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Why the Wind Sings

One day a young girl was walking in the woods humming to herself. She prayed

to the stars that someone would sing with her while she walked. She continued to walk

and nothing happened. So she went back home to her lonely hut. The stars heard her


The very next day when she went out she noticed a soft melody blowing all

around her. She sang with delight for she had a

friend to sing with. She and no one else had ever

felt this before. They couldn’t see it, but they could

feel it. The wind followed her lead as she went

around the woods singing.

She was enjoying the sound so much that

she walked past the old Oak tree at the end of the

woods. She has now entered the wolf’s cove. No

one has ever been in there and lived. The wolves

could hear her coming.

In the next minute the wolves had

her pinned against a wall. She went

silent. The wind stopped, but then the

wind came back and roared and

threw the wolves away from the

young girl. The girl bolted from the