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A Literary Analysis

of The Great Gatsby

By: Martin Rodriguez
Hopeless Love in The Great Gatsby
● Why is this the topic you chose? In other words, how is it relevant to the
novel? Or, why is it an important topic to consider when discussing this

I choose this topic due to throughout the novel, Gatsby and daisy love was full of
obstacles and challenges, but their love was stronger than anything. Gatsby
wanted back the love he had with Daisy in the past, but since Daisy is married to
tom, is difficult for them to be back together, especially because Daisy has a
daughter. And so this topic is important to consider when discussing this novel
because Gatsby was hopeless that daisy still loves him because he loves her, so
he would face or do anything to get her love back, and enjoy their love like in the
In chapter 1, it was established that
‘’ I don’t know a single, you must
know Gatsby , Gatsby, demanded
daisy, what gatsby’’ (page 11). This
piece of evidence shows

Characterization characterization due to Daisy is

interested when she hears the
name of Gatsby. Which in one word
Chapters 1-3 it could describe as ‘’hopeless love’’,
meaning daisy has not forgotten
about Gatsby, which there can still
be hope between them.
In chapter 2, personification was
present due to in the text it said that
‘’ the late afternoon sky bloomed in
the window for a moment’’ (page
35). This is personification due to
(Personification) the sky can’t bloomed like a flower.
And this connect to my topic
‘’hopeless love’’ due to the sky can
Chapters 1-3
represent hope or light at the end of
the tunnel, about Gatsby and Daisy
In chapter 5, there was symbolism ,
such as ‘’green light’’, which
represented and was talk on
chapter 5 about Gatsby
(symbolism) characterize daisy as his light. This
choice indicates about hopeless
love that for Gatsby, daisy is his
Chapters 4-6 light, so there is still hope and
something to do, for him to get the
trust and love of daisy back.
According to chapter 5, it said
that ‘’ gatsby, in a white flannel suit,
silver shirt, and gold coloured tie,
hurried in’’ (page 84). This evidence
shows that the white can represent
innocence or purity of Gatsby trying
(Symbolism) with his best effort to impress Daisy
to fall in love with him again.And
the gold and silver can also
Chapters 4-6 represent love or wealth, with the
same purpose of Gatsby to impress
Daisy. And so this choice goes
back to ‘’hopeless love’’ that can
still exist between Gatsby and
‘’Their eyes met, and they starred
together at each other, alone in
space, with an effort she glanced
down at the table, you always look
so cool, she repeated’’ (pg 119).This
(Characterization) choice indicates that Daisy is telling
gatsby that he looks so cool, and
just by them looking at each other,
Chapter 7-9 we could see as the audience that
love still exist between them and
hope of going back together.
In chapter 8, it said that ‘’He
couldn’t possibly leave daisy until
he knew what she was going to do,
he was clutching at some last hope
and I couldn’t bear to shake him
free’’ (page 148). This evidence
shows Metaphor because it uses
Metaphor the words ‘’ clutching’’ and ‘’shake’’.
Following by, this evidence also
shows that Gatsby would do
Chapters 7-9 anything for daisy, even after the
terrible accident, Gatsby would not
leave Daisy alone. In other words,
Gatsby still loves Daisy, and he
hopes that his love with her is back
and would pass all of the obstacles.
● Well, I tried to swing the wheel,
he broke off, and suddenly I
guessed at the truth, was daisy
driving, yes, he said after a

moment , but of course I’ll say I
was’’ (page 143). The meaning

of this choice shows
characterization because
Gatsby is blaming himself for
Chapters 7-9 Myrtle death, instead it was
responsibility of Daisy. And so
this just means love between
both, and Gatsby is hopeless
that he would get closer to
Daisy if he puts the blame on
In chapter 8, there was imagery due
to in the reading it said that ‘’ there
was a ripe mystery about it, a hint
go bedrooms upstairs more
beautiful and cool than other
bedrooms, of gay and radiant
activities taking place through its
corridors, and of romances that
(Imagery) were not musty’’ (page 147). This
evidence shows a description of
Daisy bedroom made by Gatsby.
Chapters 7-9 And as the audience we can
imagine Daisy beautiful room and
not musty, which means that Daisy
world is not hidden and her
American dream is still alive. Which
goes back to ‘’hopeless love’’
because Daisy and Gatsby dream of
Love can sometimes be forgotten after time, but if you
really love that person , there would always be hope.
What would you tell next year’s juniors about why we read The Great Gatsby? Think
about what makes it an important work of American literature, and in what ways reading
it may have improved your reading and thinking skills.

Class of 2020, in my opinion ‘’The Great Gatsby’’ was a book that I enjoy from the
beginning to the end. Following by, this book also have sociological, Historical, and
biographical lens that are important to the work of American literature because each
lens have a different meaning that help us as readers think more deeply about the book
or our society. In other words, the meaning of the different lenses may be to discover
the text’s meaning(historical), shows the relationship between author’s
life(biographical), and lastly to examine literature in the cultural, economic, political, and
determines which social groups are being included (sociological). All these lenses help
us as reader to have more knowledge about what American literature is and how it
helps us improve our reading skills by going deeper reading into the book and and know
its meaning, by using one of the lenses, would make you a better reader and understand
what you are reading and analyzing what you reading, in a better and easier way.