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Analytics (BI) with

SAP Business One (B1) HANA
(NICF – Analytics)

SAP Business One – Business Processes (Week 2)

SAP Business One (B1) Version for HANA – Advanced Goals

Concepts, Implementation, Customization & Development • Explain the Logistics and Accounting Business Processes
The objective of this course is to provide an advanced • Set up master data for the standard business processes
programme for professionals to learn advanced concepts and • Administer the Business One installation
techniques of SAP Business One (B1) and SAP HANA
Audience • Overview & Master Data
• Consultants and support employees responsible for the • Procurement & Inventory Management
implementation and ongoing support of business processes • CRM & Sales & Production
with SAP Business One at customer sites • Financials & Fixed Asset & Banking
• Consultants responsible for SAP Business One user • Service Management & Administration
training and customization at customer sites
• Employees from SAP's SME partners responsible for
SAP Business One – Implementation Methodology &
qualified selling and successful product presentations to
Migration / OS SUSE Linux (Week 3)
• Developers from SAP’s SME partners responsible for Goals
enlarging and adapting the solution Suite SAP Business • Explain the Implementation Methodology
One • Explain common Migration scenarios
• Explain the basic concepts of SUSE Linux
• Sound understanding of business concepts Content
• Sales or consulting experience with at least one Enterprise • SAP Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIP)
Resource Planning (ERP) product • SAP Quality Principles
• Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications • Project Management & Project Risk Management
• Basic knowledge in database and SW-development • Data Transfer Workbench (Setup, Migration)
• System Partitioning, Installation & Administration
• Fail-Safe, Disaster Recovery, High Availability
SAP Business One – Concepts & HANA (Week 1)
• Backup & Restore Administration
• Explain the concepts and methods of SAP Business One
SAP Business One – Customization & Development (Week
ERP solution
• Explain the concepts and methods of SAP HANA In-
Memory-Database Goals
• Explain modern concepts of Business Intelligence and • Customize SAP Business One application
Analytics • Explain the development tools and techniques

Content Content
• In-Memory Technology • Master Data
• ERP/B1 systems components • Customization & Workflow
• Business Intelligence/Analytics • HANA Studio & Perspectives
• Integrated Development Environment (IDE) • Development (JavaScript)
• HANA Overview • SAP Business One Service Layer
• Column vs. Row store & Compression • Data modeling (Attribute, Calculation views)
• In Memory technology & Insert Only
• Main and Delta store
• Implications for business software architecture

Analytics (BI) with
SAP Business One (B1) HANA
(NICF – Analytics)

SAP Business One – Analytics (Week 5) Singaporean/PR (full time or part time)
Course fee $2,500
WDA subsidy (70%) -$1,750
• Explain different analytical concepts Payable Course Fee $750
• Set up data for analytical purpose
Remark: Above fees are exclusive of 7% GST
• Crystal Reports For Company-sponsored Students
• Pervasive Analytics To encourage more Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to
• Key Performance Indicators send their employees for skills upgrading and to enhance
• MS Excel Integration productivity, the government is providing additional subsidy for
• SAP Lumira Integration this group. The Enhanced Training Support for SMEs will help
• Interactive Analytics SMEs further lower the cost of sending their employees for
certifiable training programmes supported by the Singapore
Workforce Development Agency (WDA). As such SMEs will
SAP Business One – Inter Company Integration &
Resources (Week 6) get to enjoy subsidies of 90% of the course fees when they
sponsor their employees for the above-mentioned course.
• Explain the Analytics and Report Capabilities Singaporean/PR (full time or part time)
• Administer Standard Reports and Analytics Course fee $2,500
• Know possible expansion of Business One WDA subsidy (70%) -$1,750
Content Enhanced Training Support for
• Horizontal, Vertical, B1-B1 Integration SMEs (20%) – claim in the later $500
• SCN & CodeJam stage (via SkillConnect)
• SAP Add-On Marketplace Payable Course Fee $280
• Solutions development Remarks: Above fees are exclusive of absentee payroll claims and exclusive of
• SAP startup.focus. 7% GST
*(T&C Applies)
• Hackathons – UP Singapore
• HANAOnDemand & AWS Trial
• MOOC openSAP, openHPI Contact Information
Lithan Hall Academy
Mode and Duration 11 Eunos Road 8,
Part-Time: 12 sessions over 6 weeks (7 pm to 10 pm) #07-02 Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore 408601
t: +65 6324 9730 f: +65 6324 1637
Course Schedule
July 2015 For more information,
email us at
Programme and Miscellaneous Fees (in SGD) or

For Self-sponsored Students Collaboration Partner

This programme is available to Singaporeans and Permanent
Residents (local trainees) only.