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In May of 1985, President Ronald Reagan was briefed on the suspected covert activities of
Morrow Industries, one of the nation's largest industrial concerns. These activities included the
recruitment of numerous highly skilled/highly qualified professionals in the fields of nuclear technology,
the sciences, and former military/security personnel. As well, the FBI had just the year before,
connected Morrow Industries to several suspicious large arms purchases made by what appear to be
fictitious companies. While the reasons for these suspicious activities was not determined, there were
tantalizing hints that Morrow Industries had undertaken some sort of special 'Project'. As a result of this
briefing, President Reagan ordered an immediate full-scale, covert investigation of Morrow Industries
involving all Federal resources. Complete security silence was placed on the investigation and control
was retained at the White House level. By August 1985, The President of the United States was
informed of the verified existence of "The Morrow Project". As well, an outline of the Projects' goals was
given, but little hard information concerning such things as base or team locations. After several days of
consultation, the President ordered the activation of a special covert military operation whose purpose
would be to shadow and monitor the activities of Morrow Industries and their Project. The program was
known as "Project: SHADOWJACK"


1st SFG 3rd SFG 5th SFG 7th SFG 10 th SFG 19th SFG 20th SFG


The forces of Project: SHADOWJACK, are drawn from the five Special Forces Groups of the
Regular Army and the two Special Forces Groups (SFG) of the Army National Guard, with each of the
Regular Army SFG (The 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 10th) supplying ten Special Forces Operational
Detachment A (SFOD A) Teams, while the two National Guard SFG (the 19th and 20th) supplied one
SFOD A Team each. Each Regular Army SFG was given responsibility for one of the five group
commands (Pacific, Western, Central, North Eastern, and South Eastern) that were established. There
are ten SF A-Teams each in the Pacific, Western, and Southeast Commands, and 11 SF A-Teams each
in the Central and Northeast Commands.

Region/Group Deployed Teams Area of Operations (AO)

Pacific (1 SFG): SJ-10 to SJ-19 WA, OR, CA, NV

Western (10 SFG): SJ-100 to SJ-109 ID, MT, WY, UT, CO, AZ, NM
Central (5 SFG): SJ-50 to SJ-59 ND, SD, MN, NE, IA, KA, MO, OK, AR, TX, LA
Central (19 SFG): SJ-190
Northeast (3 SFG): SJ-30 to SJ-39 WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, MD, DE, PA, NY, NJ,
Northeast (20 SFG): SJ-200 VT, NH, CT, RI, MA, ME
Southeast (7 SFG): SJ-70 to SJ-79 KY, WVA, VA, TN, NC, MS, AL, GA, SC, FL

The 52 A Teams were cryogenically frozen as part of the Project: SHADOWJACK mandate and
each Team is composed of the following personnel:
Position Rank Military Specialty
Detachment Commander Captain 18A
Executive Officer Warrant Officer 180A
Operations Sergeant Master Sergeant 18Z
Operations & Intelligence NCO Sergeant 1st Class 18F
Weapons NCO Sergeant 1st Class 18B
Assistant Weapons NCO Staff Sergeant 18B
Engineer NCO Sergeant 1st Class 18C
Assistant Engineer NCO Staff Sergeant 18C
Medical NCO Sergeant 1st Class 18D
Assistant Medical NCO Staff Sergeant 18D
Communications NCO Sergeant 1st Class 18E
Assistant Communications NCO Staff Sergeant 18E

In addition to the 52 A Teams, five 11-man SFOD B Teams (one from each Regular Army SFG)
were similarly frozen, to provide Command and Control for the SHADOWJACK Teams in their Area of
Operations (AO). Each B-Team acts as the command and control element for the A-Teams within their
Region. The B-Team establishes and operates the Advanced Operational Base (AOB); Plans and
conducts SF operations; Conducts operations in remote areas and hostile environments for extended
periods of time with minimal external direction or support; Develops, organizes, equips, trains, and
advises or directs indigenous combat forces up to regimental size in Special Operations (SO).

Position Rank Military Specialty

Company Commander Major 18A
Executive Officer Captain 18A
Company Technician Warrant Officer 180A
Company Sergeant-Major Sergeant-Major 18Z
Operations Sergeant Master Sergeant 18Z
Asst Ops Sergeant Sergeant 1st Class 18F
Medical NCO Sergeant 1st Class 18D
Communications NCO Sergeant 1st Class 18E
Assistant Communications NCO Staff Sergeant 18E
Supply Sergeant Staff Sergeant 18B
NBC NCO Sergeant 18B

Finally, a special SFOD C Team (composed of 38 selected personnel from the US Army JFK
Special Warfare Centre) was organized to act as the SHADOWJACK Command Element. This
Command Element comprised the Command Group, the S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, S-5 Sections, Signals
Section, and Medical Section. In 1994, SHADOWJACK Command (SJC) was co-located within another
highly classified military facility known as Project: DAMOCLES (the Advanced AI Computer Defence
System), on the basis that each would provide complementary security to the other. The last
SHADOWJACK team was emplaced in 1996, and the planners settled back to await developments.

From these numbers, it can be seen that in all of the United States, there are only 58
SHADOWJACK Teams (a total of 717 men) frozen to monitor and observe the activities of the Morrow
Project (The US Government never fully realized how large the Project actually was, and just how
ambitious its plans really were).

Post-War Operations

As with all other aspects of US Continental Defence, the DAMOCLES System had been
programmed with complete information regarding Project: SHADOWJACK, including all operational
orders, background data, and team activation codes. Following the unanticipated sequence of events
that took place at the DAMOCLES Complex, the DAMOCLES System determined, (through its flawed
logic) that to awaken the SHADOWJACK Command Element would constitute a threat to its own
security and survival. Therefore, it has left the SFOD C in cryogenic suspension. It has however, taken
it upon itself to continue with the Project: SHADOWJACK mandate, and has over the last 152 years
revived an SJ team as it has deemed appropriate and necessary.

As of Game time, 9 SF teams have awakened throughout the USA. Seven by DAMOCLES,
and two by accident. The re-activated teams are:

Year Region Team Notes

2007 Central SJ-53

2028 Western SJ-101
2046 Pacific SJ-12
2064 Central SJ-52
2089 Central SJ-57
2101 Southeast SJ-70
2125 Northeast SJ-38
2136 Southeast SJ-74 (As mentioned in PF-009; part of an MP/SF Guerrilla Group)
2145 Northeast SJ-37 (As mentioned in PF-004; runs Fort Morrow)
2146 Central SJ-54 (As mentioned in PF-006; wiped out by the Brotherhood)