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CTEC Media Production – Y2

AfL: Unit 10 – Media Adaptations

Task 1: Case Studies

Produce a detailed comparative analysis of a range of media adaptations. You must explore a minimum of three case studies.
Case Study 1: Newsies
Original Text Original Target Adaptation New Target Audience Key Changes in genre, style, form etc. Legal/ethical Issues
The original media The film was The adaptation The new target Some of the differences between The rights for the music,
product was a produced by Walt came when the film audience was very the film and the stage show are: lyrics and story were given
musical film created Disney so was finally received the different from the 1) There are new and updated to make Newsies into a
in 1992 released naturally for a recognition it film. The Broadway songs which create a bigger musical so there was no
under the name of family based deserved. The show got a lot more scene. Carrying the Banner copyright issues within
‘The News Boys.’ audience and success came after advertising so was changed lyrically for that. Also because the
targeted all ages the film was receive more unknown reasons and creators of the material
with no language or released on DVD recognition before songs like Watch What were involved in the
theme restrictions. and people were its release. The Happens were added to making of the Broadway
It would target able to access it if musical target create a more distinct version meaning their
viewers who they didn’t see it at audience was wider character for Katherine content was being
enjoyed musical the cinema. aged than the film Plummer. advanced. The soundtrack
films and nowadays as the film targeted 2) The relationship between that came with the
would attract The adaptation was more younger Crutchie and Jack. In the Broadway Cast Recording
people who are a Broadway audiences while the film they are good friends relates to the royalties and
interested in the Musical. musical included like most of the Newsies. if played in public eg. at
history of New York things like jokes However in the musical, the Theatre Cafe in
It explored the as it is based on that adults would they are very close friends London, it would need to
struggles of the less true events. It did possibly find funny who plan on moving away take the correct legal
wealthy teenagers target the younger so they are as and living a life away from route.
in New York City in audiences more entertained as kids. the torture. This means
the late 1800’s. The than the older as The target audience when Crutchie gets taken
boys sell the actors were for the actual show away and Jack fights back,
newspapers for a playing 17 year olds on Broadway was the actions create a
CTEC Media Production – Y2
AfL: Unit 10 – Media Adaptations
living and have to so they were able to those in the USA as stronger emotional
abide by the rules connect with the Broadway is only in response for the audience.
made by the characters. It was that country, 3) Female Characters. In the
producer who raises this demographic however the film, there was a character
the price for the feature that caused soundtrack was called Sarah who was the
newsies who can’t some of the available to all and sister of Davey. There was
afford the rise. This negative reviews. It the more UK no real link to why she was
leads them to strike was released recognition through involved in the film so
and they face the worldwide but people buying the seemed like a pointless
struggle of didn’t have soundtrack and character. In the musical
punishment excellent watching the live Katherine Plummer is
through being kept advertising which It was originally stream, the higher introduced and has a vital
in a refuge. also could have staged in an the chance of a part of the show giving the
impacted on the Off-Broadway West End run. So Newsies the recognition
The soundtrack was low success rate. theatre in 2011, but even though it was they deserve in the city.
recorded and as the success rate initially national, it She also ends up the love
released in 1992 was high, they then is now global, interest of Jack Kelly.
prior to the film got a Broadway especially if people 4) Jack’s personality. In the
premiering. transfer in 2012. get the rights to film, Jack is a loner who
The Broadway perform the show in comes across as rude.
The film was version ran from amateur theatre However in the musical he
considered a box 2012 until 2014 across the world. is a more loveable
office bomb, which then led to character who is well
meaning it was seen the national tour respected by the other
as unsuccessful which ran from Newsies meaning it creates
when it was 2014-2016 across a stronger connection
released. It was one North America. between the character and
of the lowest the audience so they have
grossing films made Due to the success more emotion on the
by Walt Disney. of both the troubled parts of his
However it later Broadway run and storyline.
gained a wide national tour, the
show was then Live
CTEC Media Production – Y2
AfL: Unit 10 – Media Adaptations
audience and Streamed in These changes to the storyline
positive reviews cinema’s across the enabled the audience to connect
when it was world showing a live better with the characters and
eventually released performance of the have a better response to the
on Home Video, show, inviting back storyline. This is better for creating
which led to the key cast including a fanbase. Another major feature
successful musical Jeremy Jordan and was that the dance content was a
adaptation to be Kara Lindsay. This lot more advanced in the musical.
created. was a huge success It is known for its dance heavy
and was then content which requires highly
released on DVD trained dancers who are able to
and Netflix all in trick.

Notes on overall success of the transmedia adaptation:

Popularity / Wider audience / New franchise / Financial Success / Reviews etc

The adaptation was a stage musical of the film using the same outline of the story and similar songs. It brought great success to both the new musical and
the film from previously. To say the film gained negative reviews and didn’t do very well in the box office numbers, the story as a whole has become
successful. The reason the target audience changed was because a film targets more of the general public of younger audiences whereas a musical targets
musical theatre lovers who go to see shows on Broadway or listen to the soundtracks of all ages. It can be enjoyed by all genders however it may be
CTEC Media Production – Y2
AfL: Unit 10 – Media Adaptations
seen as inspiration for younger boys who are interested in the arts due to the strong dance content. The popularity as a whole increased due to the
musical being so successful. Then with it going on tour, it made it more accessible to a wider audience as some people may not be able to go to see shows
on Broadway for various reasons. Finally, when it was released as a live stream film, it had previously built its fan base in the musical theatre world so
people around the world were able to watch from their hometowns, getting a live feeling show. In the USA alone the live stream got $3.47 million in ticket
sales so across the world that would have made these numbers a lot higher. There were both positive and negative reviews for the original film with all
similar responses. The negative comments tended to say things like ‘lack of magical energy.’ Or they were concerned that the storyline wasn’t suitable for
children as it showed a more darker route to working. However even with those of mixed reviews, lots of professional reviews complemented Kenny
Ortega on his choreography.

Case Study 2: Never Let Me Go

Original Text Original Target Adaptation New Target Audience Key Changes in genre, style, form etc. Legal/ethical Issues

The original product The target audience There have been a The target audience One major change between the Before the book had even
was a book which for this book was few adaptations of of the film is the book and the film is that the film is been officially published in
was released in originally written the book including same as the book as a lot more focussed on the aspect 2005. Alex Gartland had
2005 written by for an adult an English Film, a a lot of the details of love. For example, in the book, been in contact with Kazuo
Kazuo Ishiguro. audience, however Japanese Film and a and storyline is the the main character buys herself a Ishiguro and bought the
the younger and Japanese TV series. same. Also the cassette tape and dances around rights for it with intention
teen characters The most popular content is not high her room imagining herself as her to create a film
within the story being the English age rating. mother holding her as a baby, adaptation. This enabled
CTEC Media Production – Y2
AfL: Unit 10 – Media Adaptations
make it more Film released in which makes madame cry. him to follow through with
appealing to the 2010, starring Carey Also the actors cast However in the film, Tommy buys it and create the film.
teen aged Mulligan, Keira as the three main Kathy the cassette tape and while The film was assessed as
audiences. The Knightley and characters had dancing she imagines herself and all films are and was given
content is roughly Andrew Garfield. previously been in Tommy dancing together. So it 12A for the age of the
suitable for those well known films. takes away the family aspect and audience. This gives the
aged 12 and above. For example, Keira replaces it with love. parents and other viewers
It is also a common Knightley had an indication on the
book used for previously been in Another difference is the time in extremity of the contents.
studying at GCSE Love Actually and which Miss Lucy tells the children
Level English. Pirates of the what they are made for. This
Therefore this Caribbean to name changes the impact of the story as
It is a dystopian supports the age of a few so already in the book it keeps you wondering
science fiction novel the target audience. had a fan base who and guessing for longer creating a
that shows the lives It was published would be directed stronger emotion when she finally
of children who worldwide and has to watching the film tells them, however in the film she
have been created got positive through her being in tells them in the first twenty
to donate their feedback from The main casting, it. minutes so you are aware for most
organs to those in across the world. principal of the content.
need. It follows the There have been photography and
short life of 3 main adaptations of this filming happened in
characters in three book in different 2009 then the film
main stages of their countries. was released in
lives. 2010. They filmed in
different locations
The book generally across the UK
received positive including Forest
reviews however School in
there was Snaresbrook for the
disagreement on Hailsham school
the genre of the scenes.
book as some
CTEC Media Production – Y2
AfL: Unit 10 – Media Adaptations
thought dystopian
science fiction
didn’t fully fit the

Notes on overall success of the transmedia adaptation:

Popularity / Wider audience / New franchise / Financial Success / Reviews etc

The film adaptation of the book received a high percentage of positive ratings and reviews. On the review website Metacritic, of the professional reviews,
there were 17 fully positive reviews, 10 mixed reviews and 0 fully negative reviews. Most reviews mention how the film portrays the facts seen in the book
so detailed and amazingly and gave big credit to the actors. There were little negative comments and them were little details or slight changes they had to
make for the film for it to be adapted. The audience stayed the same with the general age range etc. as the film was so similar to the book. This could
boost the success of both platforms of the story as if someone enjoys the film they may then go on to read the book. Worldwide the box office sales for
the film were $9,455,232 which shows the success of the film.

Case Study 3: The Sound of Music

Original Text Original Target Adaptation New Target Audience Key Changes in genre, style, form etc. Legal/ethical Issues
CTEC Media Production – Y2
AfL: Unit 10 – Media Adaptations
The original product The target audience The stage show was The target audience The main difference between the There were no real
was a stage for this show is very then adapted to for the film stayed stage show and the film were the copyright issues with the
production that broad. It is a family film in 1965, the same with adapted songs. music as Rodgers was part
premiered in 1959 friendly film starring Julie demographics as of the team for the film
on Broadway. through the cast Andrews as Maria. the storyline and - Ordinary Couple was after creating the music
being a range of the majority of the replaced by Something for the musical.
ages with little Gretl songs were the Good
being only 5 years same. However the - I have confidence was The rights for the show
old up to the Nun’s geodemographic added were originally bought in
as adults. The music changed. The film 1956 but waited on
is catchy and was available While Rodgers and Hammerstein production so they could
understandable to worldwide and the wrote the songs for the stage work with the producers
the younger box office number musical, the added songs were they wanted.
audiences, and the was $286.2 million. written only by Rodgers as
music overpowers Hammerstein had passed away The film is a U rating
the content if the This film has before the work on the film took meaning it is a family
younger ones don’t continued to grow place. friendly film and good for
understand the The filming took it’s target audience, children to watch with no
It tells the story of a historic part with place from March with today’s worry of explicit content.
young woman who the Nazi’s. until September children loving it The cinematic effect enabled the
gets a job as a 1964 with the just as much as location of the story to be
governess to 7 Due to the external scenes shot those in the 1960’s. emphasised more with the open
children. She soon production being on in Austria and the areas and mountains of Austria
falls in love with Broadway, the main internal scenes shot being shown, which can be hidden
both the children target audience for in a studio set in in the stage show due to it being
and their father and the opening was California. The film one location and a built set.
they plan to flee those in America was then released
Austria to avoid the with access to in 1965. The order of the songs changed in
Nazis. The story is seeing a Broadway different forms of the musical
based on a true show. This was how As well as the film however the context stayed the
story and the family they sold tickets there have been same.
were involved in and started the many adaptations
CTEC Media Production – Y2
AfL: Unit 10 – Media Adaptations
helping the success of the from the stage
production be show. Then when it show. One was in
factual to the opened on West 2015 when there
events. End it also became was a UK Sound of
available to the UK. Music Live
The show was Broadcast on TV,
premiered on Those with an with Kara Tointon
Broadway in 1959 interest in theatre as Maria. This didn’t
and then opened on and history would have as much
West End in 1961. have been drawn to success as the film,
Since then there this piece as it isn’t and gained mixed
have been non stop a typical ‘show girl’ reviews. However
productions of the production like a lot Tointon’s
show in both in that century. performance was
professional and highly praised and
amateur theatre the film had 3.82
due to the success million views when
of the story and it was live.
original production.

Notes on overall success of the transmedia adaptation:

Popularity / Wider audience / New franchise / Financial Success / Reviews etc

The film was a huge success and today is still watched by many, despite how long ago it was made. The film was a hit throughout the world and broke
previous box-office records in 29 countries. It had a total worldwide gross of $286,000,000. Therefore the advance in audience was huge and the target
audience expanded to people in other countries rather than just the country the show was being performed in for the stage version.

The film has gone on to inspire other forms of the franchise and become a legacy. For example, in 1966, there was the first Sound of Music guided tour in
Salzburg. Following this, since 1972, there have been bus tours, taking tourists to particular film locations used in the film. There have been a number of
singalong screenings internationally which have become popular.
CTEC Media Production – Y2
AfL: Unit 10 – Media Adaptations
The reviews for the film were generally positive and it was a film enjoyed by all. One review said ‘The Sound of Music has a confidence and a sense of
moral purpose that warms the hardest heart.’ A lot of reviews from professionals mentioned the emotional effect the film had on its audiences and
praised Julie Andrews in her performance as Maria.