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ABCpdf.NET installer (v8.1.2.

To print the reports in all versions of FITNESSGRAM®, you must have this third-party PDF tool
downloaded and installed on the web application server where FITNESSGRAM® is installed.

Enter your invoice number at

Choose the ABCpdf.NET installer link that is appropriate for your system. If you have a School version of
FITNESSGRAM® then you will need to install the 32bit version of ABCpdf as the school install is not
compatible with 64bit systems.

Depending on your browser version you will either see the download prompt box below or a prompt at
the bottom of your screen. When the download prompt appears, select Save and then choose to save it
to your desktop or somewhere on the computer that is easily accessible.
Once the download is complete, close the screen.

Next, select the file (ABCpdf8123.NET.exe) from the download location and open it up to access the
setup wizard. Click Next to begin the installation process.
Select I Agree to the License Agreement. Select Next to confirm installation.

Select the file location for the to be installed into. Select Next and the installation will follow.
Click the Next button to confirm installation.

The install process will begin. You will see the progress scroll through the status bar.
You will see the screen below when the installation is completed.

Once installed, you will need to enter the ABCpdf version 8 license key. To enter this key you will need
to open the ABCpdf application. Click on the Windows Start button in the lower left corner of your
screen. Select All Programs and expand ABCpdf 8.1. Select PDF Settings in order to enter the key.
You will see it is listed as a trial version for now with a temporary key.

In the Registration field copy the ABCpdf version8 license key. This information can be found on the
download page you accessed for the ABCpdf download. The key is case sensitive and very long. Please
copy and paste this key for accuracy.
Enter the license key in the Registration field and click the Set Key button.

An information dialog box will appear letting you know that the key has been entered but the server will
need to be restarted in order for the key to be registered. This has to be completed within 30 days or it
will expire as if it were still the trial version. Click OK to get out of this box.
Click the Apply button and then the OK button to get out of the settings screen.

Please contact Technical Support with any questions.

Technical Support
Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm CST (Excluding Holidays)

Phone: 217.351.5076, option 3 for Technical Support