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Q) What is panchsheel treaty -

Ans) The five priciples of peacefull co-exixtence known in india as Panchsheel

Treaty (Sanskrit work), are a set of principles to govern relations between states.
Sign in 1954.

Five principles are-

1) Mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity & sovereignity.
2) Mutual non aggression.
3) Mutual non-interference in each other's internal affairs.
4) Equality and Co-operation for mutual benefits.
5) Perfect co-exixtence.

Q) India-Japan civil Nuclear deal--

Ans) The landmark India-Japan civil Nuclear agreement came into force on July 20,
The deal allows Japan to export Nuclear technology to India, making it the
first non-NPT signatory to have such a deal with Tokyo.
As is expected to formally begin the ground breaking for the high-speed train
project to run from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

Q) President qnaugurates bicentenary celebration of Paika Rebellion of odisha

organised by ministry of culture in New-Delhi.
Ans) Paika rebellion--
Paika were the traditional landed militia of Odisha, used to perform policing
functions. They owned rent-free land that has given to them for their military
service to kingdom of Khurda. However they were forecefully usurped their land
rendering them landless by the policies of british East India company.
Paika Rebellion predates the 1857 revolt i.e. firs twar of independence.
Paika Rebellion of 1817 was India first organisation armed rebellion against
British Raj.

Q) Major solar flare detected in dwarf star core to sun:-

Ans) Astrosat along with other space & earth based observatories, has detected a
powerfull coronal explosion on proxima centauries, sun closest star neighbour.

Q) Asrasat chandra & Hubble space telescope & ground based high accuracy rodial
velocity planet searcher (HA-RPS) observatory.
Ans) Proxima centuries--
It is a group of stars which hosts an Earth like Habitat planet-
Proxima centuri b- a planet orbiting within proxima centauri, its habitable zone.
Coronal explosion- is a unusually large release of plasma & magnetic field from the
solar corona. They often follow solar flares & are normally present during a solar
pronuience eruption. The plasma is released into the solar wind & can be observed
in coronograph imagery.
In such a flare occurs in our sun, it might have a devastating effect
on power gride, interrupt broadcasts & electricity affect electronics instruments &
cause excess UV radiation in space.

Q) Yerks-Dodson law--
Ans) A psychological phenomenon where the performance of an individual at a
particular task increases with physiological arousal, but only upto a point. After
a while, the positive relation ship between the variables reaches a point of
saturation and excessive arrousal in fact leads to a.