Recognizing your Child's Talent at an early stage The word “talent”, is often understood by most people to be limited to an artistic

impression like drawing, painting or playing musical instruments etc. According to experts, talent is a natural ability in a person based on an area of strength. Also, in development of a talent, there is a large role of child’s personality as well as the type of opportunities available to him over a period of time. The sooner a talent is recognized in a child, the more time would be there to encourage and nurture that talent which would help him throughout his life. It is here that the role of parents as a talent scout for their child becomes most important. Even though a talent might be identified by other people that a child interacts with, for example teachers in his school or playschool, it is the parents who are the closest to a child and have the benefit of giving their undivided attention and observation to a child, which might not be possible in a group environment, like a school. As a parent it is your duty to expose your child to various interests and activities and then keenly observe your child’s interest, liking or an extraordinary performance in something, that is unusual of kids of his age. That might well be the hidden talent of your child. Here are some tips on how to encourage various activities that might lead to discovery of the talent in your little one. Whether it’s different sports, drama, music, art or science, find ways to expose your child to as many of them. However, you need to ensure that the child should enjoy what you intend to do for him. Do not force him into anything. a) Sports - Take him along to watch a cricket match, golf tourneys, football matches or tennis matches or any other sport activity. Then watch where his interest lies. If he asks for a cricket kit, get him a cricket kit and indulge in his interest yourself. If he liked tennis, get him a tennis racket. Join a sports complex in your area and go there regularly with your kid and see what your child likes to play. You can start with professional coaching once his interest is figured out. ** A great opportunity is knocking at the doorstep of all parents living in Delhi and NCR region in the form of 2010 Commonwealth games, to be held in Delhi from Oct 3rd to Oct 14 2010, and it would be a great time to introduce your child to various sports** b) Drama and Theater - Take your child along for plays, puppet shows etc. c) Music - Take your child with you to various musical concerts and programs, whether it is classical music, ghazals, pop or rock. Observe your child at the concert and his feedback and behaviour after that, do you find him singing or trying to play a guitar or a tabla! d) Art - Art exhibitions, workshops etc e) Science - A visit to the National Science Museum or the Nehru planetarium can wake up the scientist in him, if he is interested. This is just a small example of various things that you can do. Once you have identified your child’s talent, you should not take a sit back and watch approach but rather do everything possible to encourage that talent.

I would have been a sportsperson now instead of watching that game just on TV. but with regular sharpening and development of his talent.”. but something they should enjoy and do voluntarily. it’s our duty to not let a talent in a child fade away. A child. make yourself fall in love with that subject and become aware of that yourself. Once the talent has been identified. in our times the environment was not so full of opportunities and our parents never read such articles. is after all a child and does not understand the definition of talent or identify the importance or use of his talent in this competitive world. he can surely become a genius in his field when he grows up!! . I do for sure!! However. You can also take the help of your child’s school and the teachers to identify or later on develop the talent in your child. As parents.Do attend the Parent Teacher Meetings in your child’s school and don’t hesitate to contact the teachers if needed before that. in this case help them enjoy that topic and talent will develop gradually at the right time. Tip . How many of us have thoughts like this every now and then ?? Well.Provide him with all the possible tools and support to enhance his talent. even providing him with professional coaching if needed. but now there is nothing stopping us from encouraging the talents of our children. Talent gets developed over a period of time and it needs a lot of perseverance. Do not make it a subject of study for them. “If only had my parents taken note of my interest in a specific sport and provided me with guidance and training at the right time. Not every child can be a born genius. A child might be talented in one thing but might not like doing it.

Can you force your wishes on the child? 33. Any special incident or memorable moment that you would like to share about your child? 3. Why are you choosing our school for getting admission for your child? 51. Being a parent is difficult or rewarding or frightening or wonderful.What are the expectations from school with respect to your child? 17. What are your views with respect to the joint family versus nuclear family while focusing on the child‟s overall development? . Is Freedom=Responsibility? Comment on it as a parent. 49. What are your goals for your child? 32. What has been your child‟s personal milestone till today in your opinion? 26. Name some of the important things a school should have for pre-school children.Would you like to share something special about your child? 19. Is your child fully trained with toilet and washroom manners? 57.Can we provide some kind of justification on forcing our wishes onto the child?61 How do you enhance the motor skills of your child23.How do you tackle your child‟s tantrums? 14. How can you increase the motor skills in your child? 55. How do you perceive your role as a parent in the education of your child? 54.What does your child dislike the most? 13. What is your child‟s favorite food? 38.How would you develop the qualities of sharing & caring in your child? 18.What do you want your child to become in the future? 16.How independent is your child? 15. What are your Child‟s hobbies? 9. 56. What makes your child sad? 42. What are your priorities to search in a school while seeking admission in a particular school? 44. What does your childlike the most? 40. 34. 35. What are your views on school giving homework to your child? 29. What is your opinion? 28. How do you spend your quality time with your child?45. What are your aspirations for the future of your child? 53. What is your child‟s favorite pet animal or bird? 39.What does your childlike the most? 12. Who takes care of your child in your absence? 10.What is your opinion about creating a routine in a child‟s life? 22.What should you do when your child misbehaves in front of others? 20. What is your child‟s favorite indoor and outdoor activity? 47. How do you expect the school to contribute in your child's life? 5. How do you deal with discipline issues with your child? 6. What is your child‟s favorite game? 37. How do you and your partner spend the leisure time with the child? 46. 7. What does your child like the most? 2. How important is discipline in child‟s life? 43. Describe your child. Name the story book given to your child from your end in the recent past. What are different hobbies of your child? 31. What is your child‟s favorite color? 36. What makes your child happy? 41. What are the three important things you are looking for in a school for admitting your child? 50. Explain the role of books in child‟s life. How do you expect the school to contribute in your child‟s life? 27. Define successful parenting? 30.How do you make sure that your child eats a balanced and adequate healthy diet? 21.How much time does father spend with child? 24. Do you have any kind of suggestions to improve the education at primary level? 52. How do you define successful parenting? 4. To whom your child is more close and why? 25. How much time do you spend with your child ? 8. Are there any responsibilities given to your child from your side? 48.What are the qualifications of child‟s parents and grandparents? 11.150 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1.

. overall personality. How will you handle the situation? 93 A classroom is run on values. Did you send your child to the play school prior to the admission? 59.. List out according to priority the expectations / end results from your child: Happiness. They become angry and demand to speak to you .58. What do you when a parent's different values interfere with classroom procedures? 94. How well do I know my child… 84 His favourite colour………….. What are your aspirations for your child? 69.How do you spend time with your child? 96. The values maybe designated by policy or influenced by the teachers and parents. How justified are we in forcing our wishes onto the child ? 83. What are your expectations about the school ? 74 Being a parent is difficult / rewarding / frightening / wonderful ? What is your opinion ? 75 How will you develop the qualities of sharing and caring in the child ? 76 Freedom = Responsibility. What do you believe in-formal or informal or combination of both kinds of education? Why? 62What is the best way to teach a preschooler to be courteous and appreciative? 63 you are taking a written test for nursery admission and you realize that the person next to you is cheating. 95. achievement.. What are your views on the recent Gurgaon incident where a school boy shot his class mate? What in your opinion was missing? 66What is the happiest moment in your day? 67. What do you know about this school? 70. 87 in school of NCR still children interviews are not banned 88 Identify the color name 89 recite a rhyme a 90 shape recognisition 91 Your son is playing in the block area. What do you want your child to become ? 73. What could be the best thing given to your child as a parent? 60. 71Why do you want to admit your child to this school? 72. His friend knocks over block structure and in return your son hits his friend . Comment ? 77 Would you like to share something special about your child ? 78 How do you make sure that your child eats a balanced adequate healthy diet ? 79 What should we do when a child misbehaves in front of others ? 80 What is your opinion about creating a routine in a child‟s life ? 81 Explain the role of „Books‟ in a child‟s life ? 82. 64 How do you spend time with your child? 65. What will you do and why? 92 A parent comes to pick up their child and notices a bite received by your child. academics. What are your expectations from school ? 97 Your financial status ? 98 What do you do when your child throw tantrums? 99 What are your aspirations for your child? 100 whether mother is working or not if working who looks after the child in her absence ? Latest QUESTIONS asked for 2010-2011 sessions : * Did you run away from your home to get married ? * Did you have love marriage ? (above questions we have highlighted because they are featured questions :) 1) What age do you think is appropriate for a child to follow a "flexible" curriculum? 2) What are your expectations from your child and what is his/her biggest positive point? 3) What is your philosophy of education? 4) What does the word "DPS" mean to you? Why have you chosen DPS as the school where your child spends his initial years of education? 5) What are your expectations from the school? 6) What do you think are advantages and disadvantages of a .. 85 His favourite86 His favorite outfit………….kind of what would you do scenarios. What do you do when your child trow tantrums? 68. what would you do. What you would do in a situation like if two children were fighting over a toy or if a child was not listening to you.

What is more important? 32) CBSE or ICSE Board or IB...adaptability of your child? 21) What is more important for you and why…academic performance or social and ..adaptability of your child? 22) What is your child's relationship with his sibling? 23) Is your child toilet trained? 24) What does your child eat in the breakfast? 25) What do you want your child to become when he grows up? 26) How would you see the child’s independence? 27) What is your child's daily routine? 28) Has your child been to any play school? 29) What benefits/gains do you see by having sent your child to a play school? 30) What languages are being used to communicate with the child at home? 31) Studies or Extra Curricular activities . which activities in a school enhance creativity of a child? 12) Mention a few reinforcement techniques you use with your child? 13) What disheartens your child most? 14) What are the restrictions put on your child by you and why? 15) How should children utilize their free time? 16) What is more important for you and why…academic performance or social adjustments of your child? 17) How do you improve eating habits of your child? 18) What is role of a teacher is student’s life? 19) What is advantage and disadvantages of a composite school? What different techniques you are using for reinforcements of your child? 20) What is more important for you and why…academic performance or social and .How they are different? Which is better and why? 33) Which is your child's favorite cartoon on TV? 34) Are the cartoon channels beneficial or harmful according to you? 35) Does your child play with computer? 36) How independent is your child? 37) How do you inculcate the habits of sharing and caring in your child? 38) Your views on the use of technology in school education? 39) Are you aware of the Internet? 40) Do you have a computer at home? 41) Have you used any websites for kids for online interactive learning? 42) What is Swine Flu and what precautions do you need to take against it? 43) Do you remember when was your child last given a vaccination and which vaccinations were given ? 44) How to you plan to cope with change in your daily lifestyle once your child starts going to school? 45) What would you do if your child cries during the first few days of going to school? 46) Being a parent is difficult / rewarding / frightening / wonderful ? What is your opinion ? 47) Is your child introvert or an extrovert? 48) How much time the grandparents spend with the child? 49) What makes your child unique? 50) How would like to treat your child? .composite school? 7) What is the role of a teacher in students' life? 8) What do you do to establish good communication with your child? 9) What age groups does your child interact with? 10) What according to you contributes most for a happy family? 11) According to you..