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Post 3- What is the purpose of a documentary?

To inform- inform the
audience about the
To investigate- to looks issues all around the
closer into the topic for world.
the audience to watch
Factual – give statistics and analyse
and the documentary
is based on facts. To re-tell a story

To explore different Purpose of a To observe
styles and themes documentary?
To educate- educates the
audience on certain
issues that are happening
To state fact, not fiction in our society

To raise
To give an opinion- can be awareness To entertain
biased and to explore the – provide To persuade – change
opposing arguments and knowledge the opinion of the
the views of the presenter and entertain audience on the
for the documentary topic

What is a documentary?

A documentary is a television programme, film or a radio programme
that provides a factual report on a certain subject to present to the
particular target audience. Documentaries are often made because
they may feel that particular subject is not being addressed enough
in the media or on television. There are many different purposes of
the construction of a documentary. For example, they include to
entertain, to inform and to educate an audience.
I would like my documentary to entertain my target audience as this
is the most popular purpose of documentaries. Also by having a
documentary that entertains, it engages the audience to stay
focused on the programme and means they will not lose interest in
my documentary.