DREAM SEQUENCE, LIBRARY CHECKOUT DESK -- DAY A buxom CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD(18), in a blue dress, stands in front a library checkout desk facing a prim LIBRARIAN(30) with her hair in a bun. There is no one else present. The librarian wears a prominent name-tag that says "Librarian". LIBRARIAN That book doesn’t exist anymore. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD That’s impossible! LIBRARIAN (calmly, as her face chars and melts) There’s nothing I can do. The librarian bursts into flames. Constance looks down at her hands. The skin on Constance’s hands chars and falls off and she screams. A nuclear fireball consumes New York City. INT. CONSTANCE’S BEDROOM -- NIGHT Constance wakes, screaming. She checks her hands to see that they are OK. She gets up and puts on a robe. INT. HOTEL GIFT SHOP -- DAY Yawning, Constance examines a watch held by the female CLERK(25). She wears typical college student attire and carries a backpack of books. Dressed like a Secret Service agent, THOMAS FIELDS(45) looks on. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD It’s my birthday present to myself. CLERK (with a French accent) Happy birthday, Miss Fairchild. Constance puts on the watch. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD I’m going to be late for class! Constance runs from the shop, followed by Thomas Fields.


THOMAS FIELDS (into his lapel microphone) Eagle’s moving. Location Bravo. EXT. WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK -- DAY George and Constance stroll through the park as Thomas Fields watches from a distance. Demonstrators chanting Dun-ford, Dun-ford march in a circle carrying signs: "Long live Apostle Dunford!" "Put Rapture Runways on Campus!" CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD There’s something in the air. I just sense it. GEORGE PETERSON (smiling) I smell it too. It’s called a garbage strike. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD No! It’s the dream I had! Dreams always mean something. Mine do, anyway. Like echoes of the future... GEORGE PETERSON You sound like this friend of my family ... this shaman. Uh ... uh (beat) Would you like to go out with me? To dinner or a movie? CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD Oh! OK. When do you...? Constance’s cell-phone beeps, interrupting her. She listens and shuts it off. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD I’m sorry George. I’ve got to go. My family business wants me for something. GEORGE PETERSON Your family has a business? CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD I’m the only one in my family. My ... my parents ... a few years ago they died. Now the business supports me and pays for school.


GEORGE PETERSON I’m sorry. About your parents. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD So am I. Constance checks her watch. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD (cont’d) I really do have to go. Talk to you later. INT. HORIZON INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION RECEPTION AREA-- DAY Constance steps out of an elevator and a hundred voices shout "surprise". Many office workers and executives are present. Constance looks terrified and about to flee. Olive-skinned ANGELA PAPPAS(26) takes Constance’s hand, and the Jamaican MATILDA APPLEBY(35) wheels out a huge sheet-cake. ANGELA PAPPAS (taking Constance’s backpack) I’ll put your books in your office. Angela disappears into the crowd. Constance blows out the candles. The crowd grows silent. Wearing a yarmulke and glasses, ABE COHEN(68) speaks into a wireless mike. ABE COHEN To the new people who have spotted this young lady around the office, I give you the now 18-year old Constance Fairchild. Applause. Constance grins and briefly covers her face. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD (waving shyly) Hi! ABE COHEN This is not as dramatic as the first time I met her. I was the director of Revenue Accounting. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD That story again!


ABE COHEN She fainted from hunger in front of my office, so I gave her my lunch. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD A Jewish father! ABE COHEN She said she’d change the company someday. I said I’d come out of retirement; I’d fly up from Florida to see for myself. Because I was so generous with my lunch, she asked me to stay on as CEO. Laughter. ABE COHEN (cont’d) And, because I hate flying, I agreed -- saving myself two trips. Laughter. ABE COHEN (cont’d) And so -- at an age when most girls have nothing more serious on their minds than school and dating -Constance lost her parents. And found herself owning and running the most powerful corporate entity on Earth. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD I don’t run anything! I just sign papers with my magic fingers! ABE COHEN Well, I’ve bored people long enough. It’s your turn Constance. A teary Constance shakes her head then reluctantly takes the mike. A loud explosion followed by a woman’s screaming interrupts her. Former KGB-officer, NICK OBOLENSKY(60), pushes through the crowd, murmuring something into a lapel-mike. NICK OBOLENSKY Everyone stay where you are! CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD What happened?

5. NICK OBOLENSKY(O.S.) Call an ambulance! INT. HORIZON INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION RECEPTION AREA --DAY The crowd parts as two burly men in elegant suits carry Angela Pappas on a stretcher. Her face is a mass of red with no discernible features. They pass Constance. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD (crying and upset) Oooh, my God Angela, oh Angela... ANGELA PAPPAS (gurgling hideously) Constance... CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD Don’t try to talk. An ambulance is coming. ANGELA PAPPAS Take care of Tim... Promise! CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD I promise! I promise! Angela passes out. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD (cont’d) Who’s Tim? SECRETARY He’s Angela’s son. In the Day Care Center downstairs. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD Call her husband! Maybe I should because I’m her boss. SECRETARY Her personnel file doesn’t list anyone but Tim. Paramedics arrive. PARAMEDIC Any other victims? NICK OBOLENSKY Another one’s in a back office. Missing her head and left arm.


CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD (to Matilda Appleby) Let’s pick up Tim. MATILDA APPLEBY Will they let you take one of the children? CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD I’ll bring our Human Resources director. INT. DAY CARE CENTER -- DAY Constance, Matilda Appleby, and ROGER HANSON(50) enter the day care center. TIM(4) stares at Constance. JANE KENDLE(45) is surprised to see Mr. Hansen who whispers in her ear. What he tells her shocks her. JANE KENDLE ...of course! Tim, please come here. Tim walks over to Constance, who puts her arm around him. INT. ANGELA’S LOBBY-- NIGHT Constance, Tim, Matilda Appleby and several bodyguards, including Thomas Fields, enter a shabby apartment building’s lobby. Constance extracts a wad of bills and junk mail from Angela’s mailbox. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD We’ll just pick up some of Tim’s things and go to my place. You don’t have to hang around, Tilda. MATILDA APPLEBY I’ll get a room ready for Tim at home. Matilda Appleby leaves. INT. ANGELA’S APARTMENT--NIGHT Constance, Tim, Thomas Fields, and a bodyguard enter the clean but threadbare living room. A cat runs away.


THOMAS FIELDS (into his lapel mike) Clear! CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD Why don’t you get some of your toys, Tim? And some clothes, so we can go to my place. TIM No! No! This is my house. How can mommie find me if we go? Tim runs into his bedroom and slams the door, crying. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD (sobbing) Maybe we should stay ... the night. Is that OK? THOMAS FIELDS No problem. We’ll do a stake-out. I’ll get us something to eat. A bodyguard plops a submachine gun on the kitchen table and sits. INT. TIM’S BEDROOM -- NIGHT Constance reads to Tim. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD (V.O) After we ate, and I changed Tim into his pajamas, he insisted I read him a book. An odd book entitled "Horton hears a who" by a doctor named Seuss. INT. ANGELA’S BEDROOM -- NIGHT Fully clothed, Constance lies on Angela’s bed. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD Well, the cat’s fed. Poor thing. (V.O.) Why do I feel I’ve met Tim before? A past life connection?


INT. MANSION --- NIGHT (FLASHBACK) CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD (V.O) The only one I remember ended nineteen years ago. When my name was Richard Steele. A shadowy figure points a gun at the viewer and shoots. The viewer slumps to the floor. INT. ANGELA’S BEDROOM -- NIGHT (END OF FLASHBACK) Constance shakes her head, lies down and goes to sleep. INT. ANGELA’S APARTMENT--DAY Tim eats cold breakfast cereal and Constance stands beside the refrigerator, on the telephone. Her eyes are tightly shut. DR. JOSHI (filtered) If she had survived, she would’ve been blind, brain-damaged, and horribly disfigured. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD Well, thanks for everything ... you’ve ... A sobbing Constance hangs up. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD (cont’d) Tim, there’s something I have to tell you... TIM Mommie’s in Heaven like Daddy? CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD Yes, Tim. She’s in heaven. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD(V.O) (grimly hugging Tim) I’ll find the people who did this and punish them, make them feel the pain they’ve caused. Every last bit of it!


INT. CONTANCE’S LIVING ROOM -- DAY This is a tasteful but extremely elegant and spacious room. Constance’s apartment is the penthouse on an elegant New York City hotel (like the Pierre or Plaza). Matilda Appleby hugs Tim. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD This is your new home, Tim. TIM And Hamlet’s too? Constance releases the cat from the carrier. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD And Hamlet’s too. Would you tell the interior decorator to make the bedroom next to mine look exactly like Tim’s did? MATILDA APPLEBY Of course, Miss Connie. Mr. Obolensky called and wants to meet you. He’s waiting downstairs. INT. ELM ROOM -- DAY This is an elegant, renaissance-themed restaurant. It is empty, except for Nick Obolensky and Constance at one of the tables. Papers and file-folders cover the table. After spreading the papers on the table, Obolensky manipulates Chinese steel balls (baoding balls). NICK OBOLENSKY How well did you know Ms. Pappas? CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD Not much. Someone in the company said I had to have a secretary, so they assigned her to me. I almost asked her to type a term-paper... NICK OBOLENSKY (interrupting) Angela Pappas was an alias. CONSTANCE FAIRCHILD What?