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Policy Guidelines on hiring and deployment of Kindergarten teachers

( DepEd ORDER No. 81, s. 2012)

 Educational Qualification
a. A holder of any of the following degrees:
- Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (ECE)
- Bachelor of Science Preschool Education
- Bachelor of Science (BS) in Family Life and Child Development
- Bachelor in Elementary Education with specialization in Preschool or Early Childhood
- Bachelor in Elementary major in Teaching Early grades

b. Teaching experience in kindergarten/preschool both in public and recognized private schools

c. Holder of Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) and/or Professional Board Examination for
Teacher (PBET) license

d. Must not be more than 45 years old

 Deployment of Kindergarten Teachers

a. Teacher 1 plantilla position for kinder teacher shall be deployed in public schools
b. Division’s Registry of Qualified Applicants
c. In a school where there is only one (Kindergarten class, teacher shall handle another class in a
nearby school.
d. Entitled to receive the same benefits and other continuing professional develo

Laws Governing Pre-School Education

e. Republic Act 8980 (Early Childhood Care and Development Act)

- Enacted in 2000, this law identifies the growing importance of providing preschool
education and addressing young children's other needs.
f. Republic Act 6972 (Barangay Level Total Protection of Children Act)
- Enacted in 1990, this law requires all local government units to set up a day care center in
every barangay.
g. Senate Bill 3235 (An Act to Institutionalize Pre-school Education)
- Stressing the importance of preschool education in the country. The bill calls for the
formulation of a standard preschool curriculum.