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Fruit is A Verb

By LauraLee Shaw

John 15:8 This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.

Let the Fruit of the Spirit come alive in you, Obeying the Word of the Lord in Verb form, Eagerly acting upon that which you have hidden in your heart. Just as Christ demonstrated His love for you, Opting to die for your sins, so You should choose to lay down your life for others. Practice what you preach, E ude !oy in wor", as well as play, As" #od$$beg #od to Complete His wor" in you Each and every hour of every single day. Pursue peace Actively, showing even more than Telling. Invite your Enemy to brea" bread with you. Notice when someone is alone and Care about the underdog Especially. Know that the Lord will Ignite His Spirit in you as you ac"nowledge your Neediness and complete Dependence upon Him to do the wor". N% W&' can you produce the practice of patience on your own( Even when the enemy pursues you, #od will
helter you under the shadow of His wings. imply trust and obey.

!o for it( Obviously you are beginning to see that Obedience gives way to a fruit$filled life. Do you have faith li"e a mustard seed) No) 'ou see* Even when showing "indness to others causes you pain, you are
haring in the ufferings of Christ.

For by His stripes your hurt will be healed, And It will give way To His goodness spilled out as blessings in your life. "e will pour them out from the Fullness of His love for you. #nderstand that He does not give as the world gives. Love in His form does not always bring happiness. Never did He promise you a trouble$free life or E emption from
uffering. o why believe then) +What,s in it for me,- you as")

!rowth.the spiritual "ind. Energy.the lasting "ind. Not only those, but also Truth and Love.the faithful "ind. Endurance and Never Ending
trength$$the upernatural "ind. o let His gentleness be

Evident to all by Living this Fruit$filled, Holy Spirit$filled life.


Can / share something else) /f you love #od with all your heart, then Obey Him. 0on,t !ust say that you love Him. No one will believe you love Him if you don,t show His love to others. Ta"e a moment to pray on this living, active Word from Him. %epent if need be. 1hen respond by Offering your body as a living sacrifice. Let the Fruit of the Spirit be a verb in you.
Co)ossi*ns 1:1+ And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good wor , growing in the nowledge of !od"
2008 LauraLee Shaw / ***Scriptures taken from the N ! "ranslation ***"he fruit of the Spirit is found in #alatians $:22%2& ***'(dapted from the following N ! Scriptures: Luke )):28* ) +ohn &:)8* ,salm ))-:))* .omans $:8* ) +ohn &:)/* 0atthew $:)-* ) "hessalonians $:)1%)2* ) +ohn $:)1* +ames 2:22* ) ,eter &:))* .omans )2:20* ,salm 1):)* .omans 8:)0%))* #alatians &:&* ,salm $):)2* ,hilippians ):/* 2:)&* ,salm $2:)* ,ro3er4s &:$%/* .omans 2:)&* ,hilippians ):))* 0atthew )2:20* .omans 8:)2%)8* saiah $&:$* 5euteronom6 28:2* 7phesians &:)8* +ohn )1:22* )/:&&* 7phesians ):)-* &:20* 8olossians ):2-* .omans $:$* ,hilippians 1:$* +ohn )1:)$* ) +ohn 1:20* (cts &:)-* .omans )2:)9