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Water is important on the development in the socio-economy and the healthy ecosystems.

The presence of water in the world gives life to any of the living organisms in the ecosystem. It

is necessary to have water for drinking purposes, food production and for irrigation. In using the

water, agriculture is competing on other society like urban areas and industries. (Folkard Asch)

In reaching the demand of food and fiber in the world, the irrigated agricultural area must

be expanding. (Rhoades). Due to this demand the agriculture needs to produce more crops. We

cannot stop agriculture on using water because it is essential on reaching and supplying on the

demand on foods of the nation. Although they use more than three-fourths of country’s annual

consumption we still need them to satisfy our needs. (14no).

The water that is used in irrigation is not stored for reuse. (14no). Most type of irrigation

was not managed to use water efficiently. Farmers are applying water in irrigation and irrigation

interval that they are applying doesn’t follow on the technical criteria. (B. Kendirli, Evaluation of

agricultural water use: A Case study for Kizilirmak, 2007). That is why the available water for

irrigation was decreasing because of the depletion on the water on the rivers and the wells.


The effects of misusing of the water for irrigation will be the profit breakdown and the

water will lose its good quality. Because of using insecticides and pesticides in order to eliminate

the insects and pests that are destroying the crops, the water will be polluted. (14no).
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