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6 February 2018

The Principal
Elementary Department

Dear Sir;

Good day.

I am writing you this letter to call your attention to an ongoing bullying that my son is experiencing in his class.
I am the father of Samuel , a third grader. Though, I have reported this to his adviser, which advises
me to follow a process and set-up a conference with the other party, it only afforded prolonged agony for my son.
On 26th of January, I texted Ms. Laiza requesting to meet-up with Solo Pascual’s parent due to the incessant
bullying he is doing to my son. She told me I must follow a process with no indication of a plan of action. On the
29th of January, which happened to be my son’s birthday, he got hit with Solo’s shoe in the head and was told it
was not intentional because it was purposefully to hit Gio. The kid is deliberately hurting anyone he wants to.

These are the incidences of bullying reported to me;

1- Bruises in his arm due to a very firm squeeze while calling him ugly;
2- Been hit with a stone in the head;
3- Spat on his shoe;
4- Kicked during the Investiture practice;
5- Pushed purposely with no reason;
6- Jerking his knee joints.

When my son was a newbie in school last year, he was very happy and proud of it. He had no problem while he
was in II-Casiara, he would even cry if we talked about transferring to another school. But, recently he was open
to the idea which got me baffled. He wanted a shorter class period and go home early; asked me why God allow
people to hurt others. Whilst I consider those questions to be natural for a growing-up kid, I suspected that this
has something to do with being harassed by his classmate.

While I respect the so called “process” you implement, it only affords protection to the bullies and not the victim.
Case in point, my son.
The parent of the other party deferred the set date to meet and talk, thus the bullying did not stop.
Just this afternoon during lunch, my son told me that he was pushed by Solo and jerked his knee joint for an
uninvited horseplay. It gets frustrating everyday knowing that there is someone out there free to do that to my
son without remorse. This needs to be actioned.

Kindly assist to investigate this matter and provide me a copy of your findings.