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1805 Rajdanga Main Rd, Block BD Plot 67,Kol 700107,Kasba

Candidate Registration Form

Candidate Type: Fresher Experienced Male Female

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Resume Submitted: Yes (In Hard Copy / In Soft Copy / ID Proof/Photo) Not Yet

Personal Details
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Contact Information
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Registration Type and Fee: (* The registration fee is inclusive of all taxes)
Fresher: 6 Month Placement Support (INR 500) 1 Year Placement Support (INR 1000) For Frs/Ex.
Experienced: 2 Years Placement Support (INR 2000) Consulting Fee (1 month entire salary).
Terms and Conditions:
1. I agree to pay the stipulated registration fee to Bose Consultancy Service to provide me with job opportunities in the domains of my interest.
2. I understand that in case of choosing the registration with 1 year validity period, I would need to register again with Bose Consultancy Service if I want to
continue availing the placement services beyond 1 year. Also I understand that the registration fee might increase or decrease over the years.
3. I expect that in case of choosing the registration with lifetime validity Bose Consultancy Service will provide me job opportunities for a lifetime
without charging any annual renewal fee.
4. I also accept that the registration with Bose Consultancy Service is non transferable.
5. I agree to pay a consulting fee to Bose Consultancy Service on receiving the offer letter (either from Bose Consultancy Service or from the company) in
an event of procuring a job, through any opportunity provided by them.
6. I understand that the consulting fee is my 1 one month entire salary in 2 two installment. 1st 50% at the time of joining and 2nd 50% after getting my 1st
month salary.
7. I expect that I will be informed about the amount or the bracket of the consulting fee in advance; in case of any gap in communication it will also be
my duty to enquire about the consulting fee in advance.
8. I accept that the registration fee and the consulting fee under all circumstances are non-refundable.
9. I assure to inform Bose Consultancy Service about the result of any interview / placement / job opportunity provided through Bose Consultancy Service.
10. In case of default in paying the agreed consulting fee to Bose Consultancy Service, I shall be liable to legal action and my job offer might be withdrawn.
11. I understand that I will act like an informed and intelligent individual and will verify, judge and evaluate the information regarding the company before
accepting any job offer and will not hold Bose Consultancy Service liable for the same.
12. I accept that Bose Consultancy Service will be released from its liabilities towards me, my job and my recruiter after handing over the offer letter to me.
13. I agree to receive telephonic, email and SMS communication from Bose Consultancy Service related to job opportunities, job search etc.
14. I accept that in an event of disassociating with Bose Consultancy Service or not wanting to receive any further communication from Bose Consultancy
Service, I would need to send an email to mentioning the details.

I have read and accept all terms and conditions. Candidate Signature: