The Printed Pattern

Techniques and Projects for Inspired Printmaking and Surface Design
by Rebecca Drury and Yvonne Drury
by Sophie Drury


1 Inspiration
2 Getting started
3 Relief printing




Rubber stamp

Vintage woodblock
4 Stencil printing
5 Screen printing

Stencil method

Screen-filler method

Photo-emulsion method



STENCIL printing
Materials list
Permanent marker

You can cut your stencil from many

The material you are printing on

Photocopy of stencil design

different papers and plastics. The

determines the ink you will need for

Masking tape

stencil will last longer if it is cut from a

stencil printing. To apply the ink, you

Sheets of thick paper, card,

plastic-type material, such as acetate

can either use a stencil brush, a sponge,

or Mylar. It will easily withstand

or a sponge roller. A stencil brush is

X-acto knife

repeated printing, and you will be able

cylindrical with a flat top, which you

Cutting mat or a piece of thick card

to wash it and reuse it many times.

use to stipple the ink through the cut

Paints or inks appropriate for

Acetate is readily available from any

stencil. Stencil brushes are available

stationery store. Mylar is a polyester

in many different sizes so can be

film commonly used for stencil making

used for small detail or on larger

and is sold at art supply stores. If you


use acetate or Mylar, spray the back

A sponge can also be used to apply

side of your stencil with spray mount.

the ink; however, we prefer to use

This will make it tacky so it adheres to

a small sponge-decorating roller.

the material you are printing on and

These can be purchased at any hobby

will help stop leakages.

or decorating store.

acetate, or Mylar

printing surface
Stencil brush, sponge, or small
sponge roller
Spray mount (if using acetate or
Mylar for stencil)


Preparing your stencil
Begin by drawing your design or motif in a
sketchbook or on paper with a permanent
Once you have finalized your pattern
or motif, photocopy your design (at this
stage you can change the scale of it if
you wish).
Lay the photocopy onto a cutting mat and
secure at the corners with masking tape.
Place the acetate or Mylar on top, sticking
this down in place as well to avoid any
movement while you are cutting.
Now cut out the design using a sharp
X-acto knife; always use a cutting mat or a
thick piece of card to protect the surface
you are working on.

Vintage woodblock printing
Materials list

Making your print

Vintage woodblock

Ink up your woodblock by pressing it onto

Inkpad (or ink and sponge roller)

an inkpad or apply the ink directly to the

Fabric or paper for printing

woodblock using a small sponge roller.
Be sure to do this evenly and smoothly.
Press the woodblock firmly onto your
printing surface.

Useful tips
l Refer to rubber stamp printing as both
methods have similar requirements.


Design your own handprinted patterns
Stamp and print your own patterns on paper, fabric, and
more. Learn to create original stamp, stencil, and screen
designs and apply them to a wide range of surfaces and
objects for charming handprinted graphics and patterns.
The Printed Pattern will teach you how to create mood
boards and color schemes and how to experiment with
composition and scale for effective design. Learn nine
different methods for creating reliefs with stamping,
stenciling, and screen printing with the Drurys’ clear
instructions. The book also offers templates to be used as
guides for cutting stencils.
Both textile artists and DIY crafters
will be inspired to use these easy
techniques to turn a simple graphic
design into a fabulous, modern
handprinted piece.
Yvonne Drury and Rebecca Drury
are a mother-daughter team whose
London-based company, MissPrint,
specializes in handprinted fabrics.
Born and bred in London, they design their products and
handprint and screen all fabrics from their East London
studio. They have collaborated and designed a best-selling
line for WHSmith and regularly exhibit their new designs
and creations in New York, Paris, and London.

8 1⁄4 x 8 1⁄4, 128 pages
ISBN 978-1-59668-386-0
Available March 2011

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