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2018 is definitely off to a great start!

January was
definitely a busy month full of great learning
opportunities. I feel very fortunate to get the
opportunity to learn with all the amazing students in
our SERR classroom. Please read to see what we
have been learning about!


Math: We continued some learning about 3- Math: When we returned from the holidays,
dimensional shapes when we returned from the students began by exploring place value. We
holidays. We have also been focused on represented numbers using standard form
building our skip counting skills. We spent time (4567), word form (four thousand five hundred
using money to help build the idea of 'unitizing'. sixty-seven) and expanded form
When we skip count by 10's we are counting (4000+500+60+7) with numbers up to 6-digits.
units of 10 (dimes) but we also need to recognize Students also compared and ordered numbers
that each unit has ten ones (pennies). We have using <, > and = symbols. Students are working
spent a lot of time exploring subtraction. on subtracting 2 or more digit numbers with
Students used base ten materials to answer regrouping. We have begun some new learning
subtraction questions and have helped build an about polygons (2-dimensional shapes) and
understanding of how to regroup in order to their geometric properties including number of
solve problems such as, 45-29. We have begun sides, congruent sides, parallel sides, angles and
a new unit on patterning that will continue into lines of symmetry.
February. Literacy: Students have been learning about
Literacy: We have published "How to Build a elements of a story. We have been watching
Snowman" procedural texts. Students designed Pixar Short films to help us build an
their own snowman and then wrote about the understanding of conflict, rising action, climax,
materials and steps needed to build the falling action and resolution. I am excited to
snowman they had designed. Now we have see how they will apply this learning during our
begun a media project where students will upcoming literature circles and novel studies.
create a slide show presentation explaining how Students have been very interested in getting a
to do something. I am looking forward to class pet. They are going to be gathering
watching these presentations! Students have research on a pet they would like to have in our
been working hard on building their decoding classroom (that falls under the school board
skills (how to figure out unfamiliar words). We will guidelines) and writing a description as well as
be working on building comprehension this term a persuasive letter to convince their classmates
as we read by answering questions and making that this pet is the best choice. I can't wait to
connections to the texts we are reading. see what we will end up with!

At home: In addition to listening to your child At home: Practice subtraction by rolling 2-6
read his take-home reading book, spend time dice and creating 2 different numbers then
reading aloud to your child and talking about asking your child to subtract them. Can they
what is happening in the story. Practice skip arrange the numbers to find the biggest
counting by 2's, 5's and 10's. Use dice or possible answer? The smallest? Ask your child
dominoes to practice subtraction facts to 20. about the novel they are reading/listening to.