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Professional Semester III Final Report

Faculty of Ed ucati on
Field Experiences
Fall X Spring — Semester, 201 6( Please cli cc k appropriate scm ester)

Professional Semester Ill is a five—course equivalent i nteerated semester including hal f—time teaching and protessiotta I study in
curriculum design. leadership. advanced methods, and reflective practice. Intern Teachers are assigned fill time to schools for
the semester during which they assume responsibility for approNinIatel one-half ofthe teaching day. I’S Ill professional study is
designed to complement and enhance the internship. Ihe professional study components may oeetlr on or oil-campus and arc
coordinated by the Facull> Mentors in collaboration with Intern Teachers and school personnel.

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Education 4571 — Elementary Education
X Education 1572— Secondary Internship
Education 4573— Special Focus Internship
Education 4574— Fine Arts Internship Art or Drama

Education 4575— Fine Arts Internship Music—

Intern Teacher Jnguelvn O’Sullivan Grade Level(s) Grade 9

School Lethbridue Collegiate Institute Administrator Chris Harris

leather Mentor Corv Gillespe Faculty Mentor Lance Gritg

Darren Majeran

Intern Teacher’s 1)eseriptivc Report:

My growth in planning has really blossomed over tile course of tills practicum. I believe I have a
deeper understanding of tile curriculum I am dealing with, as well, as how to best make it
engaging for students learning. Planning is an essential part of my day. With the busy schedule I
faced throughout my practicum I had little time to waste. Having my plans done in advance made
it easier to focus on the students and their connection to lessons. The ability to plan far in
advanced has proven to be extremely beneficial. It has opened up more tinle to reflect on lessons,
help students in need and ensure I am in line with curriculum while providing engaging activities
suited for my classroom diversity. I know when I am full>’ planned and prepared I am a better
teacher. I contribute my knowledge and passion to lessons fully’ which has helped my students
become successful in their learning.
One of my values in teaching is really recognizing when it is time to teach an’ students
and when it is time to learn from my students. I believe that I created a very open and positive
learning environment from my willingness to learn from my students and be flexible when
questions or discussions arise. My instruction and flexibility also provides students with
opportunities to think critically about the material. This consistent strategy contributes to an
optimal level of learning in the classroom. Furthermore, I recognize all students learn
individually and in unique ways. The instruction practices I applied tilis practicum reflected this
by incorporating visual, aural, physical, verbal and technological methods to instruction.
The most growth I feel I occurred during my practicum was in the area of assessment. I
was lucky to have been able to do physical education setting assessment and classroom setting

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PS III FnaI Report for Jaguelyn O’Sullivan

assessments throughout this semester. In a physical education setting assessment mostly actioned
based. I implemented assessment practices that involved the students providing self-assessments
and peer assessments in hopes to give students autonomy about their learning, ability to apply
expectations and translate movements into applicable skills outside of the classroom. Teaching
ilealth really pushed myselfto diversify my assessment practices. I feel that the course material
was all life applicable skills and therefore I needed to create life applicable assessments. Some of
the assessments I used included, projects, quizzes, scenario questions and reflections, portfolios,
skits and inquiry projects.
Over the course of this practicum I truly believe the area that had the most impact on me
as a teacher was the rapport I created with the students and stalihere at LCI. I really felt like I
became part of the community. I connected constantly with students and really saw myself be an
advocate for their learning. I chose to put myself out there and get involved with as many things
as possible including supervision of Free Gym at lunch, the Social Committee, observing other
teachers, reEling, and coaching. I am confident that all of these relationships and opportunities I
chose to partake in really influenced my growth as a teacher aM a person. Not did my
involvement in the school outside of the classroom provide me with the full experience, it is
going to make it extremely hard to say goodbye!
Intern Teacher’s Descriptive Report (Continued)

eacher Signature Date

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PS Ill Final Report for Januelyn OSullivan

This page is to be attached to the Intern Teacher’s Report.

School Administrator Comments:
This is the final report for Jaquelyn O’Sullivan’s PS Ill semester at LCI as prepared by Chris
1-larris. Vice Principal. It reflects Jaquelyn’s proficiencies in relation to the KSA’s of the Interim
Teaching Quality Standard. I-Icr teaching assignment included PP classes in the gym and Health
classes in a more traditional classroom space.
Jaqueln has taught PB and Health this semester. Each of the classes has been comprised of
heterogeneous groupings of students with a wide variety of strengths and needs. Jaquelyn has
demonstrated the ability to build solid relationships with all of the students in her classes. She
has used a variety of techniques to capture student attention and to engage them in her lessons.
She demonstrates an understanding of the need to adjust her instruction to each of the class
locations as well as to difThrentiate her lessons to meet the stLldent where they are. She has
incorporated feedback from the students into her instruction and allowed them to have input as to
the format that their assignments may take. One example of this occurred during the dance unit
in which she and the students collaborated to create their final product, a l-larlem Shake video
that had been suggested by the students.
Jaquelyn has an excellent understanding of the program of studies and planned her lessons
accordingly. In Jaquelyn’s class, students understand what is expected of them as well as which
objectives they are working towards. During her PB classes, Jaquelyn says aloud the objectives
that they are working on as the students are performing various actions. Students were then able
to adjust their actions to make sure that they were in line with the objectives of the class. I
appreciated the continuous feedback that she provides to her students as she moves about the
class to monitor their progress.
Jaquelyn has an excellent understanding of the subject matter that she is teaching. She also
coached our Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball team and did an outstanding job of instructing the
players on proper techniques, fitness and game strategy. TIer understanding of her student’s
needs for security was very apparent and she developed a classroom environment that was safe
not only physically, but socially, culturally and psychologically as well. She has fostered an
atmosphere of mutual respect in her classes and the students treat each other the same way.
Jaquelyn has done a very good job of using long range plans to guide her instruction this
semester. This has enabled her to maintain good pacing in her classes and ensure that she covers
the Program of Studies. She has also used medium and short range plans to guide her clay—to—day
instruction and to use her time efficiently. Students are used to the routines that she has
established in class and this also contributes to her effectiveness and efficiency as a teacher.
The assessment practices that Jaquelyn has demonstrated over the course of the semester involve
an extensive amount of formative feedback. Ensuring that students have an opportunity to
succeed or fail but then grow from the experience is a vital part of instruction and the growth of
students. Jaquelyn has applied this concept to her practice and she has integrated a variety of
multi-media components to her instruction as well. Her assessment practices are a strength,
particularly in the formative feedback she gives to her students.
.laquelyn has integrated herself very well into the staff at ELI. She was involved in coaching as
well as intramurals at the school. She is friendly and was very willing to work collaboratively
with her PP team to develop the best programs that they could. They worked very well as a team
and Jaqueln is definitely someone that reflects on what they have done, how they could improve
it. and how the)’ would do it again in the future.
Overall. Jaquelyn has had a very successful PS III round at LCI. She developed strong, positive
relationships with the students as well as the players and parents on the team that she coached.

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P5111 Final Report for Jaguelyn O’sullivan

11cr ability to form relationships is probably her greatest strength as a person as well as an
educator and it has served her very well during her time at LCI. The has found ways to meet all
of the students in her classes where they are, and to help them grow. Jaquelyn, congratulations
on ajob well done and I’d like to wish you the best of luck in the future. Thanks for all you have
done for the LCI community.

Chris Harris

School Administra(’or Signature Date

7 t/6

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PS Ill Final Report for Jaguelyn O’Sullivan

This page is to be attached to the Intern Teacher’s Report.

Teacher Mentor Comments:

.Iaquelvn O’Sullivanjoined the Lethbridge Collegiate Institute Physical Education Department

at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Jaquelyn’s internship teaching responsibilities were a
grade 9 Physical Education and 2 1-lealth 9 classes; Jaquelyn taught Physical Education 9 under my
mentorship and health 9 under Darren Majeran’s mentorship. From the very first day Jaquelyn has been
willing and able to fulfill all of her teaching responsibilities with minimal guidance. She has taken the
role of teacher/instructor seriously and has been willing to do whatever necessary to be successful in that
role. Jaquelyn has approached her teaching with a high level of professionalism and maintained that
standard throughout her internship. She has worked hard to learn and explore different teaching
techniques and management strategies, by utilizing the comlbrt of a strong physical activity/literacy
knowledge base, in order to remain proactive in improving her teaching practices. Her growth from the
beginning of her internship to the end has been positive and steady.
During her time at the LCI. Jaquelyn has established and maintained a very organized and prepared
program. She continues to work on a variety of classroom management techniques and uses a wide array
ol’subjeet material in order to keep students interested and motivated. She consistently differentiates her
instruction, and incorporates inquiry based approaches, that allowed students to thrive and explore the
environment and activities. This was most evident in the leadership project, grade 9 PIE completed, with
fifteen-minute fitness presentations each student/group was responsible for preparing and leading the class
through. In situations that have required Jaquelyn to be flexible for students to achieve success, she has
Some ofJaquelyn’s strengths are her ability to be planned, flexible, and fair. 11cr subject knowledge
and ability to modify activities in class mid lesson, in order to meet the class’s needs, are an excellent
asset she is vell on her way to developing. Jaquelyn is always lesson planned in detail with material
ready to go prior to lessons being delivered.
Jaquclyn has readily taken on tasks that go above and beyond the responsibility of teaching and
involved herself with coaching within the volleyball program at the ELI. She accepts that the role ofa
physical education teacher extends beyond the realm of the classroom and normal teaching day. This
would include planning daily practices and workouts, attending practices and games and completing all
the paperwork necessary for the team to participate in these activities. She feels that co-curricular
programming is important and should be supported whenever possible and is willing to offer that support.
Jaquelyn also spent many of her lunch hours and personal planning time providing supervision in the
gymnasium, so that students could access activity during down times.
Jaquelyn is very aware of’ the areas in which she will need to grow in order to master the art of
teaching. The first area is the continued evolution of a teaching philosophy. Being a new teacher,
Jaquelyn is only beginning to determine what she feels will form the basis of who she is as a teacher and
how she can use that to engage students in meaningful ways. Jaqueln participated in weekly meetings
where we discussed her professional growth. During these meetings she was challenged to review and
explore her management and assessment strategies, what constitutes developing meaningful
teacher/student relations and methods of creating greater student engagement. The second area is learning
the balance between professional and personal life. At times, Jaquelyn lost sight of maintaining some
balance in her own life due to her focus and dedication on doing an amazing job. Maintaining balance is
an integral for her to learn, as a healthy and well teacher is one who reaches that many more students.
Jaquelyn is a very pleasant and hard-working individual who lit into our team seamlessly. She is
dedicated to the teaching profession and to the success of our young adults in the High School
level. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow as an individual and a professional. I have

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PS Ill Final Report for Jaguelyn O’sullivan

enjoyed the opportunity to be associated with her and play a small role in helping Jaquelyn to
become the great teacher I know she will become. I wish her all the best and believe she will
make an excellent addition to any staff or organization.

M%TIgnaire Date

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PS III Final Report for Januelyn OSullivan

This page is to be attached to the Intern Teacher’s Report.

Faculty Mentor Comments:
.laquelyn O’Sullivan’s progress throughout her P5111 practicurn has been consistent and very
impressive. Her enthusiasm for and interest iii her students’ learning is consistent and genuine.
I laying observed Jaquelyn’s teaching. I was pleased to see a diligent and thoughtful individual
continually caring for her students’ success. I observed Jaquelyn teaching Grade Nine Physical
Education at Lethbridge Collegiate I ugh School (LCI). Importantly. Jaqueln strove to establish
solid and authentic relationships with all her students. I saw this consistently demonstrated
throughout her practieum.
Jaquelyrfs communication and planning skills were clearly evident throughout her
practicum. She developed long-range and short-range plans that follow the Program of Studies
for Grade Nine Physical Education curricula. Often, Jaquelyn shared sound reflections on her
lessons in post-observation conferencing. Jaqueln did very well in delivering her lessons.
Importantly, in all her planning, she specified objectives, relevant activities and apt
timelines. As well. Jaquekn planned for both formative and summative means of assessment
throughout the practicum. As well. I saw Jaquelvn work individually with students who were in
need of either remediation or enrichment. I saw this consistently at work in the gym when
students needed extra help mastering a specific skill or understanding key rules in a game. Also, I
saw this at work in the classroom when she taught an important and challenging I Icaith unit.
.Iaquelyn participated in a number of professional development initiatives as well as time-
consuming, extra-curricular activities. Site-based and district-wide professional development
included attending sessions at her high school and elsewhere. Jaquelyn participated in these
sessions with enthusiasm. As well, Jaquelyn took the opportunity to gather insights from
experienced teachers as to how to best promote skill development in specific sports within a
physical education context.
Also, Jaquelyn coached the Junior Girls’ Volleyball Team at LCI. This is a very lengthy
time commitment. Jaquelyn enthusiastically and skillfully coached the team throughout her
practicum. It was clear how much her students respected her, and saw her as their teacher.
Jaquelvn has a very mature teacher presence in the classroom, something not often seen in PSIII
Moreover, throughout her practicum Jaquelvn demonstrated important attitudes relevant
to the KSAs. She was respectful of all her students, staff and colleagues. She listened attentively
to students. She received advice from mentors in a collaborative and professional manner. She
identifies relevant and reliable resources that are key for professional educators. Often, this
search originated within classroom and gymnasium contexts that prompted her to ask relevant
questions needing accurate answers. Aside from having these skills and attitudes, Jaquelyn is
very collaborative. She works well within a team setting. She works cooperatively with her
teacher mentors, faculty mentor, administration and colleagues. In short. Jaquelyn exhibits an
ongoing commitment to life-long and life-wide learning.

I have read the complete Final Report and certify that the assigned grade is PASS.

Faculty Mentor Signature Date

December 6”, 2017

I:r Furins PSI II

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