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Outline for Case Study

Note: Each of these roman numerals and letters represent a segment of your paper, not a paragragh.

I. Introduction: Overview of the study, study you are focusing upon, its impact (on society and this tourist spot) and
your interest in this destination. Site the objectives of the study. (Tip: Open with something interesting or startling
which will grab your reader’s attention. Look at some of the articles you have read to get ideas.)

II. Tourist Destination

A. The destination assigned to examine and why

B. History
C. Location Map/Vicinity Map
D. Current data: size, number of personnel ( personnel policy, compensation and benefits ) service area,
mission, vision etc
E. Facilities, schedule of operation, entrance fees and other fees.
F. Security, sanitation and safety procedures
G. Updated marketing strategies

III. SWOT Analysis

1. Strengths
2. Weaknesses
3. Opportunities
4. Threats

IV. Research ( your research/interview )

A. Articles you examined which relate to this study

B. Findings of those articles
C. Who you spoke to in the agency/planning and development office
Conclusion you came to after conducting your interviews
1. What is the challenge this agency/administrators faces in regard to planning and development?
D. Thoughtful discussion of your conclusion(s) about how this development should be handled, based upon
your analysis and your interview
E. Wrap this part of your paper up in a compelling manner – perhaps refer back to the interesting part of
your introduction.

V. Assessment of the Study (Your assessment of this case study)

A. The procedures – what worked, what didn’t?

A. What you learned (Individual testimonial)
B. How this study has impacted your career goals, insights about the importance of tourism planning and
development subject as well as in our tourism industry.

VI. Appendices:
Images ( Facilities, Researcher w/ the administrator/s, ), Marketing Paraphernalia, Graphs, etc

 Be courteous at all times
 Be sure you establish credibility of your interviewee and authors of scholarly articles you cite in your paper!
 Table of contents format to be discussed
 Paper size: short; Font: Arial 12; Yellow ring bind
 Soft and hard copy
 Deadline: TBA ( to be announced ) / most probably one week before pre-final exam day and be ready for the
class presentation.

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