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1 flipped speaking activity

Think about an incident from your life when things went wrong, involving for example:

A misunderstanding wrong information a lost or stolen item

something you forgot to do or say A small accident Transport problems

Answer the following questions to describe your problem: (Use the vocabulary from p. 14)

 What was the problem?

 When did it happen?
 Why did it happen?

Bring your notes to the class. The notes could be on a sheet of paper

Well, like 6 weeks ago a friend of a friend told me that he could leave me close to my home so I
decided to go with him and he would also leave my friend near her house or at least that was
what I thought, but I did not expect him to leave her at the foot of her house, a place that is very
far from my house and I needed to get there early, then after several minutes he left me at the
stop where I had to take the bus to my house, when I got on the bus after few minutes I realized
that I caught it in the wrong direction which which made my day even more stressful and sad,
well just for that moment, it was horrible because it was too hot and I lost too much time.