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Facilitator(s): Christy Jones

Attendees: Media Specialists

Location: RAX
Time: 12:00-3:00
Welcome/Lunch (12:00-1:15) Guest Speakers: Scholastics’ Cookie Kushner and Les
o Guest Speaker: Ms. Cookie Kushner from Kevehazi spoke about product selection, book fair benefits
and details. This year’s theme is “Paws for Books.” Mickey
Scholastic (be sure to thank her for Kirkland did a book talk for the book “The Little Red Fort.”
lunch!) Kerrie Witzel had a record book fair last year and received
o Welcome to our “future Media a certificate for the accomplishment. Over 2 million minutes
Specialists”! of independent reading was reached through the book fairs
o Sunshine Moments in the county last year—Christy Jones was presented with a
certificate for the accomplishment.

Future Media Specialists: We welcomed three Georgia

Southern University practicum students: Blake Lipthratt
(currently at Satilla Marsh), Sally Gazaway (currently at
Jane Macon Middle), and Michelle Smotzer (currently at
FACES). As part of their practicum experience, they needed
to attend one of the mandatory monthly media specialist
Sunshine: Lydia Brantley is in Augusta with her mother
who was diagnosed with cancer—they will be moving her
into Hospice in Brunswick. Amy Bradley is in Macon
because her daughter was in a car accident over the
weekend and is in the hospital there—hopefully she will be
able to be moved down here soon. Lydia and Amy are
sending updates through email. Both families will be in our
Updates: Kasey Smith shared that she purchased the
ammo boxes and the additional items (locks, ink pens, and
black light) for less than the price of one box.
Restroom Break (1:15-1:30)
Google Drive and basic applications- Everyone logged into a personal account. Christy
C. Jones (1:30-2:15) recommended not creating or saving too many new items
for school yet since in about one month we will be getting
our school google address. Christy will be doing trainings at
GMS and RMS in the next few weeks as they pilot Google
classrooms then she will begin training other schools for a
roll out next Fall.
Global Day of Design Christy sent an email with an attachment and links that we
used today and that we may need as we begin working in
Google and helping teachers in the future. Christy
suggested we create a google and stash all emails from her
so that we have easy reference as we learn and for next

The ones below pertain to the PL we did today:

Google Google Google

Drive Docs Forms

Google Google Google

Drive Docs Forms
Trainer Training Trainer
Guide Guide Guide

Drive Cheat Using Using

Sheet Google Google
Docs Forms

Docs Cheat More About

Sheet Forms

Wrap Up/ Next Steps (2:15-3:00) Photo release update: Christy passed out the letter that
 Focus on 1 Success Criteria for next month: goes out to parents that shows that the parent is
I can support student learning by planning responsible for notifying the school if they don’t want their
child’s photo to be released. The registration office should
with teachers to incorporate resources into not be sending out a photo release that needs to be signed
instruction. and returned in order to use the students’ photo—should
 Photo Release form update be an opt out.
 Upcoming Meetings