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1 February 2018




People who have less in life should have more in law.

It is my opinion that the core of legal studies is to be aware of what one’s rights and

obligations are not just in the law but also in life. People think that the study of law is limited to

the few who have the mental, physical, emotional strength and capacity to endure the four

grueling years of law school and the bar. But I say different, the study of law should be

mandatory for everyone. Alas, not everyone has access to the information and books among

others – this is where legal advocacy comes in. It is for lawyers and students of the law alike to

help those who are unable to equip themselves to protect their rights. Essentially, it is for the

lesser fortunate segment of society. Developmental legal advocacy was established for students

to engage in legal work while they are still studying to help the poorer segment of society. Apart

from having to apply what are learned in the four corners of the classroom, I think that this

exercise also helps students become more aware of what awaits beyond the bar – injustice and

oppression. It happens every day but most times the victims stay quiet since they are not

equipped with the right tools and knowledge to protect their rights.