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Appendix B – Forms

“Best Piece” Reflection Form

Title of Assignment: Epistemology Essay

Date of Assignment: November 27, 2017

Course in which assignment was completed: Philosophy

Briefly describe the assignment. What steps did you take in order to complete this

assignment? What resources, software, skills were required to complete this assignment?

The assignment was a Philosophy Essay, which can never be wrong, as long as there are facts

and a solid argument in support of the topic. Essentially, the writer had to choose a way of

thinking about the theory of knowledge that they found best. The student had to read up on the

theories of knowledge, meaning whether or not humans actually had knowledge (a justified, true

belief). Then, we had to side with one of the theories and actually prove why that was the best

theory of knowledge. The specific steps that I took for the assignment were to read up on the

topic, have an in-depth understanding of the theories of knowledge, and then write the essay,

explaining why the theory of knowledge called Constructivism is best. The resources required

for this assignment were the Philosophy book, and that’s it. The necessary skill was just an

understanding of the theories in Philosophy.

Complete this form with an essay response (1/2 to 1 page; MLA format)

Answer the following questions:

1. Why did you choose this sample as your best piece?

2. What should the reader expect to find?

3. What impressions do you hope the reader gains about you as a learner after viewing this

4. What did you learn as a result of completing this assignment?

5. How will you use this knowledge/experience in the future?

Michael Penny

Mrs. Schuetz

Service Learning, Period 5

1 February, 2018

I chose this sample for my best work piece because I got a very good grade on it (100%)

and it was a really fun assignment to do. The piece that I chose (I feel) was one of the best pieces

of writing that I’ve produced in my four years at Buckingham, and the class that I chose it from

is also one of the most fun classes that I’ve taken in my four years. The reader should expect to

find that I’ve spent a lot of time on the assignment, making it one of my favorite and best graded

pieces. It’s one of the essays that I’ve invested the most time into, and it makes for one of the

best grades that I’ve ever received on an essay. I think that the reader will find that this is also a

very sound argument for an essay, and that the time I’ve spent at Buckingham has improved my

writing and solidified my writing style. I hope that the reader understands from this piece that I

take my learning both very seriously and have fun at the same time. I feel as though this piece

exemplifies this attribute, and so does the class. The class is a lot of fun, but it can get somewhat

serious at times. I learned that there are ways the people think that I had no idea existed.

Philosophy has been a very eye-opening class, and the assignment exemplifies that very well. I

learned a lot of things that might not be able to be applied to all real-life situations, but they help

me develop in my character and intelligence. I will use this experience and development in my
character to create a better image of myself and continue to challenge myself to grow and