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September 2011

Charles Capps

Success Is Guaranteed!
Learn how THE BLESSING changed Kenneth Copeland’s
thinking—and his life—overnight. (And it can change yours, too!)

Start living every day of
your life completely

With this book you will discover...

• God’s original intent for how His people
should live
• God’s plan to restore THE BLESSING
after man sinned
• How God has empowered you to succeed
• How Jesus connects us to THE BLESSING
• Why THE BLESSING is both a spiritual
and a material reality
• How to be living proof of God’s Word
to others
• How love governs the operation of
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“Even in the midst of the most dire circumstances...when we’re facing our worst personal giants...
God wants us to trust THE BLESSING to take care of things for us.”—Kenneth Copeland

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4Project Eden: When the Lord first spoke to us about
starting the Believer’s Voice of Victory
Filling the Earth magazine, He said: This is your seed.
With the Glory Give it to everyone who ever responds
of God by Kenneth Copeland to your ministry, and don’t ever allow
God’s plan was for Adam’s family anyone to pay for a subscription to it. For
to spread Eden throughout the 38 years it has been our joy to bring
earth. Jesus reinstated that plan you good news through the teachings
and the power to do it for all who of ministers who write out of living
believe in Him. contact with God, and the testimonies
of believers who took God at His
Word and experienced His victory in
everyday life.

—Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

18 A Higher Form of Power

by Kenneth Copeland
The Bible commands us to pray for those in

authority. When we do, God enables us to
lead quiet and peaceable lives in godliness
and honesty.

Farmer and 24 Our Mission in Dangerous Times

Fisher of Men by Melanie Hemry How to Walk by George Pearsons
It’s not enough to know God will protect and
Charles Capps watched as his crops failed
in Love by Billye Brim provide for us, our job is to reach out to the
because he kept speaking failure over
Christians are to be known lost and bring them to Jesus—especially in
them. When God showed him the connec-
by their love, but many don’t dangerous times.
tion between his thinking and his doing,
always walk in love. Find out
Capps started confessing God’s Word until
how to judge your own love walk
15 Meeting Itinerary
it changed what he saw.
and let the Lord work in you. Live your faith and share the Word by bring-
ing someone you love to a KCM meeting!

16 Good News Gazette

Read about real-life faith triumphs from
people just like you.

22 KCM Europe: Reaching Milestones—
A Supernatural Reaching More People in Europe
KCM is alive and well in Europe as the team
Picture of Peace there ministers to Partners and Friends
by Gloria Copeland throughout Europe, the Middle East, North
Jesus gave us His peace— Africa and beyond.
God’s peace. It’s in His Word...
read it, receive it and meditate
on it until it crowds out doubt.
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It’s no wonder that for all practical purposes. by Kenneth Copeland E de n Proj e c t Filling the Earth With the Glory of God T he word blessing has been so stripped Even though it represents the most important concept in the of its meaning that Bible. On one hand. the real definition of the word blessing . prosperity and protection are called blessings. Even believers. too. the world has most people pay trivialized it into little more than a courtesy comment made no attention to it when someone sneezes.” while on the other hand. poverty and calamity referred to as “blessings in disguise. People say it all the time without any idea of what it means. health. || “Ah-choo!” || “God bless you!” anymore. who give the phrase more thought because of its scriptural nature. they hear things like sickness. are often confused by it because it is thrown around in such casual and contradictory ways. and reveals God’s will for all mankind.

a blessing unscriptural. It releases the power something. k indly. but Old Testament that things like poverty and sickness as “a declaration which empowers them to prosper. It includes: “beautiful. It’s words of BLESSING. Through THE BLESSING. unpleasant. If it’s bad. No. Religious double speak has turned sweet.” Replenish means in the world would be a spiritual giant. the good “to f ill up. and sends bad things into their lives to bless them. Fill it up thing. It’s a curse. is the exact opposite of a curse. They knew: If it’s involved. In Hebrew. loving. and over every living thing that moveth to put God first in my life. but they’re just plain ‘Go and Finish What I Started!’ wrong. Fill us further proof that a blessing is a purely positive this place up with Me. and replenish the earth. Contrary to popular belief. mankind with the divine power to increase and excel When we read and obey these verses. be added unto you (Matthew 6:33). If you said to him. with no clear meaning even one negative word. pleasant. better. You speaking. He said: Prosper and fill The Hebrew def inition of the word good gives this planet with My glory! Finish what I’ve started here. He’d know you had cursed him. He was saying much more than that. He empowered them to fill the lesson without having to lose a dime—and that’s what earth with that goodness. it’s a curse. which means “to say That truth. and subdue it: and “I lost my job and went broke. It is totally was adapted from “to say something good about. He endowed like Matthew 6:33) are what teach us to put God first. multiply. every poor person and have abundance in every way. it’s great to learn lessons from God. “Wait a minute!” you might say. If it did. bountiful. declaration actually empowered man to prosper. That proves poverty can upon the earth. will make us THE BLESSING something bad about. and over the was when the Holy Spirit was finally able to teach me fowl of the air. the word blessing has a definite sorrowful. faith and holiness. merr y.” Such statements may sound spiritual. “You’re going Because God ’s words carry creative power (as seen to be sick and broke for the rest of your life and God throughout Genesis 1) His BLESSING does more is going to use that illness and poverty to teach you than express a positive sentiment. He wasn’t just commanding exciting to find out that if you seek first the kingdom Adam and his wife to have babies to populate the of God and His righteousness. W hen He is the One good. prosperit y. “I thought the earth s e p t e m b e r ' 11 | B V O V | 5 . got blessings and curses mixed up. when God spoke those Certainly. with love and life. him. it’s a BLESSING. verses full. to perpetually renew.” When God spoke those words. Their minds have been muddled by man. a BLESSING is defined could never convince a Jewish person who knew the as not only saying something good about someone. Kenneth Copeland’s new book.” In Hebrew. however. best. put behind us forever the idea that In reality.” he wouldn’t think you had BLESSED to bring that BLESSING to pass. It made doctrines so ridiculous they’ d never believe released the divine resources that would make THE them outside of church. They didn’t more exciting. wea lt h and to be wel l. the Bible calls BLESSING. bitter things This article and distinct identity.” it into a term that changes color according to the Since that list does not include circumstances surrounding it. That’s the reason THE BLESSING God spoke Most Christians today have been robbed of such over mankind in Genesis 1:28 is so significant. God’s clarit y. But there’s another meaning of The LORD Makes The Jews. Going broke is never a BLESSING. supply and keep things God said in His WORD (specifically. we can learn that in everything good. by itself. who were the original readers of the for the word blessing that ’s even Rich and He Adds Bible. But poverty isn’t the phrase be fruitful.has been lost. Fill it up with compassion. completely understood that fact. Its primary biblical meaning is can be BLESSINGS.” free. all these things shall earth. they’ve been reality as well. and everything good! joyful. It’s a definition that No Sorrow With It have the problem many Christians do. It endued God’s family on earth with brainwashed by tradition into believing God actually all the power they would ever need to: “Be fruitful. They never comes into play when God gets Proverbs 10:22. but a material washed with the water of The WORD.” they’ll say. and multiply means “to increase what teaches us that truth. “That have dominion over the fish of the sea. Instead of having their minds BLESSING not just a spiritual reality. we can of its own.” sometimes be a BLESSING of the LORD.” were BLESSINGS.

power to subdue the earth and have dominion over it. there must not have been much work for wasn’t yet finished. And a river dream of exploring the galaxy! No wonder we figured out went out of Eden to water the garden. was already finished when Adam and Eve were created. and became into four heads. Filled with gorgeous trees that provided food fit He put Adam there. No wonder human beings tree of knowledge of good and evil. If there massive. without a doubt. and it was. From the beginning. Like most believers. but He had something else in mind. the was pluck ripe fruit from the trees and enjoy themselves. God would have pulled them Himself before to live. and there he put the man the universe.” (Someone once said those very words took the man. ruling and reigning was which goeth toward the east of Assyria. a BLESSED I realize that idea makes religious people nervous. And the desire for dominion the moment he took his first the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it breath. He made him to be a lord over it. He made him to be a lord over it. The Bible tells us planet. but it had not yet been cultivated. however.) In the first place. them to do. By anyone’s standards. compasseth the whole land of Havilah. He wasn’t “ just a weed-puller in the fourth river is Euphrates. It was. plenty of gold (good gold. It still needed to be I assumed for yea rs that God had so thorough ly developed and brought into line with God ’s perfect completed the planet that all Adam and Eve had to do will. but 6 | B V O V | s e p t e m b e r ' 11 . God had created it with plenty of potential. the Garden of Eden was there were no weeds in the Garden of Eden. were created to take dominion over the universe and fill The name of the first is Pison: that is it which every square inch of it with the glory of God. I place—full of everything good and nothing bad. an exquisite place had been. pleasant to the sight. It perfect place. And the LORD God Garden of Eden. And the part of his DNA. and the gold of that land is good: Not Just Weed-Pullers there is bdellium and the onyx stone. And out of the ground work on the rest of the planets. by His name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it WOR D of dominion. had to exercise great restraint to keep from telling him what an ignorant statement that was. the Bible says) a servant of the earth. and put him into the garden of to me. That’s why He included in THE BLESSING. the tree empty planets out there. indeed. it had a river running through it to keep it much more important—God didn’t create Adam to be lush and green. where there is gold. Adam sensed within himself that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia. they could go to whom he had formed. made the LORD God to grow every tree that is I’m convinced that’s why there are so many barren. Once earth was finished.” The rest of the earth. And the Because God created mankind in His image. until I studied what condition. God could have done the job Himself. In the second place—and this is for a king. in an hour. He could That would have been true if the Garden had covered have turned the whole planet into a Garden of Eden the whole earth. and the sites for His family to develop. thought God had done everything that needed to be done. too. God didn’t create Adam to be a servant of the earth. God made them to be future of life also in the midst of the garden. God’s plan was for them to expand it until the earth became the garden spot of East ward in Eden. and good for food. and other precious stones. it was only about the size and in the and daughters become His co-creators and finish out the general location of modern-day Iraq. So He gave them the Garden of Eden as a pilot that God Himself planted it: project to get them started. according to the description wanted it to be a “family project”—to watch His sons given in Genesis. was not in the same That’s what I thought. referring to Adam as “God ’s weed-puller”! I Eden to dress it and to keep it (Genesis 2:8-15). Although it was a good. the Bible actually says about it. I f igured that because the Garden of Eden was a The untamed earth needed supervision and direction. But it didn’t. and from a way to go to the moon and send spaceships to Mars! We thence it was parted. He sized piece of property.

Spirit-filled believers. When He called God His Father and operated in THE BLESSING by using the same authority the first Adam had before he fell. Amen” (Matthew 28:18-20). say ye of him. you are longing for dominion. and sent into the world. He gave us authority over everything that flies. I can use my God-given authority to get rid of them!) the primary designer for our online “Well. you’ll admit that even while advanced graphic design and website you’re pulling weeds. English languages. He gave them the Great Commission and told them German TV Producer what to do. Jesus commanded them to wait in Jerusalem for part two: the promise of the Father. is what equipped the disciples Customer Service Representative to fulfill the mission Jesus gave them. . after that the Holy Ghost is come Other positions available. and teach all nations. Kenneth Copeland Ministries product for It’s the reason why children invent games like “King of the Mountain.” That may be true—but if you’re honest. well as fluency in the German and That commission authorized the disciples to preach the gospel worldwide. Go online for more information! upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem. It upset people in Jesus’ day too. lo. John Copeland. He said to them. marketing department. develop and optimize a walks. Ye are gods? If he called them gods. and other online advertisements. He made us “gods” (little Designer/Developer “g”) over all that He had created. But that alone was not enough. office only. consider how Jesus sales experience necessary. Instead. VICTORY (For more information. That’s the Write direct response copy to position reason human beings are always trying to exercise dominion over something. of Victory broadcasts and other special and of the Son.I don’t apologize for it. Positions available in U. Four or more Brother Copeland. as the end of the world. Make an Eternal Difference! Jesus left no doubt about man’s authority over the earth. CEO (John 10:34-36).S. He said that when God spoke His WORD of dominion into mankind. It provided them with the same kind of power Adam Prayer Minister received when God declared over him the words of Genesis 1:28. because I said. Three years professional writing and one year To see how important it is to be equipped for dominion. TV production experience required in addition to whatsoever I have commanded you: and. see the ad on Page 2 of this magazine. and the scripture cannot be broken. First. and in all Account Executive Judaea. operate in dominion over all the works of the devil and advance Executive Assistant the kingdom of God.) Apply now! kcm. I said. Children’s Curriculum Consultant The fiery power that came on the disciples at Pentecost. It empowered them to go into all Electrical Foreman the world. I know that’s true development required.. so when they try landing pages and HTML emails as to get on me. the outpouring of Correspondence Analyst power we call the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I’m just not convinced I can operate in that kind of dominion. crawls. Design. or to order your copy of THE BLESSING of The LORD Makes Rich and He Adds No Sorrow With It Proverbs 10:22. it aggravated the Pharisees to no end. He didn’t back down to make them feel better. They also needed to be empowered or equipped to walk in that authority. It instilled in them the desire to do so. earth. “Ye shall receive power. including advanced graphic All employees must be born-again. I am with you always. I feel more like a weed-puller than a years of simultaneous experience in lord.” Even direct emails. (I’m especially grateful the creeps are included variety of digital assets. I am the Son of God?” . and in Samaria. But. unto whom The WORD of God came. because every human being on earth has that longing. The religious people wanted to kill Him for speaking and acting like He had dominion on the . He said: “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. web in that list because flu viruses and cold germs qualify as creeps. Most of the time. pay-per-click campaigns little children have an innate desire to reign. He said: “Is it not written in your law. Go Produce the German Believer’s Voice ye therefore. and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things projects for KCM. Dominion is woven Direct Response Copy Writer into our very nature. It released German TV Production Assistant to them THE BLESSING. and unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8). swims and creeps. baptizing them in the name of the Father. God breathed it into our spirits on day one. Thou blasphemest. Consider a career with us. transferred His authority to His disciples after His death and resurrection.. even unto knowledge of the German culture. He did it in two parts. whom the Father hath sanctified. So.

When I changed horizon with the promise my confession. my Stopping.. that happened. he closed his eyes crops flourished. the of sunrise as Charles image in my mind Capps stepped out of his farmhouse into a morning changed. by Melanie Hemry . Golden rays shimmered on the .. and drank in the aroma of the world washed pristine by the night’s storm. Dew clung to the leaves like glitter in the morning light. When still muggy from rain. of .

smoky trail of a jet or the lazy loops of a crop-duster In a flash he understood. released his faith. For ran side by side for Charles Capps. Ark. The question stopped him in his tracks. He wrestled with the seeming contradiction. must be important. He’d of paper and w rote my own planted his cotton deep and the field stood in water. Hagin titled Right and Charles knew he needed to rent more. his house. Why anyone would choose to spend his life inside an The book’s straightforward practicality appealed to office with recirculated air was beyond Charles.. Every day I walked around my “I knew it!” Charles said. Pondering the question. It is true unto me according to “I farmed 800 acres of fertile land and didn’t make the Word of God. La. had been the seen himself do it that way.” he says. planted my crop. Christ has redeemed me from The Power of Seeing the curse of the law. but the answer teacher the Lord. His airplane sat tied down in front of it.’” enough money to renew my driver’s license. With A Mission. Charles’ happiness explains. He hadn’t wanted to waste his time writing heard the Lord ask. with losses on one sickness He has given me health. school.” Charles recalls. and the first thing for the sick. For poverty For two years in the late 1960s. ‘The Lord is my the soggy mess.. He prayed and Wrong Thinking. I was spiritual life soared while his crops and his finances still broke. it didn’t matter. he attended one of Hagin’s While some people vied for the view from a corner office. How could he truthfully confess abundance and no lack “But I also traveled as a layman for the Assemblies of when he had no money? “Lord. I lost it. these confessions seem God Church and taught on personal evangelism. but I felt rich. So long as he logged the The Power of Saying hours of his life outdoors he was a happy man. He had no idea what to do about Charles always rented the land they farmed. of that Exercising.” spiraled downward.” that changed wasn’t my finances. It Working to expand the kingdom of God. saw an airplane. “I made those confessions for visit those who were witnessing for Christ and praying about a year before anything changed. the confessions seemed not only illogical but was so poor I couldn’t pay attention! No matter how I dishonest. in his mind’s eye. Then he circled the airplane from one side and From childhood he’d never wanted another life.. Charles enjoyed a sweeping vista of fertile fields and lush Back home. In walked around the other. he realized The only thing that tugged his heart away from the he had done it that way because. In the like a lie. every time he looked up to the sky and We do what we see ourselves doing. on confessing the Word. One summer I flew Loren to several “That made sense to me so I went right on confessing islands in the Bahamas chain in my Twin Comanche to the Word. the bad and the good He has given me wealth. hand and gains on the other. asking God for additional land.” Earth or sky. “So I got a yellow sheet turned to despair as he scanned a failed harvest. smelling the rich earth and feeling the breeze on his face.his desk a tractor. crop had rotted. meetings in Shreveport. Now. he walked from one end of the airstrip to the he was certain. Impressed by what he heard. he had said.” Charles Stepping into his cotton fields. He loved Charles. “I At first. overhead. “I’d heard Brother Hagin teach Except when he saw sights like this. God had created Charles Capps to be a farmer.his idea why he had walked that direction. other. “One day I’m going to fly. Charles’ was what I saw in my mind’s eye. he had fertile delta farmland near England. kicking the toe of his boot in land declaring. so he ordered a tape message by Brother Hagin. He had no His classroom was the fields. papers and learning literature—things he’d never use. his eyes had looked with longing out the classroom Why did you walk around that side of the plane? Charles window. As a boy... It wasn’t my crops. S e p t e m b e r ' 11 | B V O V | 9 . “I knew that crop would rot in the field!” Shepherd and I shall not want. Charles walked out to the hangar behind green trees in his corner of the world. in the it until 1969 when someone gave him a copy of a light of his new revelation—and in spite of his finances— book written by Kenneth E. mid 1960s I worked with Loren Cunningham at Youth How can you lie saying what I say? God answered. I saw myself rich.” he said. The confessions based on Scripture.

” his. I saw fishing partners. have what I say. On one occasion.” Charles asked. confession. “And I don’t like the way promising message of faith Charles started preaching they’re handling this. put a cent of my own money in it.000 for the land. Charles heard the Lord say. every certified check for earnest money.’ offered more. to sell me his Luscombe Silver Air. He Charles found the man sitting on a fence where they wanted $1400 for it and offered to finance the rest. My and Kenneth Copeland quickly became hunting and wrong words created a wrong image in my mind. he spoke to it and said. the “When you sell. Charles made a deal “Someone who teaches the same thing you teach!” to sell a parcel of the land to the school system. So you must obey. “I met lost my crops in the past because I was a better prophet him later at a retreat and we got to fellowship. “I didn’t realize it at the time. I’d saved $700.” It just faded away. my crops f lourished. I saw and acted on the right image. “I understood that I’d could hear him for myself. explaining that someone else had going to f ly. I went to Little Rock to take Praying in tongues. Cha rles a lso lea rned the power of ha rnessing but farming was still my first love. My words preaching buddies. Charles met Jerry Savelle at a retreat and we closed. During that time.” than I was a farmer. “Nothing!” Charles answered. I was traveling and speaking quite a bit.” 1971 friends began to ask Charles if he had heard of Once the competition had been removed. told him. Charles had spoken to a piece of “God’s plan for the rest of my life was different than 10 | B V O V | S e p t e m b e r ' 11 . It took six months to “Who’s that?” process the title. Given his affection for airplanes and the uncom- “Yes. I never considered his words when it came to buying and selling land. You f lying lessons. Don’t As the fellowship turned to friendship. Then Brother Copeland invited me to speak at some of When that happened. contract.” “After Jerry told me about him. Even more important. in the last six months of 1978. ‘One day I’m cashed the check. delivering a negative.” them better. If you really want the farm. agreed to sell the land to Charles. the family Kenneth Copeland.” the man answered. part time. “We’re going to sell our land. It will be removed. and from that day forward I always owned a “You know we’re bidding on the same property?” plane. my words didn’t change the weather.” words had been in effect in a positive way as well as Charles offered $478. giving it up. By 1977. He’d never considered owning his own land. My desire to farm dissolved. “What are you going to use for money?” The answer welled up in Charles’ spirit and out his Living by Faith mouth before his mind had a chance to stop it. Hanging up the phone. “ Brot her Ha g i n st a r te d a sk i n g b ot h Brot her “When I changed my confession.000 equity in the land and hadn’t the connection with Brother Copeland was made. I had $50. I said that my crops would rot. What are you going to years and Charles was surprised the family had agreed to do now? sell it. you will come to me. “When I was 17 years old. The sellers never time I saw an airplane overhead I said. Peggy. the other company backed out of the “What are you going to do?” Peggy asked. Go talk to him.” he explained. “When Before long. I had what I’d been saying all those years. Jesus said I could strangest thing happened. I’ll in 1970 at the Lord’s direction. Then. created the image and the image sparked my behavior. the image in my Copeland and me to preach at some of his meetings. my instructor offered know who the mountain is. “Even as a small child. I planned to farm full time and preach Whenever he wanted to buy.” Charles remembers. it’s no wonder that in withdraw my bid. he relayed the conversation to Refusing to be discouraged. “Do you want to buy it?” You made all those brags and someone else is going to buy Those 750 acres had been in the England estate for 100 the land! his natural mind taunted. having found another property that suited “Buy the farm. Charles Capps misunderstand. bought it. but the power of my “Money is no problem. he held on to his faith his wife. I attended one of Charles knew in advance he’d reap a good harvest on Brother Copeland’s meetings in Oklahoma City so I his newly purchased property.” she under contract. One evening the woman who owned the property that property to come to him but another company got it Charles farmed called. I were rounding up his cattle. mind changed. After I f lew solo. they became myself planting wrong and that’s what I did. Soon.

” A New Thing Transitioning into full-time ministry. It will reach all the areas of the earth and the Word of God shall be spread over it and there shall be.. Kenneth Copeland Ministries “Inventions are coming…” Charles told the audience assembled in that meeting. Ark. the man accustomed to scanning the horizon and seeing His children. women. as it were. celebrated “There’s another one in the hangar. And it will come partnership. spanning farmlands and mission this past June. for sure. May your years be long upon the earth. “New Partner” Inside your Partner package: Charles and Peggy. fax machines were considered cutting-edge technology. his eyes sparkling. Annette and Beverly. when we see His plan. while ministering at the West Coast Believers’ Convention in Together! Anaheim. of welcome and cultivated in our lives. partnership Seeing mine. with KCM today! As a farmer. he has planted the Word of God deep into the hearts Contact us and of men. my cousin asked if he could buy my equipment and lease my land to farm. There’ll be no conceivable way that men can block this family and your world! communication system. your known in the days past. God ’s Creative Power. Having just celebrated 60 years of marriage this past June. But then. We know He has A farmer foreseeing the Internet. I agreed. And. The man who didn’t think he needed to write papers or learn literature. today Charles & Charles and Peggy Capps are enjoying life with their two grown Peggy Capps daughters. Calif. He has watered. boys and girls around the world. In 1981. has now written 23 books. Covenant Partner Card—good for a 10-percent discount at ever look to the horizon and see the future as God said it would be. Out of the blue.” Charles says. you can see and and it will go throughout the earth. 60 years of marriage It’s been quite a journey thus far. We bless package with Brother Copeland’s personal letter complete information you in the Name of the Lord Jesus for the seeds you have planted about partnership. Through the power of even been conceived in the minds of men…. A natural fisherman and a farmer from the start. your family of faith. along with three grandchildren and one great-grandchild. emerged from the yellow tablet where he wrote the first Scripture confessions that changed his life.. And it will be so far beyond what men have realize His plan for you. The man who loved to be at home in England. we. a plan for your life—and we It’s a surprising turn of events. KCM-meeting book tables VICTORY Ministry report DVD Scripture promises CD The Anointing in Partnership CD J a n u a r y ' 11 | B V O V | 11 . nothing can keep us communications. looked into the spirit realm and saw the future of electronic Charles Capps. just like the future of a cotton crop. In a moment many will always God has big plans for all remember. But looking back. Charles Capps. God showed Charles something new—a kind of network (an internet) that would connect people around the world. Charles Capps’ can help you see it! life has been full of surprises. is here for you…to help you take hold of God’s Word and There are inventions coming in the area of communications that have not yet see how it applies to your life. he is a fisher of men whose heart first Click & Partner led him to teach personal evangelism and cast his net in the Bahamas. a “network”…. thank you. it’s easy to see that Charles has always been well equipped for the call of God on his life. from it! But off in the distance. Charles found himself busy traveling and speaking. Is now the time for you to become a Partner with KCM? Ask the Lord. And it will come. ask for our free pruned and reaped a whole generation of people who live by faith. His first book. his preaching turned to prophecy. May your pilot’s eyes gifts and more. At the time. 12 of which have been translated into other languages. has traveled the world and preached the gospel to multitudes on television and on radio. walking alone in his fields. complimentary Benefits of partnership brochure May your voice of faith grow ever stronger. fields.

a friend newly born again told teaching on what the Bible says about the is not in the mind me she was going to receive the Holy Spirit baptism with the Holy Spirit. Hagin of love is shed showed me how to do it—and I did it. || In the early 1970s I learned the how to of it. Kenneth E. newly created spirit by the How It Happened to a seminar where Kenneth E. my ministry. abroad in the Now I can tell you how to do it. and it will do the same for you. I’ d k now n f rom speaking with tongues. He’d seen and speak with tongues. no you’re not. In one the God-kind moment I realized I was not walking in love. a vision of denominational people coming or the body. A n e a rly b o ok I e d ite d w a s The next week my friend and I were The Woman Question. our denominational magazine.” I said. by Billye Brim How o Walk Most Christians in Love know to walk in love. It came as a revelation. But my 12 | B V O V | s e p t e m b e r ' 11 . It In 1967. But they struggle with how to At the new birth. Someone took us childhood I was called to preach.” H a g i n . my life. “That is of into the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Hagin was Holy Spiritt. do it.” I simply parroted a headline in was instructed to teach them. At the same time. “Oh. It saved my marriage. “Speaking in In 1970 I became an editor for Brother Tongues Is of the Devil. And he the devil.

“What’s wrong with God-kind of love is God Himself. If he did. write that verse on 3-by-5 through words and deeds. Kent. His family. “The love of God is shed Victory abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given He said. It is the me. which he also never remembered.” At the new birth. Brother Hagin taught that the love bedroom where I’d cried all day saying. To walk in love. Corinthians 13:4-8. beginning with our anniversary a and church attendance by begging. One evening when Kent came in the back door. “He doesn’t love we are to walk in is not natural human love. the God-kind of love is shed abroad Space doesn’t permit me to tell other such incidents. I’d tears. It is not in the mind or the body. But until 5:5). And one day you will leave here and preach around I felt pretty good about myself until He said. Judge yourself to see if you are walking in our family life took place. “You will locate your problem area in one of unto us. index cards and put them in your places of attack. “What is patient and kind (verse 4).” what I’ve felt called to do and not get in trouble at the His comments on every phrase were enlightening. Walking in the God-kind of love is what Brother Hagin said and I did it. including their the typewriter. old excuse. it takes no account of the evil done to it [it pays no attention to a suffered A Seminar on Love wrong] (verse 5).” The love in our hearts is released by faith these verses. is not touchy or fretful or resentful. For God is love (1 you? Is it your birthday or something?” Then came the John 4:8). Know Romans 5:5. One Dec. “You mean I can do spouse. he wrinkled up his nose and asked. So I listened intently to 1. I remember And when Brother Hagin announced he was going slamming his breakfast down on the table. I wept to the Lord. You judgment seat of Christ?” can read them in his book Love: The Way to Victory. and upbr i ng i ng prov ided a good fou nd at ion. but I was in our bedroom with the door shut. Sometimes one needs to qualified to bring my husband. a pot I can almost hear his voice as he taught from The of vegetable soup was simmering on the stove. into the paths notice what others do in order to get them to do right. but I ruled over it. The Kent opened the door and said.’” I thought I knew more than I did. accompanied with short while before. I saw that I was wrong for noticing. when Kent was 16. Our old house had a big country kitchen where much of 4. 6 morning. or in the newly created spirit by the Holy Spirit (Romans to say how loving. a loving one. My I remember what he taught as if there were steps. This is is the divine love gauge—love’s thermometer. That seminar with confidence. I was still in the darkened To sum it up. I heard Brother Hagin comment on the love thermometer. lunch was on the print. Know the definition of the love of God in 1 I wrote out several cards and strategically placed them. “I thought it was December 8th. My mother is touchy.denomination did not allow women to preach.” 3. revelation of the Greek. When you do.” God-kind of love. he’d remember my birthday. start building up steam. It was here that my love walk the God-kind of love. When f lesh. Natural human love is selfish. Yes. My beloved grandmother is touchy. the light dawned.’ Some people endure long. I wanted my faith to work (Galatians 5:6). the spirit must dominate the I thought I was so right and Kent was so wrong. Kent and his father were born again practiced this. After Amplified Bible phrase by phrase. hadn’t For instance. particularly with Kent. knew attack. heart convicted me. I felt qualified. “‘Love endures long and sampling it. there was no supper. I shall tell you about two attacks. but they want everyone to know. did you put in this soup. When he came home at noon. I felt she’s holiness. Kent never remembered my birthday. “Now this the world. I came to the table. anyway?” but they’re not patient and kind while they’re enduring. what they’re suffering. the spirit. Over things. The Amplified Bible has the fullest One I placed inside my kitchen-cabinet door. I pressured him into tithing Almost every year. Be born again. ‘ Love… your Bible school. giving and faithful Kent was. He didn’t seem to teach on Walking in Love and I was to put it into to notice. Steno pad in hand. It is in the heart. night. I wanted to walk in love. But right now you don’t know much. My Christian What! I thought. I’d of righteousness. regularly attended church. I opened A husband or wife may be putting up with a lot of the cabinet door and read silently. 2. My f lesh wanted to react. Love is not touchy…it s e p t e m b e r ' 11 | B V O V | 13 . possible only to children of God.

S. If he wanted crackers he could go get wintry night.O. crackers and coffee. As I Institute. Only additional 10% reg. I felt love rise like hot lava in a volcano. Box 40. Order today! BC V1Y 9H2. I was about to It bubbled up from my spirit. Thank God! VICTORY Make love your Number One priority Walking in Love Package Billye Brim is president and founder of Billye Brim Love: The Way to Victory Walking in the Light Ministries aka Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks. Then I answered him crackers?” with a smile. “Oh good. I’d also made cornbread. P.” Oblivious to what was going on in me.” opened the cabinet door. “I wish you’d call Mom cornbread. I was totally possessed with divine love toward him. we’re out of coffee. out my eyes. read the card again and assured What! How could anyone not feel like cornbread? him that I would do that. MO 65615. Branson. or call 877-868-8470.” I said nicely. “Oh. $34. Hagin single CD by Billye Brim For ministry materials and information write the When you love God with all your heart Love: Your First Priority How to Walk in Love ministry at P. something dark brown. I timed it to come out of the oven when Kent supernatural happened. I saw a butcher-paper sign taped i n t he w i ndow. Visit her website at billyebrim. chili!” he exclaimed. paperback by Kenneth E. Kelowna. Victory! “We don’t have crackers. and learn to walk in love toward others. I ran to the cabinet door. Learning how to walk in love has blessed my family. at checkout! click & . by the way. “I’ll get you some crackers.. Kent thought my chili was crackers.because love never fails. I’m not perfect at it. write to Billye success follows. I dramatically proclaimed. when Kent called after me. but I know how to do it. Order online & save an NOW! $22+S/H kcm. From walked in the door. Box 20085. advertised below cost to get you into the store. 2 CDs by Kenneth Copeland single CD by Billye Brim or call 417-336-4877. opened better than his mother’s. But I didn’t. “I made hot He took another bite and said.50 || #B110902 Offer and price valid until Sept. They were. saved my sale ministry. Two items were offered as loss-leaders. many : 800-600-7395 U. deep within. You like that with chili. 30.” When I arrived at the store. and f lowed through walk out the door to go teach a class at Victory Bible my f lesh. he said. out my legs. Victory! My f lesh wanted to tell him he had two good legs and I especially remember another attack that came on a cold a new pickup. the Lord let me feel love.. “Where are the looked at Kent. out my arms. pays no attention to a suffered wrong. 2011. the batter into a hot iron skillet so the crust would be W hen I turned around toward Kent.O. pouring it and silently read what I’d written Overcome with desire to get that man crackers. I’d made chili. A sign from God! Life’s Victories I’ve put these simple steps into practice many.” and ask her what she puts in her soup.” Counterattack! I “Somehow. “I just don’t feel like cornbread.” he said. and helped me walk $ 22 in health and strength. In Canada. Brim Ministries.

2012 Clemmons. AZ 85213 50 Gervais Drive | Toronto. Indonesia | Contact: World Impact Ministries 870-935-7705 | trinity-church.O. 2012 September 28-30 Canada Christian College 3520 E. Alberta T6W 1A2 | Canada August 30 spiritledprayer. OK 74136 | 918-491-7784 | 701 E. NJ 07094 Convention: July 2-7. Highway 76 Tulsa. please log on to events. MO 65611 July Women’s Luncheon: November 5 Preregistration is open—go to Canada | terricopelandpearsons. TN 37921 | 865-521-7777 x229 (Katy Blackburn) redemptionchurch. D. Victory (venue not confirmed) | August 12. 2012 Victory Christian Center | 11520 Ellerslie Road SW Spirit-Led Prayer Live Online: Ambassadors Christian Center: Edmonton. 2012 welkresortbranson. OH 45701 661-664-1000 | kernchristiancenter. SC 29063 780-988-5433 | vcc. 24th Fort Worth Convention Center Word Explosion: 1201 Houston St.) Trinity Broadcasting Network Sierra Vista. VA 22192 United Theological Seminary: January 23. 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and customers have partner through the years. the next day. Faith is the key that has opened the door to blessing for us. 2010 was our best year in other bills. Gudrun Ledin :: Sweden Steven and Donna Osborne :: North Judson. please visit good and it is exciting to be part of a system that works! kcm. We have sown into other ministries before but never with this great result! So now we soon can pay our mortgages and Empowered to Prosper in Any Economy After beginning a real-estate career that quickly flourished. we realized that 2010 was our Jesus is Lord! best year to date in business. My husband got a license to help out because of the tremendous growth of the business. We are able to cover all the expenses without stress or worry. Danny and Lindy Anning :: Australia ...P. almost eight months.000! We had been trying to negotiate with the hospital for Our business is growing. God Bless. We agreed together for a sum of money to cover some immediate bills we couldn’t pay. I knew the we sowed into your ministry. We have also had a chance to encourage many of our Christian friends and discuss the need for Christians to live victoriously and be able to bless others. Real Needs. Thank you for your partnership for us. KCM. One of them called me one became Partners and after day when we were in the middle of a fierce battle over a huge hospital bill. We are so happy to finally be living in the way we were meant to. We’ve had some great your ministry to call at this critical time in our lives. Thank you so much for both of these resources. We feel as though we are finally getting the understanding we need to live the life we were meant to live. Then. we have now had $3. We have never experienced anything like this. with no success. Financial Breakthrough With God’s Plan We received Your 10-Day Spiritual Action Plan for Complete Financial Breakthrough for Christmas from my parents (along with Living Your Life Stress Free).. Real Victories. minute she spoke and prayed that the prayer was hitting the target. God is so To order this product. In July 2010. so this is really good soil. Thank you so much for being our orders. God is good and the or call 800-600-7395. I opened my own firm in 2007. and prayers. so he began working full time in . We needed $3. his employer downsized. and still have more to give. GoodNewsGazette Partnership Brings Blessings “Yet in all these things we are I have a great praise report! more than conquerors through My husband has found a full-time job for at least six months and there is a chance Him who loved us. It is good to be giving from what we have received and being joyful and excited about it. We were surprised at how quickly God met our need and so excited to see this situation solved.Hospital Bill Reduced! This happened after we Thank you. At the first of this year. Prayer Hits the Target. for your precious prayer ministers.000 plus tithe and thought this was pretty unrealistic. The bills then ended up being less than we had anticipated and we were able to give $400 as well as the $350 tithe..” (Romans 8:37. Ind. but agreed on this amount. Mrs. Thank you for being there economy God caused us to excel. New King James Version) for him to stay there longer. In the midst of a so-called down business. We love you! phoned us to place orders! S. Within two and a half weeks. the bill was reduced by $60. All glory to God. This was an on-time appointment from God for too.480 given to us above our normal income. Real People. .

From now on I financially. What M—your letters. :: South Africa a bonus of R2500 on top of my salary. 24 hours a day. magazines. I you once again! This past Christmas the church was able to give me went for an interview in a small H. I BVOV Instead was waiting for my second interview on a Friday. no e br ou ght my w a toddler! The Montreal subway going to work. believe in the Word of God! of God’s victories for all who seek B. none of the people in my department got uragement alway time I need them s seem to come at most. T.glory to God! Thank and the church I am pastoring was struggling prayers for a job. :: South Africa God Prepared a Job Just for Me! Prayer Is Call 817-852-6000 for prayer Our Priority. book and words of enco lets a miracle. Feb. I kept reading she had planned me the very moment to meet up and sh the magazine first thing in the morning in the granddaughter. :: United Kingdom R. Bless praise God for KC you all. Your teachings on faith and prosperity are changing lives. giving me. All glory and was carefully chosen and created by God just for me! I pray that Kenneth and Gloria praise to our God and Your magazine is truly a victory for those who will make the magazine thicker. Things Ministries for all the prayers well as help out at home and. This was the first time I received a bonus like this.Pastor Partners. have started to improve since I became a Partner and support you have been most importantly. I just fall asleep without taking have seen the healing promotion and the exact same salary that was revealed the sleeping pills. One week later they called and confirmed my it. God bless you. are faithful in their jobs and fear not there is a new doctors prescribed sleeping pills. Your letter ca was laying off 30 percent of the staff. 28. a laid off! I started believing that if we are children of Sheila Ford :: Un God we have to be a blessing not only for ourselves ited Kingdom but for others too.P. accommodation as pressure on my wife and our two little kids. but for all the people in my department. We are Resources called—the higher manager wanted to talk testimonies of my brothers and a living testimony that to me personally to know how I felt about the new sisters in Christ Jesus.T. but I don’t need them! I read the good result and he is The same morning when I sat at my desk. early last year I was not a Partner been writing to you requesting the job. Thank and became more consistent in tithing and giving. so much that we would go for a month or God is good. I am a born-again believer. In fact. The most wonderful Jan. 16. :: Canada Him and believe in Jesus Christ. and for joi aging letter of ning with me for experience I recall with BVOV is when my company unifying of my fam my daughter and the ily.M. His echogram was a promotion waiting for you.. The BVOV Doctors Marvel a portion of the book written by Kenneth Copeland magazine has brought me so Thank you for standing and I started believing wholeheartedly as it ended much joy and peace and always with my husband and with the sentence: God will exalt His people who makes my faith stronger. especially the very well now. The only words are and they are comi me eti ng went well ng again on Thur blessing and nothing else. I was sitting with receive regularly as the finances of our church have highly qualified people (and improved. After I read God’s Word works as we position. It’s been more power of God confound to me during a Sunday worship! I know this position than five years. full Lord and Savior.. Human BVOV magazine.V. I constan tly only. and R. Yesterday. I must say that you so much. which I now company. and ever since my friend told me. I am reading your BVOV magazine Family Is Being Re from 2009. tithe. I was of Sleeping Pills reading the magazine and suddenly my eyes started I thank God for Kenneth and God Heals. the doctors. It has been a great blessing in both stored Thank you so mu ch for your encour finance and home situation. Another miracle happened last month when I applied for a better position in another department. reading an article regarding promotion. and my son and I started believing and praying not for my job d to come. Gloria Yanez :: Oregon . This kept my faith high has already agree sday. This was from Gloria Copeland. Congregation Prospers God’s Favor: Chosen Two or three months ago I requested you to pray Over the Highly Qualified with me concerning finances of the church I am For many months I have I’m not) but I managed to get pastoring. seven days a week. And that put a lot of to thank Kenneth Copeland (tertiary). and I would like will be able to pay for my fees two without receiving a salary. My me for his full recovery. We are a channel God is using to fulfill His plan for the whole world.

for kings. How could my prayers make king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord. But. There. So today I want us to look at some scriptures and find “I exhort therefore. Paul writes. intercessions. “The problems we see around us. we have ignored it. As Proverbs 21:1 says. || by Kenneth Copeland A Higher The responsibility for a nation doesn’t belong only on the shoulders of the politicians. a to say to you command—all of us have no doubt heard before. The command I’m talking about is the one found just how powerfully our prayers can affect this country. For there is no power but of God: the powers godliness and honesty. How could my faith water: he turneth it whithersoever he will. isn’t it? The instruction is plain. f irst of all. It amazes me how little attention is paid to this very Yet even in these tumultuous days when our nation is important scripture. governments. of What I have Your response to it will not only affect your life and mine. We have thought somehow we could And it is quite get by without it. out what The Word of God has to say about the subject. “why don’t they act like it?” to invest a few minutes of prayer in the future of our Because the believers they govern aren’t praying for them! nation each day? You see.. that.” affect foreign policy? Think about that for a moment! God has reserved the In other words. “Let every soul be subject unto the higher that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all powers. Why not? “Well. if those leaders are ordained of God. One serious. || It is a message—no. and for all that are in authority. || But we have paid. look at any newspaper will give you an idea just how dearly. prayers.” you may Is it because we don’t care? Is it because we’re unwilling say. by and today is simple.” that be are ordained of God. supplications. if need be. the Apostle for all men. if by prayer we will invite God into our No. Our whole nation has paid. and giving of thanks. be made First. by the disrespectful way they talk about our leaders. In fact. when you get right down to so desperately in need of God’s guidance. most Christians don’t even believe it! You can tell just people don’t do what that verse commands.” That verse is clear. we fail to pray because we fail to realize right to override the will of a nation’s leader. 18 | B V O V | s e p t e m b e r ' 11 .. let’s look at Romans 13:1. From the BVOV Archives: This classic teaching originally appeared in May 1988. He’ll take control of those who’ve been I believe it’s because most of us are overwhelmed by the put in positions of authority. large. most of God’s it. There the Apostle Paul says. as the rivers of a dent in the national debt? we think. that we could let it slip without paying a price. but on the hearts of Form Power born-again believers in prayer who’ve been given. in 1 Timothy 2:1-2. but many thousands of others.

Put on the whole armour talking about here. had some of God’s people under his authority. no kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty congress—not anyone who could overthrow God’s days: but. if we’d just didn’t arrive for 21 days. Go to kcm. In fact. and because it’s a powerful example of what we’re in the power of his might. didst set thine heart to understand. For we wrestle not against flesh He was an ungodly ruler of an ungodly nation. God warned him. believe me.” kcm The Bible is heaven’s constitution! And if we’ll These scriptures are clear examples of the activity start believing it. came to help me. God will hear the prayer of any to war in prayer and in faithful intercession. and to chasten That same principle still holds true today. Michael. He ers. And. and they waste He stayed that way for years. this nation is concerned. I’d encourage you to go to exactly what they say about this fight. as Ephesians 6:10- Nebuchadnezzar. We need to wake up to the warfare that’s going on Despite his status as a heathen k ing of a in the heavenly realm! heathen nation. If thyself before thy God. He heard the prayer of old King about fighting such a >> Media >> Magazine day he cried out to God and God heard him. let’s look at those verses and see View KCM’s photos on Flickr. takes place in the heavens.” God began to deal with him. he went just as crazy as could be. people get confused. Daniel 4 and read the account of Nebuchadnezzar “Finally. So. And. sure enemy’s attacks are actually coming from. awaiting a word from the God’s people under his control! Lord. and we’ll open the way through prayer. And Warfare in the Heavens there won’t be anything or anyone on earth that Sometimes when I talk about the warfare that can stop it. that means He’ll 12 His will. Even if he’s the worst reprobate unfortunately. Then. from the land of Judah. against spiritual wickedness in high places. too. wiles of the devil. but of listen to any leader! the spirit. Daniel: for from the first day that thou If We’ll Pray for Them. its power will whip this country back into line with the will of God. an angel appeared to him and said. “Fear not. In fact. most of us don’t know the first thing in the whole world. . lo.” with our leaders! He’ll turn the hearts of everyone This angel had left heaven with the answer to from the White House on down to make sure His Daniel’s prayer on the first day he prayed. “But the prince of the of any kind on earth—no king. “And now will I document in its original form. Ran up and their energy fighting natural conditions instead of Read a digital version of this magazine. Read that last verse again. government leader. For. Nebuchadnezzar’s life and heard him when he There. thy words were heard. Again and again.” tremendous document. of God. see that His people are governed according to But if we’re ever going to see that happen. that ye may be able to stand against the You see. Nebuchadnezzar was king of Babylon. am gone forth. we’re flickr. going to have to take The Word of God and go What’s more. But he children are governed justly.. lo. God intervened repeatedly in We can get a glimpse of it in Daniel 10:12. And. we f ind Daniel had been fasting and finally cried out for help. against pow- taken captives. and I remained there with the The Constitution of the United States is a kings of Persia. praying it and acting on it where and warfare going on in the heavens. They enough. be strong in the Lord. there’s no council Look at verse 13. Then one supernatural causes. but against principalities. Most believers are so earthly minded (or you’re going to lose your mind if you don’t straighten up. purpose for His people. blame circumstances and people. God will deal I am come for thy words. one of the chief princes. Nebuchadnezzar. carnally minded) they never even realize where the But Nebuchadnezzar refused to listen. When you have time. I’m telling return to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I online you. my brethren. What took him so long? be obedient to 1 Timothy 2:1-2. against the rulers of the darkness of this world. But. no president. a Holy Ghost-anointed Then later in verse 20 he says. it’s not a battle of flesh and blood. He’d and blood.. down through the woods like a wild man. the prince of Grecia shall come. Why? Because he had praying for 21 days. it doesn’t hold a candle to The Word of God.

21 long. You would fill t here isn’t t he heaven where God me with Your Spirit and give nation. “Whosoever there. Nothing needs to be bound me the ability to speak with them in the Name of Jesus and pull other tongues (Luke 11:13. there. It is time we began to realize how forces are operating. I come don’t have to wait 21 days. that God hath raised him every k nee sha l l bow in heaven. about the heaven where Satan’s I take You at Your Word. and at the Name of Jesus from it. of Jesus and the awesome strength of heavenly places and to loose the angelic the gospel to bring life and abundance If you have just prayed powers of God to work in our behalf. simply God could get through to him.” The stellar heavens (what we call Daniel couldn’t do that. we have total Your Holy Spirit giving me and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth new birth by coming to live authorit y over the powers of Satan.) It is where wicked spirits such Heavenly Father. for giving me Your has been in the hands of the Church. And I believe in my heart that He was tel l ing us we have been You raised Him from the dead. All he could do was hang on for atmosphere surrounding this planet). The vote is a God-given privilege. We can take authorit y over the evil The heaven Jesus was talking about Romans 8:9-11) and that if spirits that are trying to destroy this I would ask. shall be loosed in heaven.” in me (John 3:5-6. thou shalt be Do you remember what Jesus said in earth and under the earth. Free Salvation Package 20 | B V O V | s e p t e m b e r ' 11 . W hat they don’t rea lize is this. Acts 2:4). He was telling us God has given ised. You said my salva. and for being Lord over are the ones who have the mighty Name us power to bind the wicked spirits in my life. 15-16. and prayers of God ’s people keep them shalt believe in thine heart every name. even have to wait 21 seconds for the Your Word says. Salvation Package we would k ingdom of heaven: and whatsoever like to send you to help you thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound begin your new life in Jesus! Vote God’s Way on Election Day Simply write and ask for offer in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt #50801. pray the following prayer in faith. they attempt to rule the nations shall call on the name of the angels to begin their work in our behalf! to which they’ve been assigned. hard days until the angel of This last heaven is where spiritual as your Savior and Lord. We Holy Spirit as You have prom- 10:4). war takes place. us and let us know of your whose prayers can change every office of decision. We are the ones Jesus told Peter in Matthew 16:19. We can take authorit y over resides. From to You in the Name of Jesus. or Ver y soon ou r nat iona l elect ions click on the button below. Lord shall be saved” and “If Ph i l ippia ns 2:9-10 say s we have And rule them they will unless the thou shalt confess with thy been given a Name which is above mouth the Lord Jesus. please contact to ever y creat ure. as believers 2:2 calls Satan the prince of the power of and as children of the Most High God. have the authorit y of the Name of The heavens around this earth (the Jesus. in from the dead. (That’s why Ephesians and Jesus will be your Lord! But praise God.” The Greek text of that scripture would literally read. I confess that Jesus is Lord. Don’t throw it in His face by failing to take advantage of it! “Heaven?” they say. Amen. Whatever you Bible. it all! bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: tion would be the result of As believers. “I thought the devil was thrown out loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. We have a free “I will give unto thee the keys of the authority in this land. zone. call 800-600-7395. That covers saved” (Acts 2:21. the life or death of the world strongholds of Satan (2 Corinthians my heart. Throughout the “I give you the keys of the kingdom. We don’t as the prince of Persia operate. you and I. impor tant we a re to world a ffa irs. Salvation Prayer unlocked in the heavenlies. this prayer. the air. we are taught there are three different areas declare locked on earth is locked in heaven and whatever called heaven: you dec la re u n loc ked on ea r t h is The heaven where God resides. Since the day Jesus gave us the Great given the authority to pull down the Thank You for coming into Commission.” of heaven. He was talking about the battle down their strongholds. He didn’t If you do not know Jesus “outer space”). Romans Matthew 18:18? “Whatsoever ye shall 10:9). a gift the Lord has given us.

Vote Holy Ghost this time. make sure you go to the polls! Don’t let the affairs of your life sway you from the voting booth. you and me. says. Let’s band together as never before in intercession for this country and for all the nations of the world. We are God’s people. His power. It is your responsibility as a believer to get involved in the affairs of your country. right now. and if we want a nation of “godliness and honesty. His Name. do it today. 30. and we can stand in faith before God for the healing of our land. God has called us to intercede. 2011. God wants this great land of ours. a gift the Lord has given us. Holy Ghost-baptized. Only order Offer # B110901 Offer and price valid until Sep. we 1 Million Souls can prevent the wickedness in high places from ruling our nation. The key is prayer and involvement. as believers. What if. then come Election Day.. . OK? Vote however He says. He knows the heart of each man and woman who’s running for office. Start preparing yourself now by praying about the candidates the mission for and listening for the voice of the Lord. And that alone is enough to alter the spiritual complexion of this Use your smartphone’s earth. professing. The vote is a God-given privilege.. Be part of And don’t let anyone but the Holy Spirit tell you who you’re to vote for. Be w il ling to set aside old ideas and past prejudices. Go to God.” it’s up to us to begin to intercede right now and use the power God a movie had a message has given us. His authority and His faith. So. let your voice be heard! For those of you reading this article outside the U. We have all the tools necessary to pray effectively for our government and its leaders. the same ly applies to you. VICTORY Reg: $19. Don’t throw it in His face by failing to take advantage of it! In the last presidential election there were millions of born-again. He has given us His Word. If we band together. that could change lives? Right now. called by His Name. He’ll give you supernatural guidance. God has an army marching in this land. Again. I urge you. and the only way He’s going to get it is through His ambassadors. If you will humble yourselves in unit y and | 800-600-7395 U. I don’t care if you’ve always voted a straight Republican ticket. The Ral God can change the injustice and corruption that may exist in your DVD99 14 country. and at the polls.S. You need to find out who they are and then go to the Lord and ask which ones He’s chosen. Did you notice what I just said? I said. Just think what a mighty army for God we would be if we all went to the polls this year.95 QR reader to see more! Order online & save 10% more at checkout! click & kcm. We could determine the outcome of elections with our votes if we only would. to be counted both in prayer Be part of The Rally. The time has come for us. He has commanded us to pray for those in authority. you need to be praying for all of the candidates.. If you’ve already registered. We may all come from different lands with different backgrounds. $ but we all have one thing in common—Jesus Christ is our Lord. VOTE.S. If you haven’t already registered to vote. I don’t care if everyone in your family has voted Democrat ever since the Depression. will take place. Don’t just make your decisions by what the media One movie does. believing Christians who weren’t even registered to vote.

but also wider afield in the German Many Milestones Along the Way language.” over every situation in their lives. In 2012. 7000 partners 22 | B V O V | s e p t e m b e r ' 11 . to German-speaking people. We declare again. “Jesus ist Herr!” Ultimately. KCM Europe will celebrate 30 years of min- Hawkins—where everyone can access the basic sion production staff to supply content that will bring the elements of KCM’s ministry. airways. the ministry team worldwide Partners and Friends for standing with us as has reached one milestone after another in connecting we complete what God has called us to do to reach this Partners and Friends with the good news that Jesus is Lord milestone. the goal is that the broadcast be aired not only in Germany. kcm. >> KCM Europe Executive Director Martin Hawkins and his ministry team have taken major steps in 2011 toward that goal. And it’s the strapline for the next milestone KCM Europe has set to accomplish in its outreach to the people of Europe through the airing of the Believer’s Voice of Victory television broadcast in the German language. KCM Europe’s first step in reaching German-speaking In 2004. A Victory Campaign in London in May Jesus that KCM has begun a new phase of ministry 2012 is being planned to mark this event. North Africa Martin Hawkins & the Middle East KCM Europe Executive Director . BVOV made its English language debut on language—bimonthly since the Middle East and outreach opportunity and give glory to the Name of North Africa. KCM translated into German and a new website launched— Europe staff has worked alongside headquarters televi. and monthly since the German television station Das Vierte. The program February 2006. Thanks to all our KCM Throughout the years. this office was the first people has been mailing BVOV magazines in the German KCM worldwide ministry outreach to launch its own website. the BVOV magazine in both life-changing message of Christ to the German language German and English. Over 70 KCM titles have also been airs weekly on Saturday and is repeated on Sunday. “We are grateful to God for this new istry to the many nations of Europe. On May 7. step by step. We’re Here for You! Reaching Milestones— Reaching More People in Europe Jesus ist Herr! >> That’s German for Jesus is Lord. Since that time they have seen nothing but increase in connections with people Europe. and partnership information.

visiting Ballymena. the Middle East. healing. devastating weather catastrophes. originally reached through regularly receive requests for more titles to be translated. across cultures and languages.000 to people in syndrome was proved totally wrong! more than 50 countries. the initiatives. and Manchester. Sporting Marvels places sports coaches in schools als have been translated into Arabic. in the deprived Rhondda Valleys. Armenian. Hebrew. istry who are supported through the ministry of Twice- KCM Europe sees every day how God’s Word reaches Sown Seed—the tithe of every donation that comes in. with the devotional From and come to know Jesus as their best friend. as a great way of keeping in not be able to conceive a child. God protected us from catastrophe when we dis- Meanwhile television outreach across Europe reaches covered on the motorway that our car tire was being a potential audience of over 78 million through God held on with only one screw. Wales. tangible fruit of ministry! thousands of miles to meet with their European region Jutvari Churches continue to plant churches among Partners and Friends many times. and a major milestone is Here are a few reports from such ministries: reached each time another book by Kenneth or Gloria Copeland is translated into a new language.000 Partners. Christian ministries across the continent in recent years. In the same time period. Every milestone accomplished has taking hold of the Word of God and connecting with KCM been for one purpose only…to see lives changed wherever Europe to receive all God has promised and prepared for them. 1.5 percent My dying alcoholic father in a coma met Jesus. els to inspire the youngsters to develop self-esteem Polish. And KCM Europe is now 2 years old and I am expecting another child! has also launched Regional Partner Meetings in 2011 with the goal of connecting Partners with Partners and with And KCM Europe often hears from Partners in min- KCM Europe staff as they meet and receive teaching. Switzerland. in 2005 the gypsy population in Bulgaria and have a thriving they ministered in Victory Campaigns in Brighton. Some Faith to Faith available in many of these languages. Northern Ireland. deliverance. came as well. From day one until now. England. Kenneth and Gloria have traveled selves—real. football team made up of youngsters who would other- Belfast. as role mod- Dutch. KCM Reports like these are received ever y day from Europe is definitely reaching major milestones as we reach out Partners and Friends who write. German. Although I was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Bridgend. they joined overflow crowds for Victory Campaigns Through our connection with Great Joy in the in have increased 22-fold. BVOV magazine distribution has increased 13 The ‘99 percent chance’ of our baby having Down percent with a distribution of over 21. in 2008. England. My healthy daughter touch with the latest events and offers. North Africa come to know Jesus and get established in the life-changing and beyond are receiving the ministr y of Kenneth truths of His Word. TBN Europe and Daystar. email and contact to the people we serve—seeing lives changed!” VICTORY s e p t e m b e r ' 11 | B V O V | 23 . Germany. Then. Stories of And we of these young people. Norwegian. Italian. Through every available voice and in every possible way. Czech. Partners and Friends can sign up for bimonthly after four miscarriages and chemotherapy.000 out of the coma and has been delivered of alcoholism! of whom are prisoners. visits KCM Europe through prayer phone lines: to kcm. and Frankfurt. Pastors City Ministries we have distributed practical aid and George and Terri Pearsons also ministered in a spring tour encouragement to people in Pakistan suffering from in 2006. have chosen to become coaches them- Through the years. French. financial provision and all kinds of miracles—this is why they do what they do! Lives Changed by Connection With Hawkins clearly states KCM Europe’s purpose: “to the Lord Jesus—Through KCM! bless as many people as we can reach by enabling them to The people of Europe. wise have no direction in life. Northern Ireland. and however they connect with Him through KCM. So far materi. People are arms and open hearts. Portuguese and Urdu. Copeland Ministries—the ministry of Jesus—with open “And that is exactly what has been happening. Partners and Friends have also had additional opportunities to be with the Copelands These kinds of testimonies are what KCM Europe and the Pearsons when they have been guests of other and the ministry team love to hear. And partnership is up 7. Today we have more than 7. Taking advantage of the great opportunities technol. I did not die but disproved doctors’ assertions that ogy offers. Channel. England and Basel. Wales. Most every nation they serve. I would email updates via the website.

in the heavens. Things are being rattled and “These are dangerous times. events since that word was delivered. 24 | B V O V | s e p t e m b e r ' 11 . It is on a downhill run that the world cannot stop. They will continue to get worse and worse and worse. They are dangerous times in the earth because There is no doubt that this is exactly what has been the earth is weighted under a gross weight of sin. :: “Some very hard things are coming in different places around the world. :: The sobering message continued.” We have all witnessed a number of very serious world are things and places and situations underneath the earth. They are dangerous times shaken. Very difficult times in a lot of places. There taking place.” during Homecoming 2010 (the 2010 Southwest Believers’ Convention). The earth is trying to break in different places. They are that way now but they will not get better.” financially. b y Pa s t o r G e o r g e P e a r s o n s Our Mission in Dangerous Times “The world is in That is the first sentence from a very significant prophetic word delivered by Brother Copeland serious trouble. in the oceans.

Because thou hast made bread of sorrow.” Whenever we have faced tough times. it is called “the secret place of You and I do not live under the dominion.” ye might be partakers of the divine nature. “My times are in Your hand” tabernacle shall he hide me. The Lord said.” And in Psalm 27:5. from the collateral damage of the curse. we would just Galatians 1:4 reveals that it is God’s will for us to be look at each other and simply say. I (NKJV): “I do not pray that You should take them out even found a scripture that perfectly corresponds of the world. victory. love is on the way!” completely untouched by its effects. and that wicked one toucheth him not. stay out of fear. am a slave to Jesus Christ and a the world. We have been redeemed from place. untouched by trouble. In Psalm 91:1. Sanctify them by Your truth. enemy. Don’t feed fear and trouble into your thee. Jude. 2010.” you and I can live untouched by any attack of the As long as we stand on the Word. but remain totally and coming together.” Through God’s Word. and under His wings verse 10: “There shall no evil or calamity come near you shall take refuge. He made a everything’s going to be all right. called and kept safe by Jesus Christ. then one rests way to stay in that “untouchable place” is made content. Fear not! the Lord. 6.” I often unmovable. You will have to make a stand. Your word is brother to James. Relax. We are not subject to the he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his times. “He on the King James Version and The Amplified Bible of shall cover you with His feathers. and ten Word and it will not come near you. he shall set me up upon (New King James Version).” our protection in times like these. “The household of faith” is our untouchable place You could say we are “The Untouchables!” of protection from any attack of any kind. It is the Proverbs 19:23 (New International Version) says. His truth (His Word) shall be my dwelling!” your shield and buckler. Jesus has separated us Father. Psalm 91:4 (NKJV) tells us. Stand on My assures us.” The Hebrew translation of There is a “dwelling”—a place of protection where this verse actually says He is our “circle of protection. When we stand on God’s Word. “For in the time of trouble devastation and destruction. rule or the most High. “We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth His instructions—His “how to’s” for walking out this not. neither and grounded in something that is unshakable and shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. Psalm 31:15 says.” It Jesus prayed for our protection in John 17:15-17 would cause such faith to rise up in our hearts. In this prophetic word from the Lord.” going to be all right in the household of faith. s e p t e m b e r ' 11 | B V O V | 25 . “Whereby are given unto us is going to be all right in the household of faith!” it is exceeding great and precious promises: that by these called “the household of faith. rest. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see life and into your mouth. “made free from the destruction which is in the world.” First John 5:18 tells clear in our word from the Lord. place where everything is going to be all right. just as I am not of 1:1-2 says. “Everything Look at 2 Peter 1:4. but it shall not come nigh and preach the Word. based impenetrable shield. having That word has been such an encouragement to escaped the corruption that is in the world through Terri and me. Thank God for us. Jesus paid the full price for a rock. we become rooted thy habitation. We are surrounding ourselves with God’s declare this scripture as a confession of faith. even the most High. Our mission is to rescue those who are caught in the devil’s reign of terror and pull them into the household of faith. “I. “A thousand shall fall at thy side. there shall no evil befall thee. but that You should keep them from the with this statement. But here is the good news. “Ever y thing is delivered “from this present evil world. The “The fear of the Lord leads to life.” In Psalm 32:7. We have been standing on that phrase lust. They are not of the world. writing to those loved by God the truth. The Message translation of Jude evil one.” The Basic English Translation says we have been ever since it was uttered the evening of Aug. but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself. which is my refuge.” Psalm 91:7-10 You will have to fight the good fight of faith. open your hearts. Praise and worship thousand at thy right hand. Feed on My Word and not on the the reward of the wicked. everything’s way for us to live in this world. it’s called the “hiding control of the curse.

our faith is the salvation of souls. feed and teach others in their time of need. T X 76192-0001.” Our end time mission is to help clothe. you can be sure it’s written for us. For information or ministry materials spiritledprayer. but waded right in and helped out. “Something happens when Even if it was written in Scripture long people who know how to 800-600-7395 write to Kenneth Copeland Ministries. and not of trouble. and it’s what we do. Strength is for service. walk by faith and exercise our authorit y. asking ourselves.” The Message translation of verses 1-4 protection. We will reach out to the destitute and the hopeless and lead them into the Canada Christian College household of faith—where everything is going to be all right!” VICTORY Register Today George Pearsons is senior pastor of Eagle Mountain International Church. But we realize this protection is not just for us.” is the way Scripture puts it. —Terri Copeland Pearsons feed and teach others the Word of God in their times of desperation. Call them to Toronto. The end result is that they grow up in the Word and become so established they are able Patsy Cameneti Terri Copeland Pearsons to reach out and clothe. Our mission is to rescue those who are is amazing! Those of us who are strong and able in the faith need to step in and lend a hand to those who falter. Our mission Sept. First Peter If the word of the Lord is telling us conditions are 1:9. have and will experience the ravages of the world’s evil. being totally insulated by our circle of to please ourselves. He didn’t make it easy for himself by avoiding people’s troubles. When trouble comes. “I took on the troubles of the troubled. use their faith gather to pray. we don’t just “head to the That is our mission in these dangerous times. “We then who are the storm passes over. Fort Worth. New Living Translation. we will caught in the devil’s reign of terror and pull them into remain completely protected in the household of faith. and that hard things are coming. 28-30 is clear. We are protected so we can get people to the place in their lives where everything Our End Time Mission is going to be all right. Join the Call to Toronto! “Father. We are not protected just to be protected. has an important end time mission to the people who That is why we are here. The Body of Christ then we need to be ready to help. the household of faith. thank You for protecting us in these dangerous times. located on the grounds of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us. “How can I help?” That’s exactly what Jesus did. and not just do what is most convenient for us. It’s who we are. We walk right into the midst strong ought to bear the scruples of the weak. not status. hills and hide out in the household of faith” until Romans 15:1 (NKJV) tells us. reveals that the goal of going to get worse. .

Go to liveitkcm. N. discover and receive a or call 800-600-7395. Kenneth Copeland Ministries East Coast Faith Conference F e at u r e d S p e a k e r s : Kenneth Copeland Kellie Copeland Swisher Dr. NJ 07094 See you there! Preregister for a FREE GIFT plus a coupon to use when placing an order online. LIVEIT.m.J. Don’t just hear it.) Together we’ll stand. powerful Secaucus. Stephen Swisher F e at u r e d M u s i c i a n s : Russ Taff Strand of Pearls Dino Kenneth Copeland Ministries presents FREE n SEATING IS LIMITED io — arrive early! LIVE IT East Coast Faith Conference Admiss September 16-17 (starts at 7 p. experience from God! Meadowlands Exposition Center | 355 Plaza Drive | Secaucus.. new. ..

it’s downright that brings you dark. It says to those who have been born again: 28 | B V O V | s e p t e m b e r ' 11 . || But. thank God. it’s picture doesn’t include you. With people talking about recession. by Gloria Copeland Peace A Supernatural Picture of Y ou don’t have to be a financial genius to see that right now the world’s economy is under assault. what you do. it’s easy to get the It’s not just what you know picture—and it’s not very pretty. The Bible assures you of it. In fact. if you’re a believer that victory. depression and inflation everywhere you turn.

Hagin’s meetings several times a year. With all the bad economic news It may sound like a dramatic analogy but it’s absolutely that’s been flying around. s e p t e m b e r ' 11 | B V O V | 29 . Faith deals That’s why we never got tired of hearing about it. If you want to revolutionize your personal economy. More often than not. we could have anything That encourages me because all of us who endeavor to live the Bible promises. But we needed to hear it again withered and by the next morning. It guard. because we were always fighting the good fight of faith For you are all children of the light and of the day. There was no visible what God’s Word says. It’s immediate results. not asleep like the others. out of sight. Let’s look again at Mark 11. and His disciples passed by again that “they saw the fig tree Almost every time we went. in our lives and ministry. You’ll have to learn to use them like God does. faith and love must go and said unto it. he came. If the money didn’t come as soon as But let us who live in the light be clearheaded. And his disciples heard it” (verses 13-14). Back in the early days of our ministry. It’s not just what you know that brings you victory. been eager to see what was going to happen to it. Initially. We learned from the Bible and from by faith know what it’s like. the big- we don’t belong to darkness and night. saying and receiving. According to Ephesians 6. That lesson began one day when Jesus and His disciples Faith has the divine power to defeat whatever comes were on their way to Jerusalem: “And seeing a fig tree afar against us—including financial tests and trials. it’s what you do. so if we don’t walk in love. that kind of Word injection. But in reality. I expect the dis- our love walk and drop our shield of faith we won’t enjoy ciples must have stared hard at that fig tree. (1 Thessalonians 5:4-8. the tree responded Had we ever heard that before? right away to His command. we wanted it to we’d get spiritually tired. The roots of the tree read Mark 11:22-24 and remind us of what Jesus taught were underground. our faith/love body armor and prosper—no matter what’s happening around us. Jesus’ to our success in life. We’d start let- protected by the [body] armor of faith and love… ting our faith actions slip. fiery darts of the wicked” (verse 16). we all need a little recharging. Night is the time when people sleep…. faith that moves the mountains in our lives. with problems at their core. took a lot of money. The very source of its life Yes. It’s what makes us prosperous. Ken and I Isn’t it wonderful to know that even in the midst of an went to Brother Hagin’s meetings to get a Word injection embattled economy. It’s because faith goes to the heart of the matter. if we develop Although the Bible doesn’t mention it. We’ve all had the experience experience that faith is what gets us born again and filled of declaring God’s Word over a situation and seeing no with the Holy Spirit. we’d go to That’s why it wasn’t until the next morning when Jesus Kenneth E. So be on your gest challenges we faced were in the area of finances. So let’s true. We discovered that if we’d believe words appeared to have no effect at all. He’d dried up from the roots” (verse 20). faith works as a kind of do what Brother Hagin used to do. No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. It is the victory that overcomes thereon: and when he came to it. spiritual armor. many times. They must have the full benefit of God’s promises. our faith won’t function. together. You aren’t in the dark…dear brothers and sisters…. It’s a shield we can use to “quench all the and let the lesson Jesus taught at the fig tree refresh our faith. Jesus’ faith wasn’t working. he’d minister on faith. Stay alert and be seemed we were always believing God for something that clearheaded. New Living Translation). And Jesus answered To operate properly. The case of the fig tree reveals the reason. On the other hand. regardless of what we see with change when He said them. our eyes or hear with our ears. for the time of figs was not yet. he found nothing but the world! leaves. Faith works by love. we can live in peace? We can strap on that would strengthen our faith. you’ll have to get a grip on your words. if haply he might find any thing every assault of the devil. It can stop off having leaves. So when our doing slowed down. We can be like the soldiers we see Fresh Lessons From the Fig Tree on television who wear their protective gear and stay safe These days most every believer I know could benefit from right in the middle of a combat zone. But you Ken and I found out years ago just how vital faith is know what? It looked as though nothing did. the whole tree was dead. so for a while it looked like about believing. of course.

They’ve been religiously taught piling up. He said: “What things soever ye desire. We lived in a little rent house furnished with a coffee be ours on one condition: We must believe we receive it table Ken made in high-school shop class. tate on financial blessing scriptures. In fact. they’ll crowd doubt Genesis 1. years ago. He used the example We’re like everyone else. Yes. plenty. If you’ll put them in your heart. said that whatever we desire when we’re in fellowship with When Ken and I first began to do that some 40-plus Him—whether it’s healing. I’m too busy earning a living. He didn’t put limits on what we could ask. So or another. whether it’s poverty or is always pushing us to talk about how bad the situation is. He out. Take your hands off my finances. But that doesn’t mean it’s not working. When the pressure is on and the bills are care of them financially. He declared: “Verily I say unto that money you’ve been working so hard for. believe that ye receive them. however. But we dis- astonishment over its withered condition. sion and a roll-away bed we rented for $7. I don’t have according to Jesus it should be ours as well. He made that time for the Word. and started learning should remember that the effects of faith are often invisible at about faith. as it says in the cross-reference of my God’s Word before our eyes and in our ears until it got Bible. and shall not doubt please give me a break?” in his heart. right thing even under pressure.” Eleven months later. “but take care of them. We should keep that in mind when we’re standing in faith. The Bible is full of God speaks when He wants something to happen. we began believing what Jesus said and we first. The Bible says that whatever is in our heart in abundance us to do. he shall have whatsoever he saith. That whosoever shall say unto this mountain. Although it sounds simple enough. They’ll renew your mind so you think and talk in said. Be thou “Devil. such things because they’re not sure God wants to take it’s not easy to do. Will you removed. if we fill ourselves with the Word we’ll be able to say the (Mark 11:24).” down in our hearts and began to talk to us. We can’t do what He did. the salvation of our children. “Lord. so Jesus did was turn to His disciples and say. were so deep in debt we couldn’t see any natural way out. “Light be!” He called those things which were not as terms of abundance instead of lack. the first thing covered that doubt goes out when the Word comes in. He said so. “Have faith in we followed the instructions in Proverbs 4:21-23. We prayed over our bills and asked Him to “Well. It works for every. We After we got born again. but shall believe that those things which he You know as well as I do. just give me whatever You think is best. Every single day you should read and medi- in faith like He does. What exactly did Jesus mean by that? If you’re having financial problems. we should operate same thing. The Word says one. But one way my needs are met. That’s God’s M. that was true for Jesus. Or. those debts were gone. when He wanted light instead of darkness.50 a month.” devil attacks. though they were (Romans 4:17). a home or other material blessings—can life. Since faith comes by hearing the pray.. “Have the faith of God. You’ll have to learn to use No Limits them like God does and say only the things you want to Most believers don’t have enough confidence to say come to pass in your life. acted on it. When Peter exclaimed in 11 months when we were tempted to doubt. Try saying. waiting for the manifestation of what we’ve believed for. standing in front of the dead Try explaining that to the devil when he comes to steal fig tree with His disciples. You have to By using the word “whosoever. We started calling them paid every day. In them. I’ve been too busy to build my faith.” clear in Mark 11:23 when. God. there were times during those of the fig tree to teach us how.” someone might say. your faith shield has to be ready. as children of God. lack had been the norm for us all our married clothes. that won’t work.” Jesus let us know that this have the Word implanted in your heart so you can speak principle of speaking things into being doesn’t just work for boldly to your enemy and say. “Be removed from me.O. Satan. our natural tendency is to focus on the problem that it’s sometimes His will for us to live in lack. Our flesh—goaded on by the devil— pray timid prayers like. a new car. when we ask for it. and be thou cast into the sea. when ye will come out of our mouth. you ought to do the He meant that. When the saith shall come to pass. We kept God” (verse 22). and “But Gloria. you’ll have to get a grip on your words. a broken televi. So they instead of the answer. it’s going to work.” That’s the reason we need to continually feed on the Word of That might sound spiritual but it’s not what Jesus told God. We The Greek word translated receive has a more aggressive 30 | B V O V | s e p t e m b e r ' 11 . pack up your poverty and get away from me!” If you want to revolutionize your personal economy. you. we can. He speak to our finances like Jesus spoke to the fig tree. The Word says my bills are paid. and ye shall have them” Word. things are different for us. It can work for us or it can work against us. We’ll be able to continually Notice. It doesn’t just work for preachers.

if kcm. in the say. But if we’ll remember the lesson of the fig tree. They go to God in prayer and make a request. a worship speak doubt. They’d be saying. All the time! $ 1999 +S/H Ken and I can vouch for the fact that Order online & save the process sometimes takes a little an additional 10% longer than we expect. From this time forward.” ANSWERED The next day. I believe I receive it and I have it!” Knowing that Answered LifeLine Kit is their request was based on God’s Word. It refers to reaching out and taking hold It will empower us to live in confidence knowing that no of something. Gloria Copeland. in Jesus’ Name. they wouldn’t be saying such things. they • Tune in to God's voice worry aloud some more about what • Make prayer a lifetime priority might happen if it doesn’t come. • Receive the answers you need Such believers obviously haven’t believed they received. they’d be praising God. 2011. Not just when you’re in prayer. so I ask You to give me one. seizing it and claiming possession of it. thank You for The How to Get Your Prayers giving me the car I asked for. “But Gloria. They provision.meaning than most people realize. VICTORY is breaking down. only speak faith. Afterward. Only Offer and price valid until Sept. reg. Not just in church. that Word will become our reality. It will lift sively waiting on God to drop something in your lap. If I don’t get it. So keep say- Start Today! ing what you want to have. I ask You for a new car. They haven’t reached out with the hand of faith and Revitalize your taken what God promised. guidance from Kenneth and Instead. My old one midst of it all. “I sure do need a better car. say it and act on it. We can strap on our faith/love body armor and. a is mine. $24. It’s us above the dark conditions in the world around us.99 | #B110405 . loaded with everything you they’d settle this fact in their heart: need to supercharge your After I pray this prayer. new Don’t ever let go of it. It doesn’t refer to we’ll continue to believe God’s Word. an action word.S. the car I asked for prayer life—an action plan. a prayer I have it. I’ll CD & scripture cards. be a picture of supernatural peace. I’ve taken it and from now on comprehensive book. matter how dangerous things become in this combat zone—eco- This is where a lot of people get tangled up in their faith nomically or any other way—we can enjoy divine protection and walk. prayer life in 10 They wouldn’t be making the same days with step-by-step request over and over. They keep talking the prob. If they had. “Lord. 30. DVD teachings. they pray and ask the • Revive your prayer time Lord for the car again. for instance. Jesus said we can have whatsoever we say.” But GET YOUR then they keep on talking the same old way. PRAYERS lem. I don’t know what I’m going to do. 800-600-7395 U. I’ll not tolerate doubt. “Lord. what if I do that and the click & answer doesn’t come?” order Stick with your confession of faith. I’ll not CD. I need a car that’s nice and dependable.

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