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Little Queen Of Spades Words & Music by Rober Johnson Medium tempo A’ mf, 3 Now she is a lit - tle queen of spades, Adim Asus?/+ A’ 7 Adim Asus? /s —3— and the =omen will ~not let her be. a y 3, Hoo,__________ she’s the lit-tle queen of — spades,- A Adim Asus*/« 3 —3— and the men will not let her be. v B 3 Ev-'ry time she makes_ a spread,— hoo, fair y A brown, cold chills just run all ov-er me.—— Verse 2 I'm gon’ get me a gamblin’ woman, if it’s the last thing that | do. (Twice) Well, a man don’t need a woman, hoo fair brown, that he got to give all his money to. Verse 3 Everybody say she got a mgjo, now she’s been using that stuff. (Twice) But she got a way of trimmin’ down, hoo fair brown, and | mean it’s most too tough. Verse 4 Now, little girl, since Iam the king, baby, and you is a queen. (Twice) Let us put our heads together, hoo fair brown, then we can make our money green. "iis een mentor Copren Seer 141