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Writing Prompts for

The Girl With More Than One Heart
Laura Geringer Bass • •


Briana says, “Aaron and I had two parents, but really Briana remembers that when she was little, her
we each had one. Mom was in charge of Aaron. She mother always had a tissue when she needed one—
was his. Dad was mine…” and they always smelled sweet like flowers.

Who is the adult in or out of your family you feel Make a brief list of sensory memories—sight, sound,
closest to? Write a paragraph about that person. smell, taste or touch. Pick one and write a paragraph
It can be a parent, a grandparent, your brother or about it.
sister, a teacher, a librarian, a mentor or anyone you
go to when you need advice or help.

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Briana remembers making Clothespin Angels with Briana’s mom has one green eye and one brown
her mom. eye. Briana thinks of the green eye as her mom’s
imagination. She thinks of the brown eye as her
Write about an arts and crafts project you made as a mom’s fear.
child. Was there one that took on a life of its own like
Briana’s Clothespin Angels? What did it mean to you Do you ever think of feelings as colors? Write about a
in the past and what does the memory of it mean to feeling or experience you associate with a color.
you now?

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Briana’s mom sees everyday “little miracles” with Briana remembers singing the song “We’re Here
her green eye—like the shadow patterns pigeons Because We’re Here” with her mom when she was
make in the park when they flutter or mist rising little.
from the Hudson River.
Do you remember a song you used to sing that has
Is there anything in your everyday life that you would new significance to you now? Write a dialogue
describe as a little miracle? Write a paragraph about between two characters that centers around one of
it. them singing or remembering a song.

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At the beginning of the book, Briana says she loves Briana’s imagined second heart speaks to her in
her dad “no matter what” but not the rest of her the voice of her dad. The first thing it says is “Say
family. Later, she tells her little brother that she Goodbye.”
loves him no matter what.
Write a paragraph or a page on the theme of saying
Write about an important moment that changed the goodbye to someone or something you love—a
way you think or feel about a member of your family, parent, a friend, a pet, a place.
a friend or a person of importance to you.

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