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Subject questions are questions that we ask to find out about the subject.

When what, which,

who or whose refers to the subject, the question word comes before the verb without the use of
the auxiliary verb.

For example:

If the answer is "The train to London was late", the question would be "Which train was late?"
If the answer is "Samantha won the race", the question would be "Who won the race?"

Object questions ask about the object of a sentence. The word order of the question is changed
and the question requires the use of the auxiliary verb.

For example:

If the answer is "I caught the train to London", the question would be "Which train did you catch?"
If the answer is "I saw a film yesterday", the question would be "What did you do yesterday?"

More examples:

What happened today? What did you do today?

Which film is best? Which film do you like best?
Who phoned me? Who did I phone?
1. Make questions to the underlined words.

Example: John broke that window. Who broke that window? .

John broke that window. What did John break? .

- I visited my grandfather on Saturday. _____________________________________

- They went to Dublin last summer. ________________________________________
- He’s buying a new house next month. _____________________________________
- Martha is going to have a baby in April. ____________________________________
- We're writing a report about friendship. ____________________________________
- My friend did his homework yesterday. ____________________________________

2. Translate the following questions and say if you are asking for the subject or
the object in each sentence.

Example: ¿Quién vino ayer? Who came yesterday? SUBJECT

- ¿A quién viste el domingo? _____________________________________ ________

- ¿Qué estás haciendo? _________________________________________ ________
- ¿Quién sabe la respuesta? ______________________________________ ________
- ¿Qué compró tu padre? ________________________________________ ________
- ¿A quién le diste el regalo? ______________________________________ ________
- ¿Qué va a ocurrir el próximo mes? ________________________________ ________
- ¿Qué película viste anoche? _____________________________________ ________
- ¿Qué actriz ganó el Oscar? ______________________________________ ________
- ¿Cuánta gente está estudiando inglés? _____________________________ ________