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My Life a Garden

Mi vida un Jardín
• Rebeca Segebre
My Life a Garden, inside this beautiful book to meditate and
put into practice. Using simple but significant daily exer- Other books
cises you will begin a powerful transformation and will be recommended:
on your way to reap happiness.
“I wish that when you read and meditate in each devotional
of this book, you feel the desire to make an inventory of the
seeds that you are sowing in your home, in your business,
in your inner life. I hope that you would proactively decide
what things are worth keep sowing and what others you are
going to tear out forever from the garden of your life. I invite
you to cultivate the virtues that result in your happiness,
which lead you to flourish and to reap fruit in abundance.”
Corazones de fuego
Key Selling Points 608002 • 9789588285078
NOVEMBER • This book invites the reader to challenge the princi-
2017 ples established by the world, to identify our toxic re-
Unilit/Desafío actions and to replace them with the advised of the
Word of God.
• This book helps the reader to identify the biblical
Product 600088
principles and virtues that we must develop for a
ISBN : 978-958-737-149-9 fulfilling life.
$11.99 • It helps the reader to develop their spiritual muscles in
their time alone with God.
Pages: 208 • This book shows you not only the promises of God but
Size: 5.5” x 8.25” also the benefits of living according to His will. Historias y Secretos
Case Quantity: N/A • Easy to read daily devotionals with the inspiration and 600066 • 9789587371222
motivation for the everyday life. A book based on the
Cover: Paperback
Scriptures, it helps the reader to make wise choices.
Category: Christian life, Women,
About the Author
Rebeca Segebre is a software engineer, graduated in
theology and is a prolific writer, recognized in the Hispanic
world for her work with women, orphans and adoption.
In the business area, Rebeca has excelled as a project
manager for Fortune 500 companies.
Conference speaker and successful author, with three Espíritu de Éxito
best-sellers, including “A minute with God”. 600042 • 9789587370768
She manages an organization that provides
resources of inspiration for daily living
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