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experienced unplanned finan- currently quitting tobacco, former lic about the negative effects and

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st an off-the-record plat and users wanting to stay tobacco-free, impact of tobacco. Together, we can
hat should have never
Edmond Sunbeen
- 02/07/2018 and even those who want to sup- achieve a healthier Oklahoma. We welcomePage : A04
letters to
for City Planning considera- the editor. Please limit
submissions to 350 words.
Letters to the Editor are
reliminary plats" were unnec- accepted at the The
he HOA met with the develop- Edmond Sun virtually any
n the lines of communication,
pment ideals more suitable to
eas were completely ignored.
Child well-being should subjectl however, certain
rules apply. The Sun will
accept letters either for or
against a political candidate
n out-of-town firm, Planning
o what has been suggested,
vite PDG and has not in any
DG was hired and paid by the
be legislature’s focus or issue up to the last seven
days before an election.
Letter wrters are asked to
discuss issues and not make
personal attacks. Letters

lopment plan for them. We he Oklahoma Legislature will Family Foundation and other part- must be signed and a phone
any kind with PDG. In the convene for the 2018 regular ners to increase awareness among number provided for
heir engineers and attorney for session on Monday, Feb. 5. legislators about the proven social verifiaction purposes, and
plats." PDG said it was starting Also on that day, Governor Mary impact of ACEs. An interim study was the Sun retains the rights to
start with a clean slate. Fallin will deliver her final State of held at our request by the House of edit letters for carity, and
refuse letters which may be
as it turns out, rightfully so. the State address. Speaking on Representatives this past summer considered libelous.
meowners attended a PDG- behalf of the Oklahoma Institute for that looked at the impact of traumatic
eeting, the HOA sent written Child Advocacy (OICA), I hope experiences and how they can be Columnists’ opinions
in, was to open meaningful dia- Governor Fallin makes child well- addressed. Senator A.J. Griffin lis- are their own and do not
reflect the views of The
being a priority in tened to those conversations and has
Edmond Sun.
h the Coffee Creek community her speech and in since filed SB 1517. This legislation
ion and the information they her policy agenda. will create a task force on trauma- Correction policy
y. We asked PDG to work with OICA has identi- informed care to study and make As a matter of policy, The
finally comply with their prom- fied five priority data-driven policy recommendations Edmond Sun will publish
corrections or clarifications
ty. We asked PDG to give us areas we hope she that are results-oriented. OICA of errors in fact that have
garding our community, so we and our lawmakers applauds Sen. Griffin for her focus on been printed in the
n matters with which we are so focus on. They this important issue. newspaper. The corrections
this was directed to attaining include: economic Another piece of legislation we are will be made as soon as
mmunications. PDG partially opportunity for monitoring closely at this time is possible after the error has
been brought to the
rded it to an attorney for further Oklahomans’ foster House Bill 3146, which reinstates the attention of the
y that represents the develop- Joe care, adoption and refundability of the Earned Income newspaper’s news editor.
e were asking was beyond the Dorman child welfare, crimi- Tax Credit (EITC). The EITC is a tax
rs' attorney said, "No." nal justice reform, cut for low income working families Members of The Edmond
Sun’s Editorial Board are
the homeowners were pre- For the race equity issues, that may also supply some families Sun General Manager Lance
h clearly took PDG aback. Children and early childhood with a refund beyond what they owe Moler, Sun Editor Mark
tough questions, as well as to development. in income taxes. Oklahoma removed Codner and community
ply provides a potential devel- As the session the refundable portion of the EITC, a members Keith Weber, Lydia
develops, I plan on move that was rightly criticized as an Lee and Mark Nash.
have, and do not now have, any writing frequently about these issues attempt to balance the budget on the
ral discussions with the com- and relevant legislation. One of the backs of the poor. Rep. Jason
ctly and dramatically affects our bills that has drawn our attention Dunnington of Oklahoma City has
evelopment concept can or will early on is Senate Bill 1517, dealing filed HB 3146 to restore that provision
ven allow it to be built as drawn. with trauma informed care. within the EITC and deliver low-
pt will be economically feasible Oklahoma ranks first in the nation income families some much-needed
ng implemented. Finally, PDG for multiple Adverse Childhood relief. OICA strongly supports this
s will ever actually "redevelop" Experiences (ACEs) impacting chil-
dren. ACEs include traumatic events
These are just two of the bills filed
ht hard to protect and preserve like suffering from physical or sexual this year. A total of 706 Senate bills
alues, our homes, and our way abuse; neglect; witnessing domestic and 1,226 House bills have been filed, ‘By this we know
elf, and we will continue to do violence; witnessing drug abuse; or along with 1,996 House and Senate
may only be a trojan horse. We having a parent in prison. Multiple measures carried over from last year that we love the
allenges head on. For example, studies (including Kaiser (which also includes measures vetoed
he developers apply for rezon- Permanente’s 1998 Adverse which could be overridden). As you children of God, when
gnatures we will need on peti- Childhood Experience Study) have can imagine, legislators have a full
encouragement that we have proven that these events or circum- four months ahead of them. we love God and
ond is overwhelming. We can- stances have adverse effects on an As we await the State of State, now
st support and your continued individual’s ability to function and his is the time to start contacting your observe His
or her mental, physical, social, emo- own legislators and ask them to make
tional, or spiritual well-being into 2018 the “Year of the Child” and commandments.’
Tonya Coffman, president adulthood. remember kids as they are crafting
e Creek Homeowners Association OICA has worked with the Potts legislation and casting their votes. 1 John 5:2

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