 7 Jesus the King by Timothy Keller 978-1-59448-666-1

Bible 7 Stranger on the Road to Emmaus by John R. Cross 978-1-92742-994-5

World History 7 Holt McDougal World History 2012 978-0-54748-580-5

English 7 Pearson Common Core Literature Grade 7, 2015*** 978-0-13326-818-8

Life Science 7 Pearson/Prentice Hall Middle Grade Science Student, 978-0-13320-922-8
2013 ​Paperback

8​th​ Grade Courses

Bible 8 Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace 978-1-43470-469-6

Bible 8 Is God Just a Human Invention by Sean 978-0-82543-654-3
McDowell/Jonathan Morrow

Bible 8 Ethix by Sean McDowell 978-0-80544-519-0

US History 8 Holt McDougal United States History (2012) 978-0-54748-428-0

Life Science 8 Pearson/Prentice Hall Middle Grade Science Student 978-0-13320-922-8
Edition ​Paperback

English 8 Pearson Common Core Literature Grade 8, 2015*** 978-0-13326-819-5

*** Just a note regarding books with Common Core titles. You may see books with the words
“Common Core” in the title. However, CVCS is not a Common Core school and we will not be
teaching federally mandated Common Core standards. As a National Blue Ribbon School of
Excellence and an ACSI and WASC accredited school, we focus on providing a rigorous and
exemplary academic experience by moving above and beyond both the California State and the
Common Core Standards.

Math Courses​ – Mr. Prouty tests all students and places them in the appropriate math course.
Many students may already know which math course they are heading into and are ready to buy
the textbook. If you are unclear as to which class your child is taking, you can either wait until
your schedule is released or email Mrs. Rutz at
Math 7​ and McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra 978-0-618-84099-1
Pre-Algebra 7​ (all 7th
graders except those
in ​8th grade Algebra 1​)

Math 8: Introduction to McDougal Littell Algebra Structure and 978-0-618-04430-6
Algebra​ and ​8th grade Method Book 1 Or
Algebra 1​ (​all​ 8th 978-0-395-97722-4
graders ​except ​those
in ​8th grade Geometry​)

8th grade Geometry McDougal Littell Geometry (2004) 978-0-618-25022-6

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Ryan G. Kloostra
Junior High Principal
Capistrano Valley Christian Schools